• Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. But now “I AM HERE!”

    As I was messing with the configs, I realized that it was next to impossible to balance out the races. Either you make their few transformations on par with the saiyans, or you make their transformations too weak too keep up. So here’s a few idea’s too help balance things…[Read more]

  • Hello! It’s been like 2-3 months, and I had some idea’s that would be cool! But alas I don’t think they would ever happen. Their personally idea’s you’ve had before, but here are some coming at ya! I have more but I’ll stick to 5 (all mostly being the same).

    1. Two Arms/legs

    Dragon Block c REALLY makes me feel like im my own character, fighting…[Read more]

  • Hello Everyone!

    I would like to report that when I try’d to move on past Super Buu, the story kept telling me too restart. I was also not able to move on beyond this through commands either. Did I mis-understand what the update said and there is no extended story/it was april fool’s joke, or is there an actual bug?

  • If you are somehow reading this and don’t know what Dragon Block or Dragon Ball Z is then you should leave. But just incase you stay, KI is a type of energy. It’s “Very Bowerful” when shot in energy waves. I mean it steal’s most of your energy for the cost of…5 punches at best, but “Bery BoWeRfUl”.

    Just not in Dragon Block. As I just said, a…[Read more]

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