• JinRyuu posted an update in the group Group logo of JinGames Chaos ServerJinGames Chaos Server 1 year, 11 months ago

    The server shell have the Mind Requirement update as well.
    I will configure those to be fairly low i guess

    • Well Buddy ill love u if u FIX GROUP. Me and my brothers love to play on lan but in these updates group isn’t working.. so ya know story mode alone isnt fun.

    • Jin you should add a config to make the required mind configurable… for each skill to choose for all levels how many mnd you should have..

      • it is already, I use it on my Chaos server that way.

      • but the mind requirement needs to be in percentage anyway.

        • You’re right

        • Jin, in the next update can you add the Zenkai boost ? or in another update anyway..

        • And jin in the future you should add more things for family C kids because it will be interesting to train your kids and them to learn some skills from you and turn ssj and you to be allowed to change their atributes how you want and they be able to help you in Sagas..
          I know you are making a lot of effort with the mods but i said if you can add this in future…
          And i know you said the Family C mod died but you can introduge these features in dragon block c because it would be so interesting or you can change Family C mod’s in another name
          I hope my idea was good and i spoke here because i see that you replied so what do you say ?

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