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  • Lets get straight to the point: Skill trees should be a thing in DBC, and at certain levels you should unlock new skills.

    To level up, all you must do is train (If new training minigames ever come out), and you will gain exp to level up, thus giving you AP (Attribute Points) which comes in 1-5 points per level.

    You can use these…[Read more]

  • You’ll never be truly powerful with a mixed build, but here’s what I’d say:
    Str: Half Con
    Dex: Half Con
    Con: 2x your other stats
    Wil: Half Con
    Mind: 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, or 10k
    Spirit: Equals Con

  • The Spirit Bomb, otherwise known as the Genki-dama is a technique that collects the energy from living things, and planets alike. I am going to tell you today how the spirit bomb should be revamped.

    Energy Collection
    The Spirit Bomb collects energy from plants and animals, especially people. So to reflect that in minecraft, it should have a bar…[Read more]

  • Ki barrage attacks are simple: Just a lot of ki blasts. So basically, all you have to do to make them is select Ki Barrage, select how many ki blasts you want to fire. The full amount of damage will be divided to each ki blast that is fired, so if there are 10 ki blasts being fired, it will be 600 ki damage divided by 10, which will equal 60…[Read more]

  • Ki transfer has been seen in a couple scenes in Dragon Ball Z, and this gives me the idea that the mod should have something that increases your maximum power to your fullest potential. The Ki transfer skill should just give you a 5% boost of power if your friend used the skill on you. The ki transfer skill will give you an effect called…[Read more]

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    There is this bug I really hate, which is when you are in fly mode, you just slowly float down, which is really annoying. Could you make it so you stay anchored in the air while floating? Thank you.

  • Add in Tien Shinhan, the master of the tri-beam and the multi-form! Tri-beam is pretty simple, it’s a Ki Move you can learn from Tien. Multi form would be where you split into 4 different clones of yourself, but your speed and strength will be divided by 4. Probably easier said than done, but that is my short idea, hopefully it will be in the mod.

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