Legendary – 17w30 (qickfix#1)

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Okay so, the SAOC mod will also continue slowly, cause I really want to make an RPG mod too. But yea I have thought on making an original RPG mod, and no not like the DBC and NC one, but something similar to the D&D systems.

About DBC, I don’t know how can people tell me that no more new saiyan forms when saiyans have many forms and it keeps increasing… While other race rarely have a new form or never.

About Server list site, it has gone through some changes. Server application rules have been added and some more info.
Furthermore moderation become a lot faster now.

A new site will be added soon! Finally a place where the change logs can be checked, and I will try to implement a portion of it to JRMC so that at least 5 of the latest change logs can be viewed in game as well. Yay for progress… I wanted to make this site a very long time now. Well next to a lot of other things but hey, there is progress. XD

Also I know that the sites are down quite a lot, hopefully in a week it will be fixed.


EDITED on Aug. 2:

A quick fix has been release for JRMC!
For those who used the latest version even thou its unstable, it is essential!

JRMCore release version 1.2.45
+ FIXED – some random crash from previous update
+ FIXED – for NarutoC the action menu not appearing if DBC is not installed (while action menu has been started to be used for NC with the Eight Gates)
+ FIXED – manual attribute upgrades when reaching above 32767 go minus.
+ ADDED – New command – for character reset the JRMC’s Reincarnation => “/jrmcrei (playerName) [keepAttributePercentage] [keepSkillsBoolean] [keepTechsBoolean]”
+ ADDED – for Status Effect Legendary – Players can receive it now randomly. Every minecraft day there will be a roll based on the 2 new configs!
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – Chance to get it” => The chance (in percentage) for a player to receive the Legendary Status Effect every 20-30 mins, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player” => Above this amount a player will be always selected to receive the Legendary status effect, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.44
+ Changed – increased attribute limit to 50.000
+ ADDED – for Mission System – the unlock function now supports mission IDs within a mission/story file. Check for more in the Mission System page
+ Changed – Barber menu – player model position has been moved a few pixels downwards and left

DBC release version 1.4.39
+ Changed – old kai’s ritual is placed in the learn skills for king kai
+ ADDED – new Status Effect – Legendary! Only for saiyans, if they have this effect saiyans can use yet a new “powerful” form with some drawbacks. Till next update use the command: “/jrmcse set legendary 1”
+ Changed – BP calculations formula became flat simple! No more ridicules BP amounts without reason… and it never even scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP.
+ ADDED – new Outfit – Black Supreme Kai set

JBRA release version 1.6.24
+ Compatibility for new changes

Naruto C release version 0.6.4
+ ADDED – new skill – Eight gates (atm with no sounds and is a replica of DBC’s Kaioken, later functions will change)

SwordArtOnlineC release version 0.0.4
+ ADDED – 26 new weapons (only acquirable by mob drops)
+ ADDED – 2 new outfit but these don’t have stats yet (only acquirable by creative)
+ ADDED – animations for holding different type of weapons (currently, short swords and spears have animations and only for “Sword Art” power users)

HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 (only 256x)
+ FIXED – battle armor corrupted texture causing crash
+ FIXED – arcosian 3rd form missing horns

click here to go to the Download site


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HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 
You can download it from here:


Legendary or Berserk? Meh…
The new Status Effect Legendary is only for saiyans as of now and if they have this effect saiyans can use a new “powerful” form with an additional buffed version for more power, in exchange for all other transformations and kaioken.
Death will result in loosing this effect and also it has configurable player limiter on maximum how many player may have this effect.
If a players manages to acquire this effect above the limit, the player will loose it soon right after. So even commands can not give it to more players then the configured limit.


Ridicules BP amounts are over?
Maybe, at least for now. The BP calculations formula became simple.
The main problem with the old BP formula was that it never scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP. So for players it was not easy to compare themselves to other players, but with this lower scaled formula it is not hard to guess if one really has a chance or not. Of course nothing is perfect, even this is just experimental and so the current one will change soon too but not as much as it has now.

Another reason for the change is the TP spending formula the old one used. Where if someone got stronger and stronger, mainly with attribute upgrades, it resulted sadly in fps drop on weaker PCs. So since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP formula had to be changed again, and it is now a lower number with a better comparability. (the BP probably will never be accurate to the series, and as we noticed it doesn’t need to be, this is DBC a fan made mod, and not even official games have accurate BP readings)


SAOC only
I know its not the best but with these arms and legs I think this is a miracle too XD


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78 Responses to Legendary – 17w30 (qickfix#1)

  1. Oscurum says:

    I love this!
    Thanks Jin!

  2. Hirolka says:

    Holy shit I’m actually more impressed with those sweet new animations!

    The spear one looks a bit dorky, like if you get into a fight you’re just shyly poking at the enemy, but it’s still a great step in the right direction!

  3. Tinix says:

    Man, you are a true legendary mod creator. Thanks a lot for everything.

  4. Yeah, people need to stop about the saiyans forms, Jin adds cannon things for races/characters as he can and when its convienient, its not his fault they keep adding up. He is just trying to satisfy everyone and keep up with what the show/manga is doing

    • i’d like to say official rather than cannon.
      why? because if it is in any officially licensed dragon ball game, it could be considered fair for this mod.
      it has to at least been in one officially licensed dragon ball game for it to be considered official.

  5. NegativeBoom says:

    Rest in peace, all other races, a wave of Broly fanboys is coming. The Arcosians will now get to laugh at the overly large saiyans all screaming “KAKAROT!”. The Humans will look and despair as their stronger form does not require the ridiculous size, and the Namekians will go Giant to surpass the height. Half Saiyans will attempt but most likely fail because everyone will go full saiyan immediately, and take the legendary state…

    To those whom refuse to play saiyan due to it’s ridiculous numbers, and the likes, I salute you.

    Also, sweet a new update! Gonna have to check this new bp stuff out myself!

  6. woooo Naruto c update XD. I will definitely make a eight gates suggestion now that it seems to be on your radar 🙂

  7. Well, i’m glad about how you made the legendary form work Jin. It’ll be fun to mess with, it would be cool if you had a config to remove the “loss from death” aspect though because if your playing single player it’ll just be a waste of time to even be full saiyan.

  8. also im the only one so far who mentioned the Naruto c update and man that sucks….

  9. DEEZNUTZ says:

    So I’m confused how do you get legendary form in single player? Lmao wanna check it out

  10. So far like the update, i was hoping that their would be a onebyone option in the config but im happy about the new things. I hope to see more expand on the naruto mod though, being more human than super human is more fun to me.

  11. DEEZNUTZ says:

    I’ve noticed when going legendary “ss green” you lose pupils but you don’t get that big, then when going “max power ss green”(kales controlled state) you get bigger but get pupils back. It’s kind of the opposite, when you go legendary you get super big and lose pupils, when you go controlled lssj you get smaller but gain pupils.

  12. neat update.
    one thing i’d LIKE to see. though personally i am no broly fan.
    i’d like to see the other legendary forms seen in expanded media.

    i mean what about legendary super saiyan 2, 3 , 4, and great ape?

  13. Ken says:

    For Dragon Block C could you possibly make bigger space ships to go to the other planets. And just a suggestion but Can you make it so that players will spawn in random quadrants after they die. like north kaio, south kaio, west kaio, and east kaio, and can you also add an option to the kai’s that allow you to teleport to the supreme kai of that quadrants world only if you are at a certain level. And IF you haven’t already thought of this but, can you also add an energy forming animation to techniques you create or learn. But only if you have the time because I’m sure you already have your hands tied with the other mods.

  14. Tyler Smith says:

    I’ve noticed for the ascend to ssj mission lssj makes the game crash

  15. It would be nice, if the legendary status had super great ape altered to green.

  16. Mitohan says:

    Now that the legendary fucks are gone, we can hopefully see some g3, bug fixes, a decent way of getting god ki without spamming stupid amounts of tp and some full fledged fusion with portara and outfit recipes. Side note: why bother allowing king Kai to remove Majin if you loose it when you die anyway? Other than that this lssj update is pretty good (oh and custom outfits later in the future

  17. mintrer says:

    For saoc i want to see skeletons and creepers deal more damage.
    Cause rn only zombies and spiders are dangerous.
    And also, a config option for turning off swords dropping from mobs would be nice.

  18. maks blazv says:

    Is there any way to use the old bp calculation formula?

  19. mintrer says:

    Also, legendary looks JUST like a human with buff form white eyes and green hair.

    Maybe a size increase or some flashy aesthetic features could be implemented?
    If you’re gonna make a form, atleast make it good. It’s a shame that it has to be worked on even more for this to happen, but hey. No features would be wasted that way

  20. Lord Frieza says:

    would be great if it wouldnt crash xD

  21. kev_spyro says:

    So, about the Bp rescaling i must recall something Vegeta said in Dragonball Z Abridged:

  22. kev_spyro says:

    So, about the Bp rescaling i must recall something Vegeta said in Dragonball Z Abridged:

  23. kev_spyro says:

    oops accidentally sent it twice xD

  24. mintrer says:

    Uh, powerlevels aren’t bullshit but whatever i get that you’re making a joke. It’s just a fan statement

  25. i really like that we can transform without a visible aura now. another detail i think would make a great differance is if the kaioken was given a red shade to the skin (like in the anime).

    Thanks Jin for the great work!

  26. 2 things i discord with the legendary form… why we can’t go kaioken and why we can’t fuse? lose the blue and mystic make sense for me (to much rage for concentrate the ki) but why kaioken and fusion?

  27. i love the update…i wanted the ss4 and the androidfication but the Lssj is very good

  28. Tyler Smith says:

    Lol I think the lssj forms are backwards

  29. Purebeast says:

    Yes Naruto C got another update.

  30. Tyler Smith says:

    Also why is it called ss green can it not be called lss or something?

  31. Tyler Smith says:

    Lol I also don’t see a benefit to being legendary against anybody with ss blue because even if you up the multiplier they can still use kaioken on top of it, can there be a way that legendary users can be more balanced cuz i kinda feel like it’s a handicap now 🙁

  32. Tyler Smith says:

    Just making suggestions I am not begging for super op lss just saying it kind of feels like a handicap

  33. mintrer says:

    The bug fix update was dope, good job!

  34. Tyler Smith says:

    also could lssj get a bit bigger and can the pupils be fixed cuz i’m pretty sure they should be existent in the smaller form and gone in the larger form and i’d like the transformation to be larger lol just cuz it’s fun to be big

  35. Legendary for all races? Legendary Super Human, Legendary Namekian. Legendary Super Arcosian

  36. frankmax12 says:

    Why is ssgreen pupils gone but ssgreen max power does it’s the other way around isn’t it?

  37. Tyler Smith says:

    I think it may have been an accident because it’s definitely supposed to be the other way around

  38. Tyler Smith says:

    Can we get a separate config for mystic and also enable kaioken at the same time as mystic?

  39. Tyler Smith says:

    Also the lssj aura is too high on the body please fix that too thnx 🙂

  40. sans390 says:

    Makes all god level 2 forms stay with the strength of SSB

  41. FranticEcho says:

    This update looks FIRE. Cannot wait to try it!

  42. Ken says:

    Now what I don’t get is why the person that said “yes Naruto C got another update” got 2 dislikes like what’s wrong with Jin working on other mods its not like you are paying him to work on DBC ONLY.

  43. Ken says:

    Now what I don’t get is why the person that said yes Naruto C got another update got 2 dislikes like what’s wrong with Jin working on other mods its not like you are paying him to work on DBC ONLY.

  44. Ken says:

    Now what I don’t get is why the person that said yes Naruto C got another update got 2 dislikes

  45. Ken says:

    Like have some common sense I mean it’s not like you are paying Jin to work on DBC ONLY so stop hating on the Naruto C fans cause they are just commenting on what they like just like you are so calm down

  46. Ken says:

    Srry Mitohan my comment kept on getting the Conflict error

  47. Ken says:

    Jin can you also make the Dbc aura smaller and add in a multi-shot option for techniques just like krillins multi-destucto discs move

  48. Ken says:

    Hey Jin when you have the time can you add a skill titled Ki Deflect which activates when you block so when a ki blast comes at you if you time it just right you could deflect the blast without causing any damage.

  49. Ken says:

    And srry bout all the” can you add this” but can you also add the after image technique I figured you could just base it off the code for the shadow clone jutsu from Naruto C but just make them invisible

  50. Leo says:

    Why i can’t join servers and can’t even play in singleplayer

  51. Mitohan says:

    Portara fusion should add all the other player stats onto the other, so no matter how strong someone is, they can get stronger with portara (like when goku said he can even get stronger when he almost fused with satan) I know players with the same stats can do this but this can boost weak players into beating stronger fighters

  52. Mitohan says:

    Jin needs a discord, would be way better

  53. Tyler Smith says:

    yeah discord would be better

  54. Tyler Smith says:

    btw when i say lssj should be stronger i mean more like the whole ssj and full power ssj kinda deal like the transformation should have more levels so they can later on compete with people who have god and stuff and i do think that the whole new spawned ssb power would be dumb XD

  55. kev_spyro says:

    hey there is something that bothers me the whole time about Naruto C:

    you can’t change the Configs there because there are none x.x could you please add the naruto c power up to configs?

  56. Tyler Smith says:

    Also it’s not cannon but legendary god form and stuff like that would be sweet like a legendary version of all the forms that are slightly stronger than their original counterparts

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