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    Name: Aver

    Race: Namekian

    Age: 23

    Back-Story: Aver was a young namekian once living on planet Carbal, He was born in a Dragon clan, son of a averagely-ranked namekian named Kenzar, with two older brothers. Aver was quite a playful child, in his early life he played with the other namekian children, after a while Aver’s father, Kenzar decided to train him at the age of 14 in use of ki for his own protection, it was one of the things he loved to do.
    After some time their planet was dying out, due to a food shortage, since normally they were supplied by an allied clan, but shortly, the two other clans, Clan Alpha and Beta had a civil war, the war killed most of Carbal’s residents, with only clan Delta left. The war was extremely destructive, rampaging for resources, in the end, most of the resources of Carbal had been destroyed in ki battles. Aver was one of the only namekians left in clan Delta, the leader decided to send everyone who was prepared to other planets. Aver happened to be one of them. After months of planning everyone was sent in all directions. Aver’s journey took about an year, in that year Aver trained himself and set himself the goal of one day exploring the whole universe.
    After some time Aver’s spaceship was on a collision course with earth, Aver decided to land on the planet since it was rich with water, and that would mean rich with any other resources as well. Aver succesfully landed on the planet, still unseen by any other lifeforms other than animals. Aver was very curious of this new planet, so he decided to explore it, due to his spaceship landing in a non-human populated area, he explored landscapes without being discovered. After learning quite a bit about earth, such as it’s animals, Aver noticed something that made him curious, a city, a human civilization. Aver decided to build himself a hut near the city, in a small forest full of resources such as water and foot lad, deciding to stay unseen and hiding his power, as he was unsure of how he would be treated.After seeing enough of the residents of this planet, he believes they will not harm him, and decided to openly come out into the world.
    How he acts: He is a friendly person to most people, though he doesn’t socialize as much as the normal person, he normally tries to keep to himself, Aver is a mature person, knowing his own priorities, weaknesses and strengths. He normally focuses on training but he does hangout with friends every now and then.

    Fighting style: Aver uses ki to his advantage, such as waves or normal blasts.

    Alignment: Good

    What he wears: He wears traditional namekian clothes but always in dark colors, perhaps to mourn the dead planet he left behind

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