• gamer117 replied to the topic Dragon Block C RL [RP] in the forum Servers 10 months, 1 week ago

    Name: Kaito

    Age: 18

    Race: Sayian

    Personality: intelligent,helpful, persistent, impulsive, doesn’t like to lose,loves training, fighting and learning from others, friendly, doesn’t like to be alone

    Appearance: Purple Gi (like teen gohan) goku’s hairstyle, blue eyes, no tail, Scar on his right eye (like Kakashi from Naruto basically,his eye is…[Read more]

  • basicly you need the latest versions of the mod and thats it, if you want to join then ask and il send you a discord lonk with the IP, the configs have been modified to make the training alot less grindy, i play on it regularly ( everyday atleast) the server is usualy open 24h/7 unless some changes are being made or were doing updates and what…[Read more]

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