• Vegeta probably skip SSJ3 because he as a stronger shape than that at this point. That doesn’t automatically mean that SSJ3 is garbage by itself.

    If it was the case, why Goku used it so much before when he judged SSJ1 grade 2 to be useless? (I say that because in the mod SSJ1 grade 2 is more efficient than SSJ3)

  • I don’t think it makes much sense cause SSJ1 2 and 4 are all viable shape, so why SSJ should be the only one to be like “Okay this one is bad just so you wait for the next one”. And it’s kinda sad to have a form that you still gonna take time to farm who is useless just to push you to take the next upgrade. I mean SSJ1 grade 2 consumes a lot of ki…[Read more]

  • Recently realizing that SSJ3 cost more energy than any other form, including all god form.

    I think that because in the past SSJ3 was the highest form, but over time other forms were added to the game and it seems like the cost of SSJ3 stay untouched… and I mean It doesn’t make much sense for it to have this insane cost compare to all other…[Read more]

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