• I think that’s what he was talking about though. The wording is just different; he said “the” true golden form, obviously referring to Freeza’s golden form in the tournament of power arc (and how he called it “the true Golden Freeza.”). So there’s no difference, really; you’re basically just arguing over what to call it.

  • Ian replied to the topic Bio-androids/Cell in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 4 months ago

    That would require a Bio-android player to be in multiplayer and would inconvenience other players trying to do their own thing, assuming there are even any androids on the server. Other players should not be involved with this kind of game function. Even Super Saiyan God can be obtained without other player’s help past a certain point, whereas…[Read more]

  • Ian started the topic Bio-androids/Cell in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 4 months ago

    I just had this idea and wanted to suggest it. I have not read any other posts on this topic that I can remember, so if I write something someone said previously, I promise I did not intend to steal. With that said, here we go!

    General Appearance:
    Players should have access to three basic body colors: green, blue like the Cell Juniors, and…[Read more]

  • Or at least have it depend on a different stat like str or con.

  • Never mind, I tested it and now I know what’s going on.

  • The Super Saiyan transformations are at set amounts instead of being a multiplication of my attribute levels. Does it now do this up to a certain point or is this a bug?

  • He’s attempting to address some of these issues right now. He’s already acknowledged that the Mind stat is next to worthless, that’s what the next update is supposed to help fix.

  • LSSJ2 is what it’s called in the config file, and it’s just less time-consuming to type and read.

  • That’s about what I was thinking; but I hadn’t noticed Broly’s Super Saiyan being any stronger than normal. In fact, the form he used in the first movie seemed to be weaker than standard Super Saiyan, though only because it was influenced by his mind-control crown. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t plan on watching the movies again anytime soon.

  • But it does make sense from the standpoint that in the series canon, the user has to have a lot of control to use the Super Saiyan form without freaking out and going green. I was thinking purely roleplay value, but from a gameplay point of view, I guess it would be better to have Controlled Super Saiyan come first.

  • So when you’re playing a Saiyan and give yourself the Legendary ability, you still need to upgrade your Super Form skill to use it, right? Well, I was thinking that after reaching a certain upgrade level, you could be able to use normal Super Saiyan before powering up to the Legendary state. So it would be like this: Super Form level 1-2 -> LSSJ;…[Read more]

  • Ian replied to the topic Scouters and Ki sense in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 1 year ago

    What I do is set my kisense before putting my scouter on. Does it not work anymore?

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