• Masquerade posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    This update was awesome but i have some new ideas for family C because all the things should be updated… what I mean are the childs… and I hope that you will see this, Jin !
    Ok…. the things should be added to family C are:
    ⚫ Forms for childs(SSJ,SSJ2,SSJ3,SSJ4,SSJB,SSJG etc…) and to be a button that allow you to choose your child’s transformation then he will charge and turn into that for you chosen ^-^
    ⚫ Add some NPCS to be able to marry with.. and have kids..(the features from childs can be added for that NPCS too)
    ⚫ Be able to learn your child ki techniques and skills ..
    ⚫ Train with your child (I know you can but a button must added when you right click on your child to say Training, and when you want stop the training basic right click on your child)
    ⚫ Your childs be able to have childs… (with the NPCS that would be added)
    ⚫ Better model for childs
    ⚫ The jrmc config (damage multiplers, TP gain etc…) to be respected by childs… If you know what I mean…
    ⚫ Hunger bar for childs and less health regen
    ⚫ Better following and some animations like punching etc….
    ⚫ Pressing a button to see your child’s stats without right clickin’ on it
    ⚫ Childs being affected by gravity
    ⚫ Bigger stats when they born (like you when you make your character)
    ⚫ Childs abily to use nimbus and spaceships
    ⚫ Childs help you with saga and saga mobs
    ⚫ Being able to revive your child and meet it in otherworld
    ⚫ Childs can activate the dragon balls and pick a random wish
    ⚫ A button that says train with brother or train with sister and pick one more child to train with or click on button then if there is other parent’s child to send him a request that says train with child(Your child’s name) and he can choose
    (Those are my ideas I hope those things will be added this is my wish !)
    Sorry for bad english
    Merry Christmas ! ^-^

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