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    Age:19(At the time he was locked away)

    Back-story: Diov is a unique Saiyan. During his time he was the strongest of his kind. His potential looked limitless. So much so that even the gods took notice of him. One god in particular decided that he had future plans for Diov. However, Diov rebelled as he wanted the strength to overcome a god.(As is in his Saiyan blood). He attempted to fight this god and was locked inside the void. Over time his physical strength waned but his will only got stronger. 2,140 years passed while he was in the void and he began to control its power and broke free. Weakened and in another time Diov is now ready to train for revenge. Combined with his power over the void and his Saiyan blood he intends to get it. The void god, Ichuzen, has other plans for him though. What those plans are… only time will tell.

    How he/she/it acts: Diov is very prideful. He is constantly trying to get stronger and recover his previous strength. He also hates to lose because the last time he lost he was locked away. He treats every battle as a battle for his life even if it’s a sparring match. He’s very willful and wants his way even if it’s not right.

    Fighting style: He tends to fight close up and personal. However, if he’s pushed he’ll use ki attacks. Most of the time he uses ki attacks as diversions to close the distance on his enemy. Since he is still new to his void powers he isn’t quite accustomed to fighting with his old techniques and his new techniques and this sometimes proves fatal.

    Alignment: He’s claims to fight only for himself but when it comes down to it he does what is right according to his morals.

    What they wear: He prefers comfortable clothes usually but if he’s preparing for battle he’ll wear armor that is flexible and durable.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I might honestly change the character entirely as I’m currently making one from scratch. This character(Though new to you) feels old to me as I’ve used him for quite some time on another server. If it’s okay with you, I’ll finish this application and someone else is allowed to take him after I update him a little. I would like to say this though… For anyone who is going to take this story understand this about Diov. He was born during the time period when Saiyans were travelling from their old world to Planet Plant(What is known as planet vegeta later). His whole life was focused on getting stronger because he heard nothing but the stories of what happened to their old world. He wanted nothing more than to be the one who got revenge for his people. He was a proper soldier but was, by birth, no means an elite saiyan. He was slightly above average but through sheer will he grew. His biggest personality trait is how willful he is. He grew too greedy for his own good and (yes it can change to Shinjin as it would still give his ki its unique properties) tested his strength against a kai. As punishment he was locked away into the void and through his sheer will broke free by controlling the void itself. The void constantly pulls him back but his willpower keeps him anchored. If he were ever to lose the will he would return to his prison. His new goal, now that he is out of his time and revenge is not an option, is to break his curse. He must set aside his pride(which is difficult with such a willful personality) and find the kai who locked him away to begin with.

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