• join this discord link ( ) to join the voice CHat and there you will ifnd the server pinned in messages
    latest version of the mod is required JMcore DBC and client are needed nothing else, slight RP
    @ the owner once you get on he will respond as soon as possible
    P.S : if the link dosent work add KeelanTheGamer#3260 on discord

  • gamer117 replied to the topic Dragon Block C RL [RP] in the forum Servers 1 year, 8 months ago

    Name: Kaito

    Age: 18

    Race: Sayian

    Personality: intelligent,helpful, persistent, impulsive, doesn’t like to lose,loves training, fighting and learning from others, friendly, doesn’t like to be alone

    Appearance: Purple Gi (like teen gohan) goku’s hairstyle, blue eyes, no tail, Scar on his right eye (like Kakashi from Naruto basically,his eye is…[Read more]

  • basicly you need the latest versions of the mod and thats it, if you want to join then ask and il send you a discord lonk with the IP, the configs have been modified to make the training alot less grindy, i play on it regularly ( everyday atleast) the server is usualy open 24h/7 unless some changes are being made or were doing updates and what…[Read more]

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