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    Name: Fridge
    Race: Arcosian/ Frieza race
    Age: 18
    Backstory: He was born as an orphan who lived with his grandfather who treated him and fiercely trained him to surpass and overcome challenges. He was the weakest of his fathers where he was later kicked out of his home to live in the streets of West city when he left to train in the forest for many years until one day he was attacked by thugs who didn’t know what the creature was while roaming but tried to hurt him for only pleasure. The thugs pull out their knives as he turns around after he picked a apple off a tree as he turned towards them, his tail sliding across the floor as the thugs all grinned. “What are you, ugly creature?” said one as he chuckled followed up by the other two dashing at him swinging their knives as Fridge stepped back getting some cuts on his arms as he swung his tail at one knocking him into a tree as he groaned and got back up. The other stopped for a moment as he ran at him in anger and he sent a fist into the abdomen of the man also sending him back into the other as they looked at each other. “What are you?!” The one in the middle, the leader of the group said as they took a glimpse at him before running away towards central city. He then later began practicing using his ki which was taught to him by his grandfather. He was very bad at it and it took him a few years to just do a simple ki blast. He currently has learned to control and use it a lot better.He is quite weak physically and prefers using ki to attack opponents, although he is a very kind person who dislikes violence and only uses it as a last resort to protect his family and friends. He then grabbed a large cloak out of his tent and went out to the city to look for new friends to meet as he had never been very social and tends to be shy. He arrived in the city where he had rumors of Saiyans, he knew of this term because he was told and taught to despise them, although he did not. This also lead to why he was disowned and kicked out of the family as if to be removed from the bloodline itself. When he heard about the Saiyan he learned about how he was powerful and how he could turn his hair golden and become incredibly powerful. This motivated him to become as strong as the golden locked main, and to possibly surpass him. He then began working for a man who was a human where he worked in his restaurant to earn money to buy his own home. Cooking was one of his hobbies but his brothers and grandfathers thought it made him look weak and defenseless and made him look girly. He was the only chef who had talent in his abilities until he earned enough money to leave and buy his own home. He also usually begins his routine by doing pushups, situps, and carrying objects. On the terms of his family, he hopes to return when he is stronger to earn his place back and be able to even visit them.
    How he acts: He is very kindhearted, but at the same time he can often be shy and unable to socialize with others.
    Alignment: Hero/Good
    What he wears: He wears a dark robe that covers most of his body.

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