• Well, the table only shows the deviations from what should be the correct values for the stats, when you do the calculations you find out they’re not exactly 100% correct, different races have slightly more in some stats than they should have according to your stats and multipliers, keep in mind those calculations were made with default…[Read more]

  • Allright so, I added a little more functionallity to the calculator, and I discovered that the way the multipliers are used is a little more complicated then is seems, here’s a example(Made with default configs:This was calculated with default configs

    Also I made a Table for each race and each class(Made with default configs):
    This was also made with default configs

    But…[Read more]

  • Hey guys, so I got into Python recently, and I wanted to make something for the community, so I decided to make a calculator, now since I’m still relatively new to Python it does not have alot of functionallity yet, as of right now it’s pretty basic, but I will continue to improve upon it in the future hopefully making the procces of calculating…[Read more]

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