• Name: Clammy

    Age: 2317

    Appearance: Clammy have no cloth, he is gray, his appearance has simmilary has a fish, is cros is very barbed, he have short claw but is very cutting he have small muscle, he have no hair, his eyes his red, his eyes are very very creepy is hear are pointed, he have normal human size.

    Race : Demons: ” Demons usually are…[Read more]

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    What mods your servers use ?

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    Name: Aszuna

    Gender: Male

    Clan: Uchiha

    Rank: Chuunin

    Age: 17 years

    Personality: Aszuna is a very strange person, he loves training for become more stronger, but its likes to he dont like to be a shinobi.Azsuna is very nice, funny, but he his very unripe, he has lot of trouble to keep is serious.He love help people, but he dont like fight…[Read more]

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