• I cant edit my message, however the bug is still here, but i found a work around with /jrcmc main idmission playerName cheat, so everuthing is cool now, i can continue to play 😀 however i ll not delete the message so you know ( or ppl know about the cheat to skip missions )

  • Hi cool mod! i dont know if it is a bug or i’m doing it bad but i cant find goku in the time chamber during the androids saga, have u already found if is there a work around? goku spawns if i use the training mode and i’m out of kami palace, like in the ground. If there ‘s no solution can u tell me if there’s a way to skip this goku part? ( i dont…[Read more]

  • Hi i was playing a long run with my friend, now my character is old and i want to play the next generation, but i dont want to loose my character 🙁 . I think it would be cool to add the possibility to change character during ur run, so to save ur old characters.
    Like everytime u are resetting starting anew ( talking with Kami ) it saves ur…[Read more]

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