• When two players choose the “Survival”/”Natural” option, they can’t damage eachother at all. They can still use swords and attack mobs, but two players in the survival option cannot attack eachother nomatter what, we’ve tried outside of safe zones, doing /jrmcpvp enable, and nothing’s working, they simply won’t take damage from eachother. Also I’m…[Read more]

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  • ClutchFury replied to the topic female body not functional in the forum Bug Reports 1 year ago

    but that’s just use unnecessary Ram for a mod that could work by itself, this is just a bug I’m reporting anyways. Plus, though, we can’t exactly enforce players to not use the DBC part of the mod if we install that just for this, we’re trying to make a survival-server that uses family C, Years C and has the HairsC stuff, but it won’t be survival…[Read more]

  • When using JRMCcore, FamilyC, YearsC, and HDSkins (Though I’ve tested with just FamilyC and JRMCcore also), the female model will not function properly without the DBC mod installed. If you don’t have the DBC mod, and are using the female body, if you try to put on armor it will glitch to the male model, the male model won’t move, it’ll just…[Read more]

  • Is there a permission node to disable/allow being able to see when people get tp or stats

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