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    Name: Kōri
    Race: Frieza
    Age: 17
    BackStory: Betrayed by his Brethren. He is a outcast because he was defeated by a low class warriors. The planet he ruled was conquered by the sayians and was defeated by what his brethren call monkeys. He then got banished from all connections of his Arcosian brethren. Kōri then vowed to fight for a different purpose because he seen the error in his ways from the way he got treated by his own race. He then trained longer than all of his race and discovered powers he never realized he could reach. His training unlocked new potential that even the strongest of his race will never be able to reach. He turned to the side of righteousness and he unlocked forms through this that most Arcos could not reach but he didn’t realize that frieza will do this because at the moment frieza the tyrant of his race was not born. He wanted to push further thou. The form the sayians reached was never seen by a frieza race it had golden locks of hairs that he named a Super Sayian. He trained more and more but when frieza was born he had no relations with him he was in a completely different quadrant of the galaxy frieza was in. He then kept training until the tyrant of his race was defeated along with all of the rest of race. so he hid near the planet Earth because he heard rumors that a sayian had reached the legendary state that he called a Super Sayian. He then waited for the right opportunity to fight this Challenger

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