• name is toshi rukawa

    age is 19

    race is half sayian

    has a white hair because of stress and pain and doesn’t have a tail and has red eyes

    back story: born in universe 6 he was hated because he was a hybrid. humans kept punching him and bullying him because he isn’t supposed to exist. his dad was the king of sayian in planed sedela but he was…[Read more]

  • OTGamer started the topic Rotastic server! in the forum Servers 9 months ago

    Welcome to one of the biggest non-official server!

    We got universe system! (we are currently looking for gods hehe) You can even visit them!

    it has a training system and ranks including god of destruction, devil, demon, z fighter, angel and much more!

    By training, you can get strong and become the STRONGEST


    for discord…[Read more]

  • OTGamer replied to the topic Rotastic server! in the forum Servers 9 months, 1 week ago

    nigga if anyone a normie it’s you because you have a fucking pepe for a profile picture and its dead. do you get your “memes” from memes compliation or ifunny? because it looks like it you N O R M I E

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