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    Some questions I have to ask:
    – What will happen to the TP if this mechanic is added to the game?
    – What role do weights have in training?
    – Do you want to replace the skill system in addition to the statistics system?

    I think it is an excellent idea but the way to increase statistics I do not agree at all but I do not think it is very wrong.
    I…[Read more]

  • In this post I will bring a couple ideas that occurred to me, some are new and others are reforms of current mechanics of the mod.
    Racial passives, that all races have their passive just like the Arcosians. This system is totally linked to the racial ability (super form) and the racial passive changes according to its level.

    Saiyans -…[Read more]

  • It is because a config cause this. You need to go to .Minecraftconfigjinryuujrmcore.cfg (jinryuujrmcore only, modify with a notepad o whatever), find:
    B:”Attributes Over Limit”=false
    I:”Attribute Maximum”=500

    and change the first to true and the second to what you like the most.
    Tip: Use Notepad++ to modify the config’s (optional)
    Tip2: The first…[Read more]

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    No creo que sea una perdida de tiempo para nada, es lindo ver cada tanto un post así, no mucha gente se pone a replantearse esto pero es cierto, la comunidad de JinGames abarca mucho, diferentes idiomas, paises, ideas, pero con cosas en común y que el proyecto que tuvo en su día Jin pueda seguir en pie da alegría realmente. Respondo en esp…[Read more]

  • I am a reader of the forum a little active and I thought about this idea but it was somewhat more basic and I never got to comment on it, I never thought that someone could add it in an extra mod to DBC and you made it perfect, you left me stunned.
    Whenever I use DBC I will use it with your mod, thank you very much for your great contribution.
    PS:…[Read more]

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