• Also if u want to Use SS1(or SS2/3/4/God/Blue) and Kaioken at the same time, u have to go in the config file named jinryuujrmcore and scroll down and read carefully until u see that: # Server Sided! If ‘true’ then the Kaioken will be sustainable in any transformation, If ‘false’ then Kaioken will be hard to maintain with every transformation.…[Read more]

  • WHy is Ultra Instinct so weak?. in the anime we saw that ultra instinct is stronger than everything. But in this mod. u just have to use Super Saiyan Blue + Kaioken x100, and ur x3 stronger than ultra instinct. u may say that ultra instinct have dodge but dodge work 1/10. i know u can change it in the config, but even tho its still 1/10. Summary…[Read more]

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