Majin symbl & Mystic – 17w24

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The next post will be the Resource pack addon.
And the next mod updates should be at most 2 weeks later.
About the content of the next update, I will fill you in later.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.41
+ ADDED – New Config for DBC “Status Effect Majin” – you can change the bonus power percentage for the Majin seal
+ ADDED – New Config for DBC “Skill Potential Unleashed Purchase Modifier” – you can change the purchase cost when buy this skill

DBC release version 1.4.36
+ Changed – some skills from teachers have been removed
+ ADDED – Majin seal from Babidi
+ ADDED – New Skill Potential Unleashed skill – unlocks Mystic form.
+ ADDED – Skill God form 1 lvl upgrade, but only saiyans are effected right now
+ ADDED – Death now always result in loosing all status effects (mainly Majin)
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Protection – Right now Goku and Cell can teach it – it gives extra defense in exchage for ki
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Fist – Right now Goku and Cell can teach it – it gives extra melee damage in exchage for ki
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Boost – Right now King Kai can teach it – it gives extra Ki to the Max Ki

JBRA release version 1.6.22
+ Compatibility for new changes

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New Skill Potential Unleashed skill – unlocks Mystic form
Every race is supported but the power of this state is heavily depending on the player’s race and skills.
For now King Kai gives it when 100% good.
No ki will be drained when in this state but there is one drawback, the skill will loose a level every around 30 minutes, until it gets removed.

Majin seal from Babidi
All race is supported.
Babidi can turn your mind and take control so to say, death or king kai can cure this state.

Skill God form has 2 levels now
Only saiyans are effected right now, for other races wont do anything.
Skill God form received an upgrade making saiyans able to have access to SSG first then SSB.
this SSG is not the same as the ritual SSG in function.

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122 Responses to Majin symbl & Mystic – 17w24

  1. Wow nicely done !
    Thank you for being so active Jin and to quickly make new features !

  2. AMROWAZZAN says:

    So… no one need to do the ritual to get the same power?
    or only ritual give full SSG power?
    thats what the rumors says…
    SSG Transform isnt as good as the SSG ritual

  3. Khalil says:

    YEAAA BOIIII dfghnbvcxx

  4. So what does majin seal do? other than the weak increase.

  5. Epsolon says:

    So does this mean we have to constant level up Potiential Unleashed?

  6. Hirolka says:

    I’m glad we’ve got all of these skills now to chose from, although now my biggest issue is running out of slots to use…

    I remember back in the Devblog, it mentioned that different races would have different amounts of Skill slots, now that they’re basically worth their weight in gold, I think now would be a good time to try implementing that.

  7. wardust123 says:

    I like everything, except for potential unleashed. I feel as if it should work the same way it does, but instead of needing to transform into it, it’s a constant boost to your base form that can’t be stacked. But, lets keep the 30minute drain thing, that makes it so that you have to keep it leveled up, or you could delete it and be able transform again.

  8. ABANDONED. says:


    Majin Seal configuration is broken and you cant change the %
    and in 10% it sucks.

    mystic needs to be configurable in power too,and it needs to work at the same way of a Majin Seal,maybe you can enable or disable it.

    keeping it disabled will remove 1 point of the ability per 30 mins.

    • matuteharcos says:

      Mystic sepends on your race skill how strong it is, and for every race it’s different. For saiyans at max race skill you get ssj3 power withiut ki drain at arco its form5 + a little more with no ki drain . For human and namek its FP + a little more with no ki drain st all. So if you config those multipiers itself then the mystic will change in power too

  9. Khalil says:

    please fix the mod jin it crashes servers.

  10. Oscurum says:

    Love the new update, but there is a bug, when you ascend to Super Saiyan Blue hair does not stay up, but it stays as its base state, just like the Super Saiyan God.

  11. I can’t use kaioken in mystic form(my life drops LIKE i have set susteinable Power falar) (i have set susteinable Power true)… Why?is a bug? Or it’s proposital?(Sorry for the bad English,i AM brazilian)

    • matuteharcos says:

      Mystic is not stackable because its a tranformation itself, and its not meant to be usable with kaioken

      • Dragonmatic says:

        ” because its a tranformation itself” So SSB, SSG, SSJ1-3, Great Ape, Giant Namek, Golden Form are not transformations?

        • Dragonmatic says:

          All of them work with Kaioken if you have it enable in the config only for mystic it doesn’t, thats what the guy was saying

          • Zodiac says:

            In canon, SSG, SSJ1-3 do not work alive, Giant Namek, Great Ape, and Golden form do not allow the use of kaioken because of the strain on the body. Here it does because this is, in fact, a game. AND, in the recent episodes of super, Gohan has the ability to transform into mystic, rendering it as a transformation.

          • Trainer Red says:

            I don’t know where this misconception that mystic wasn’t a transformation came from. In dbz old kai tells gohan to transform into a super saiyan, and instead of going super saiyan, he goes mystic. Mystic has always been a transformation that you have to activate. He even went what looked like mystic in the battle of gods movie.

          • Mitohan says:

            guessing the dub fucked a lot of stuff up, which is why I don’t watch the dub

    • DeathKey says:

      Erick go to your configs, delete it, and reapply everything that is what I had to do otherwise you get the “Strained” debuff because the configs were changed. If you go into the configs you’ll notice some duplicated lines that’s why you’re having issues.

  12. And i can’t Stack with other tranformations

  13. Can somebody tell me how to go mystic. I can’t figure out how.

  14. never mind I figured it out.

  15. KoolaidMan says:

    You enable it and hold G

  16. Dragonmatic says:

    Can you please change it so Mystic does not use the same multiplier as SSJ3? Cause some people want mystic to be stronger then SSJ3.

  17. kev_spyro says:

    hey jin i have a bug where i can’t get the Potential Unleashed Form from king kai it’s not anywhere there could you maybe fix this?

  18. kev_spyro says:

    oh ok sry i didn’t know it was a extra button xD

  19. Skeptical says:

    Jin. I am very satisfied and pleased with this update and the post, although the title is a bit off (symbl and week is not 23, but 25). I really appreciate the work you’ve been giving and I suggest you take a break for once and just do what you like! I really like the majin and mystic forms, I have been waiting for them for quite a while, and I even insist that you just take a break and go have fun. Very well Jin, I am proud of you and how far you’ve come.

  20. FranticEcho says:

    SUUUUUUPER satisfied with this. Thank you so much Jin I’ve been waiting for this 😀

  21. Lord Frieza says:

    and yet again… saiyans get the advantage?
    I like this mod and the update but… why did you make saiyans even stronger? Mistic is on a level of ssj3 AND it doesn’t drain much while arcos/humes/nemekz get mistic on a power of their “strongest” forms
    I don’t hate it but it just makes people pick saiyans even more.
    Oh and you’ll have to make “Perfected Ultimate evolution” (when you’ll have time of course)

  22. Alan Sanchez says:

    As active the mystic power

  23. frankmax12 says:

    how do you obtain mysic it doesnt apear when i go to king kai

  24. Mitohan says:

    Them god damn 8 year olds are already saying the update is shit and they want ssj4, hope they get run over…

    • Mitohan says:

      Not here but on yt vids

      • I hope their computer burns out 1 day after SSJ4 comes out.

        • Mitohan says:

          I hope toriyama adds ssj4 to super just so it gets absolutely shit stomped into a puddle of blood by ssg not even blue, then the puddles of blood are soaked into tissues and sent to all the kids that think they are slightly comparable to the true power of God. AND pretty period stained furry Goku does not impress me and there isn’t any interviews that say anything about strength.

          I also hope their parents start just…beating the shit out of them until their pc becomes obsolete to run he game.

          I got a little carried away but in aiming to trigger 6+ people

          • Mitohan says:

            I’m* god damn it

          • eh. i wouldn’t go that far, i personally like ssj4 myself. it is a good form. ssj4 is coming, people just need to be patient.
            this is a great update. though there is a small issue:
            super saiyan blue no longer keeps the hair spiked upwards,

          • Mitohan says:

            Of course you can like ssj4 but when the kids start complaining about a update and crying for ssj4 without any regard for Jins work, I get sick and tired of people (no matter where) just complain about modders like it’s their job and an obligation. Personally I think ssj4 looks ok but id like it more if it was named better since it doesn’t look like ssj.

            I like Goku black a lot but I don’t sit there like a piglet just screeching at the top of my lungs every 2 weeks I don’t see it

          • ik. a lot of the commentors need to learn patience.
            i’m happy that ssj4 is coming, heck, it was planned for this update, but, because g3 hair has been delayed, so was it.
            i think i’d rather have g3 hairs come first, because i want to be the ssj3 versions of vegeta and such.

    • Skeptical says:

      I don’t know what you seen, but I certainly didn’t see any of the comments you’ve generalized.

      • Mitohan says:

        Me?, Go on yt vids where it’s showcased poorly

      • Mitohan says:

        One of the comments “I DONT CARE ABOUT THIS STUPED UPDATE I WANT SSJ4!” really cancerous comments like that make me hate this community, most of these F̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶C̶u̶n̶t̶s̶ ‘lovable’ kids can’t even download the mod itself without a tekkit launcher

        • Mitohan says:

          Now I wait for a mod to remove this comment

        • Skeptical says:

          Well… There are no mods on YouTube videos and this comment doesn’t give any harm to anyone emotionally or any at all. Jin can remove it himself if he wants to, but I doubt he has the time to even look at the comments. With all due respect, why did you rant about people who want ssj4 right HERE when you could have done it in the comment section of Jin’s video? It just brings confusion and hate when you post something like that here.

          • Mitohan says:

            Read the comment, I never said kind vid and I wasn’t ranting about the people here

          • Mitohan says:

            Fucking autocorrect J I N S V I D

          • Mitohan says:

            Also I wasn’t ranting, I said I hope they get run over because they said that they don’t care about all the work Jin put in, what brings confusion is when people can’t interpret my comment correctly then think I’m talking about something else and I wouldn’t bullshit about things like Nox did and what do you mean by no mods on YouTube videos

  25. Yeah, the hair doesn’t stay up anymore, most likely because of the transform from god to SSJB/SSJR plus I would like a config for ssjb and ssjr seperately because those forms are not equal in the anime.

  26. Mitohan says:

    Oh that’s cute I’ve attracted a sheep triggered person that dislikes all my comments oh well like anyone cares about a lil red button

    • DeathKey says:

      Lol GG It’s because they wish they had some real opinions

      • Mitohan says:

        I can be quite hateable when I argue, maybe because I trash talked someones ‘UNSHTAHPABUL SUPER SAIYUN FUER WID MULTUPUL INTERVEWIES FWEM TOREEAMUR” on multiple occasions. want a laugh, (if you can bear any of early gt #prayforyourlifewatchingit) just look at the comments of any gt and look at the bullshit that they make up, I know i’m generalising but thats the image I get of people when i hear ssj4.

        Got 2 sheep on my dick disliking my comments lets make 4

        • eh. you can be a bit harsh, but i agree with your stance.
          i don’t HATE the form. i love it, and if they can somehow make the form work in super i’d be all for it. some changes would have to be made, hell, it could even be a step *UP* from super saiyan blue, and rewritten in such a way that it is more of a godly based powerup mixed with the full saiyan potential being unleashed.
          you have to admit, golden great apes would make *SENSE* in canon, we just don’t have anyone with a tail who is still alive to use it. and if goku were to somehow regrow his tail, i would imagine due to having godly power would push the great ape form into golden form…. hell… maybe even a completely *NEW* form of great ape would be a thing mixed with godly ki.
          godly great apes. we need them.

          • Mitohan says:

            Maybe but I find it difficult to see how a new ssj4 could surpass god since its (ok lets say goku is a 1) a 10x multiplier for great ape so goku is now a 10, multiply that by 50 and now goku is a 500 right? so right now goku is 100x stronger than in ssj3, (from here its speculation) then goku could probably get the title of ‘ssj4’ from condensing his mass and ki to his normal size? multiplying his energy by a further 10 so goku is now a 5000 so i’m guessing ssj4 is a 5000x multiplier but 5000 would still struggle in comparison to god. maybe they can call it mastered super saiyan god (red)

          • it isnt necessarily if it is stronger than the god forms or not. but it is a good form to probably have for NON god ki saiyans. that, and it just looks cool.

  27. FranticEcho says:

    So there’s a small bug xD. When you go SSJB, your hair doesn’t spike up. But when you go normal super saiyan god (through the ritual), your hair does spike up when it’s supposed to stay down

  28. Mitohan says:

    off topic, does anyone really like dragon ball fighters but is bummed out about not being able to do any air battles whatsoever?

    • i agree. two things need to be done
      a. increase the flying speed when boosting
      b. change normal ki blasts from a special attack to having their own button. a quick, spammable, but weak option that can be charged for something better.
      many, MANY dragon ball games have this, to the point of it not making any sense that this mod doesnt.

  29. Mitohan says:

    Ok as everyone can see, i’m bored today so I’ve laid out my bait on a goku ssj4 transformation video with 6 mill views “Shame it can’t compare to any new canon transformations” now I wait…

    • I dont know if i should dislike this comment ironically, or like it because i like bait. In the end, i couldnt choose and reply’d instead. Rip

    • these are two completely seperate outcomes. and frankly, who cares if super saiyan 4 is weaker than super saiyan blue, or that it is a non cannon form. it is still represented in expanded media to this day, and it would feel wrong to NOT have it in this mod. the question isn’t if, but when. and judging how jin wanted it for THIS update, but couldnt due to not being able to update the hair to g3, means we might still get them this year, hell, im willing to bet within a few months we will get ssj4.
      it really miffs me there is a part of the community that can’t be fucking patient. jin is one guy, and he does a fantastic job.

      • Mitohan says:

        that comment was for people that say “ssj4 solo dbs” and “toriyama said its canon in an interview”

        • i WANT ssj4 to be canon to some capacity. hell. golden great apes already SOUND halfway canon, just mix super saiyan with the great ape form. it is just no living saiyan ever elected to regrow their tails since the saiyan arc. at the very least i am willing to say golden great apes are semi-canon, but there is no real way to tell if it is or isn’t..
          and i am also curious what great apes would look like with godly ki?

          • Mitohan says:

            But it’s impossible for Goku and vegeta to ever go oozaru again since their tails were permanently removed

          • never say never.
            if gt can make up some excuse for goku and vegetas tails to be grown back, so can super.
            remember, the main reason why toriyama elected to have gokus tail removed was because tails were harder to draw. i would like to think, though, there might come a time when they decide to add them back with tails, for some excuse.
            i mean, imagine a threat big enough that they would have need of their tails to grow back into a great ape? and just imagine how much more powerful the great ape would be with godly ki?
            all i am saying is, never say never.

  30. Tyler Smith says:

    Dude this update is so cool i’ve been wanting these things for awhile and now i’m hyped for ssj4 and judge me if you will but i’m looking forward to lssj too just cuz it’d be a fun form to mess around with.

  31. Apparently there is a mistake with the hair now custom when transformed into blue does not rise as in the ssj1

  32. JotaroKJ says:

    Pretty good update, but im a human, not sure if other races have this problem, and when I try to go mystic sometimes when you hold it a little longer after the red bar is full or just pressing g for “too long” it goes into mystic for a second then out, hope this can be changed/fixed.

  33. Juubi says:

    Honestly I’m just hyped for G3 hairs,
    SSJ3 is gonna be pretty lit with the animation.

  34. Mitohan says:

    I hope when jin releases G3 he will bug fix the invisible hair when you die in purgatory

  35. plis put the costom time breaker bardock

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