• If anyone knows how to fix this please inform me as I’ve done everything I can think of. I’ve gone through each config file even going as far as removing all my plugins and trying the jrmcpvp true command and still none of worked.

  • I did a test and removed every plugin from my list and I’m still having this problem. I assume it must be an issue with one of the gamerules or server properties that is causing this issue

  • What. Pvp works perfectly fine. The issue is custom npcs hurting the players minecraft hearts instead of the Health provided by Dragon Block C.

  • So recently I’ve decided to make a server but I’m having trouble with the npcs as they are doing actual damage to the players hearts and not their DBC health. The npcs work on single player but do not work on multiplayer so I figured it was an issue with a plugin. The plugins my server is currently running are…

    1. Clearlag
    2. Essential
    3.…[Read more]

  • I’m surprised some people are agreeing with my nit-picking and you’re also giving me more insight on the entire concept I would have never had thought of making it usable in specific forms hopefully jin sees this or already has something like this planned which would be dandy.

  • I’m glad any of you were able to make any sense out of this. I wrote this after staying up for a couple days. But the fact still stands at least for me why not make the mod resemble the the show a little more but I did say godforms so using kaioken in any of the god forms hell maybe even arcosian golden form would be more viable. Really what I’m…[Read more]

  • just me being nit-picky ssb :v urks me to just casually use super kaioken but I adore the idea of using kaioken with godforms. I just happen to be really nit picky about small details about that it’d feel more immersive at least to me if kaioken were at least more easily sustainable in god forms. But oh well

  • As far as I can tell this hasn’t been added yet to Dragon Block C but I believe kaioken should only be sustainable in god forms as it is now you can use super saiyan with kaioken which doesn’t seem to make much sense as goku only used kaioken with Blue (unless you want to count the time he went super kaioekn in filler while he was dead) but hey if…[Read more]

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