• So, as you all know, you can control how much of your power you want to release at any given time. However, this can only be done in 5% increments, which, in the early game, is definitely enough. In the mid-late game, however, this can be quite a problem if you want to battle with someone, who is way weaker than you. A simple fix would be to not…[Read more]

  • Because the SSB2 was added(a bunch of months ago I think xD) we need something for Arcosians too!(I know Humans and Namekians need too, but most of the players play as Arcosians or Saiyans)

    How about the True Golden Form. It will have the same multiplier as SSB2 and will have a bigger and more saturated, yellow-orange Aura. You will also move…[Read more]

  • Before I start: I know that Jin ins’t even close to finishing UI. I just want to suggest something.

    Ok lets start.
    The current UI is a kind of Mix between UI and MUI. You have the Pain effect(in DBS just after MUI) and you also have normal, black hair(just UI). I think you should first have to obtain UI and “get used to it” before you can tap…[Read more]

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