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    I think it’s a json file that is corrupted. Try to go into your saves/your_world/data/missions/ and then delete mainDBC.json. Next rerun Minecraft, the mod will recreate the file from scratch. If you were using an alternated version of the saga try replacing the json by the one that you originally downloaded. You can watch Jinryu videos on YouTube…[Read more]

  • Tabeh
    Oh you were talking of NPC Spawn Check and Building Spawn Check from the JRMCore config ? I was stupidly looking directly into the code ^^’, I Completely forgot that there was an option for that in the config. Thanks again !

  • Hi everyone,

    So, I was thinking that it will be great having a way to choose where the locations will spawn (location like Kami’s lookout or Goku’s house in DragonBlock C for example). That will be really nice for custom maps and help people that have a hard time finding locations. Maybe in the config with different choices for each location…[Read more]

  • Tabeh
    Thanks for the answer! I assume you are talking about the NPCSpawnCheck and BuildingSpawnCheck booleans in JRMCoreConfig class in the JRMCore jar file? I will try to set them to false and see what that does.

    Kiba Kurosaki
    Je t’ai envoyé une demande d’ami sur discord.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m actually working on a Dragon Ball map with Dragon Block C (It’s a map for my future server project). The problem is that I would like to change the Locations position (Kami’s Lookout, Goku’s House, Babidi’s Ship etc…). Is there a way to do that ?

    I tried using World Edit in order to do that but the locations keep re-spawning…[Read more]

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