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Ki Technique update – week 51

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Ki Technique update Phase 2 part 1

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ki attack teaching didn’t make it but it will be for the next update.
I didn’t had much time to enjoy the holiday so excuse me for this hasted release.

A known problem about this update is that Wave attacks wont gain exp yet.
For next update I will try to fix what i can including the swoop bug.

So basically the next update will be about mostly fixing and the ki technique teaching.

I hope its simple thought but I will try to summarize what we got and how to use:

  • Every custom ki attacks can gain exp if they hit a living entity and level up (except wave attack atm)
  • To gain exp just hit mobs with the attacks and you can check the exp in the ki technique screen
  • If a technique has leveled up you get an upgrade point and you can spend it to upgrade the technique
  • You can change DBC config to change the exp gain for ki attacks and also you can change now the ki attacks cost.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.27
+ FIXED – a tp give back bug

DBC release version 1.4.22
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp gain rate per living entity hit for ki techniques. The higher the more exp will be gained.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp amount needed to upgrade to first level, the other levels will multiplied with this amount. The higher the more exp will be needed to upgrade.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki attack cost modifier
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – upgradeable stats for custom ki attacks: Speed, Damage, Ki cost, Cast time, Cooldown, Density, Size (density only reduces size atm)
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – 3 new types: laser, spiral, large blast (pre-made ones are not changed yet)

JBRA version 1.6.13
+ Compatibility – with new changes
+ ADDED – New Animation – Rise both hands for Large Blast type ki attacks

click here to go to the Download site




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50 Responses to Ki Technique update – week 51

  1. gabriel says:

    He abandoned Naruto c?

  2. JinRyuu says:

    No, next year will naruto c get more attention

  3. Fallout2552 says:

    When do you think the combat revamp update will be worked on?

  4. Jess says:

    See Jin listens to everyone, now imagine how sad he gets when people down his work and be mean D:

  5. Fors Kin says:

    When will phase 2 clothes, phase 2 ki attacks will come out? Find out in the next episode of dragon ball z.

  6. Fors Kin says:

    Also fuck naruto c, only 5% of weirdos like that stupid mod, naruto itself is old and shitty so jin should abondone it forever or else he is a fucking dickhole that spits out cum.

  7. Skeptical says:

    I have been out for quite a while now, and I am pleasantly surprised that what was considered a theory is now becoming an update. I love the upgrading stats, ESPECIALLY the big blast as it also adds Roleplay possibilities. Jin, you’ve done some nice job here, don’t worry my friend, I will take care of that Revealer of “Truth”

  8. the revealer of truth id mind your tongue, jin can quit modding any time he wishes.
    tbh i think dbc should take priority yes, but jin shouldnt altogether abandon the naruto c mod..

  9. Gamatsu says:

    Hey Jin ! You will add new races soon ? 🙂 ( majin / buu race, android )
    And nice work ! ;D

  10. Jess says:

    If you want jin I can help with models, but just tell me if you think I at least make a decent model

  11. Skeptical says:

    @TheRevealerOfHowRetardedIAm, I have seen your “comments” a while back, and your post too just a second ago as I was checking out your waste of account space, and I am unpleasantly shocked that there are beings alive with so much hatred and foolishness in this world. I know there are many bastards who seek destruction and hatred, but you are by far, the MOST disgusting one.
    You have officially pissed me the hell off. Now listen here you disgusting, insignificant and inssuferable piece of ugly shit, I have stopped cursing but this is a special case where I deal with bastards such as yourself. How DARE you, just randomly come into this community, or with your comments, I should say, barge into this lovely community of a minecraft mod and act this way with no consideration, respect or remorse? I can see through you, that you are a troll that so desperately seeks for attention.
    Just a while ago you said, why is jin not working hard or something, have you seen him work? Have you personally stood behind him and seen him work? Because I didn’t but by the quality and what seems to be good effort Jin is pulling off, already tells that he does put his effort in and time.
    Honestly, WHO ARE YOU to tell Jin what priority over mods he should or should not have? You in my eyes are a disrespectful scum with no remorse over his actions, a living organism with no purpose. What’s that? You are just disappointed that you don’t get what you want in time? Well too FUCKING BAD. Honestly, your argument is so unvalid and retarded that it can be easily proven wrong by a 5 year old. You dared to insult my mates? well guess what, I am about to absolutely destroy your point of view and annihilate you overall.
    I will start from the top, remember when you said that jin is a bad moder and that he never gives effort? Well guess what, most mods have items for powers, but this man here, could manage to put everything to keys, he managed to make animations, he managed to edit body, HELL, if he really is a starter moder, which I find it hard to believe to this day, then I cannot describe what kind of quality we are about to wait until the future comes. Swooping WILL be fixed, you just cannot wait, he has made a crap lot of progress, SUPERIORLY more than you did over your intelligence since you were a newborn. He is in fact doing everything every day if not 2 days, since it’s so tiring. If you are blind enough to not check his DBC files to see the codes, then I cannot help you here.
    A sudden exam is what teachers give their students to make their life worse, I had that and I know how it feels, but you still doubt him, which is again why you are a sore bastard that cannot ACCEPT THE TRUTH!
    Honestly, Jesus christ, he is treating us like royalty, by sometimes forcing himself to work to satisfy us , people who barely did anything good to him besides arguing, he obviously deserves everything we can give, which is why I am working my ass off with that web comic to show my appreciation, I may have threatened to stop it, but hell, that never was in my plans, wanna know why? Because he made me feel good with his mods, he is a great person, he even made up most of my late childhood.
    Crimson is in fact according to you does try to entertain us, but nothing more than what you’ve said, he is a good person and surely I respect that he does try to entertain us, although 2 events is kinda not enough, STILL, he tries and he gives time to write his devblogs, pigs such as yourself cannot possibly hope to comprehend that fact.
    Excuse me and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Crimson say he’s helping the modding proccess by adding more foods, crafts and ideas? Where are you even getting all this information from?! I am now reading your comment from the last week and trying to comprehend what kind of stupidity you have, further is just disgusting, so I will not even bother answering it.
    Drawing textures for transformations is hard besides animating them, but of course you wouldn’t know any better! You are too fucking stupid to do some research to check whether you’re right or WRONG. SSJRose is great, it has proper colors and ki animation/texture, so I have no idea what you’re going on about.
    Ki Glitch? Are you talking about the destruction of the terrain? Of course I am upset about that too, but guess what, I DON’T WHINE ABOUT THAT IN HOPES OF LETTING JIN DOWN.
    The last comment.. “Mintrer, you dumb fuck, you are so fucking retarded/Fucking idiot kill yourself.” You son of a… I have too much respect towards this site to even pronounce these words… They are far worse than I’ve said before, so I’ll say it now. You think it’s just some kid’s toy to throw around like that?! People are killing themselves every FUCKING day over depression and sadness that they have to cope with daily, lost ones, lack of money, EVERYTHING is linked with suicide, and you DARE to use it like that freely?! Your account should be deleted and NEVER EVER brought back to this site. You, are the pinacle or the retardism, you are the whole new caliber of retardness and disrespectfulness, hell I thought deviantart was the worst place to be in, but I guess I was wrong, I still never seen anyone as fucking STUPID AND ARROGANT such as yourself. Hereby I tell you to officially FUCK OFF and never come the hell BACK.

    My Comment is now over, nice to be back.

  12. Fors Kin says:

    ^ fuck you you bastard, look at your stupid name you think you are a god? you are nothing, you keep licking his ass and you are basically jin’s puppet. I freaking hate you asshole, I have my own opinions and rights and they shouldn’t be violated you fool!

  13. this version of core client and dbc makes me crash even after fresh reinstall

  14. mreman says:

    You Forgot to ADD BARRAGE!!!

  15. Jess says:

    Ki blasts to damage to the environment now
    Jin wants to still fix bugs and is trying, even on a holiday!
    So much more that Jin is doing now
    People are complaining, stop Jin does listen, but he has to sift through garbage like these arguments (make a post and fight there)

    Please if you got any problem, use the other forums, if you want things added or sick of the pace, please contribute first in any way!
    I am looking at you @TheRevealerOfTruth

  16. Skeptical says:

    TheRevealerOfTruth, Get OUT before I get started again, I am a member of this community, and my nickname means little to nothing. I am not licking jin’s ass, I am simply admiring his work, and what you said is UNFORGIVIBLE. You have your own opinions and rights? What about Jin’s rights?! Have you thought about them?! You violated his right to feel proud of himself or something, you have violated lots of rights, you have basically violated the small amount of peace we had.
    Now you get out or be horribly annihilated by me, Mintrer or even most of the community. Come back when you feel like you have settled down and able to be a human at very least.

  17. Fors Kin says:

    Fuck you.. Fuck this stupid site I hate you all, quit licking his stupid hairy ass you sacks of shit

  18. Jess says:

    Why dont you be useful and not useless @TheRevealerOfTruth. Complain, complain, complain, but not contributions and not you swear, like a child. Please stop it and grow up, be man enough to stop your nonsense

  19. yea no its dbc crashing i reid multiple versions of forge and reinstalling forge and mc altogether its broken

  20. Jess says:

    now you swear* what I meant to say lol

  21. Jess says:

    @conscriptspider mine has not crashed yet at all and I am using, family C as well

  22. im not saying it will for everyoone but i cannot launch it only dbc is doing it i launched every way possible and it chrashes 24/7 with dbc

  23. mintrer says:

    Eh, give him some time brony. Remember how you acted before like 0.5-1 year? Yeah, that wasn’t too different. But hey, as revealer gets more mature maybe he’ll change, just like you did. Cause right now it’s just tragic…

    Like seriously, when someone debunks your shit you get pissed off and try to make them feel bad, revealer? Too bad swears-by strangers in the internet-aren’t enough to make someone sad (For most people). Anyway, it doesn’t seem like he’ll grow a pair and start backing off of his nonsense, so, yeah, our best bet now is to ignore him a lil’.

    Anyway, the update seems fairly legit but i’m not feeling like testing it… Plus, Cavaliers VS Warriors is my priority today.

  24. Skeptical says:

    Alright. Check out my page 1 if you didn’t, I am now working on page 3, since page 2 is already done but I want to do some stuff on it. Just saying because it seems that my comic is forgotten, it’s still on development for a really long time, you can count on it!

  25. Hirolka says:

    It feels like we’ve done this before.

  26. mreman says:

    Can you also add to the config of how many times we can upgrade our attacks until we reach our limit?

  27. I found a bug in the mod with the training weights when i put on a 60kg weight from kingkai i seem to jump higher than when i put on a 30kg weight from kingkai. Im wondering if you could make a new training update that will cover these problems and maybe add new functions like for example when i wear a trainng weight for a specific ammount of time i could jump higher when im wearing it and punch stronger and move faster. And move even faster punch even stronger and jump even higher when it is taken off. Also I found another bug in training and/or pvping a normal minecraftian. It seems when I punch a normal mincraftian if they opened the stat menu (default button v) and choose mincraft survival I dont do any damage to them when punching no matter how strong it’s always in between 0-0,5 damage this is very annoying and makes it hard to do multiplayer with a normal minecraftian in the dbc mod. I wanted to post this and alot more earlier but it rejected my message and it couldn’t be sent due to that. You could fix and add these things later like after the ki techniques and mentor stuff and dbc currency but I really need these bugs fixed and some new training added, so that I could do the dbc mod. I’ve been waiting for a very long tine for these things to be added but you know I couldn’t post these due to the errors with posting comments.
    Hope you read this and put some more stuff in to fix training. After the currency and ki techniques are done.

  28. Also I would like pushups for training and bp to measure your real strength and if you overtrain you get strained and for each rep you overtrain yourself you get a tiny bit stronger then after the 3rd rep you dont get any stronger but you get strained worse and worse the more you do over the 3rd. And you could make these events in the game to train your strength speed etc. or anyother place you could have gravity like king kais planet you could train speed dodge strengh or endurance in the hyperbolictimechamber you train strengh endurance and speed and if you walk the whole snakeway to kingkais planet at the end when you reach the end of snake way you gain a bit of endurance depending how long you ran there.
    Also for the timechamber you can only increase speed or strengh or endurance a bit depending on your endurance you can do more pushups or running. for example if i have 10 endurance then i can only do 1 push up after the push up i can only do 1 more before i get strained if i have 16 endurance then I can only do 2 pushups before strain so it goes like this 1 10th of the endurance counts for so many pushups tnh what you can do over that number is your endurance divided by 10 just like your reps originally. But you do pushups in 0.1’s so that it works for the game for every single 1.0 you do you get 1 str point upgrade but here’s the catch you can only do this once a day and if you want to train again you have to wait for the next minecraft day before you can do it again. Or make it to where the player gets a certain timelimit in the hyperbolictimechamber and when the time is reached he can’t go back in untail 20 minutes in
    real life. This is just a suggestion it’s your decision weather you make it add it put it in or not.
    Hope you read this too!

  29. Tyler Smith says:

    good idea tanner i like the idea of like push ups and sit ups and such

  30. Z_Swordsman says:

    Thanks, Jin, the update is great, but needs moar config options, IMO:
    – multipliers for charge time and cooldown, with 0% lowest limit;
    – “Can you also add to the config of how many times we can upgrade our attacks until we reach our limit?” – I second this.

    And I really would like to see blasts and especially large blasts get more size the more damage they do, like in version for MC 1.6 (the limit being between the size of that planet-buster Buuhan launched at Vegito and Cell’s Kamehameha).

    P.S. I noted that when choosing Density for Large Blasts, the destruction area is greatly reduced. I hope this gets fixed one day.
    Also, there is still a bug that prevents you from firing Ki attacks when using custom Kaioken (and basically any transformation) multipliers. The game shows you the Ki cost is actually low, but doesn’t let you pass over the red stripe in Ki charging bar.

  31. Khalil says:


    *ignore this*

  32. mintrer says:

    Hmm… So wait density makes an attacks explosion radius bigger? Thought it only helped you with beam/blast struggles. Anyways, i’d suggest the destruction area of an attack should be greatly buffed

  33. Say My Name says:

    Where’s Barrage?I bet a lot of people was hyped because of barrage(me cuz LAZORS and Barrages)and there’s nothing, it would be simply readapting and improving the old ki blast from 1.6 right?anyways, great update and it’s very goodi

  34. Mitohan says:

    Yay my idea was added, it was probably already on his mind but cool anyway! maybe in the future we could implement custom (local based) sounds

  35. JackFrost213 says:

    Density makes the blast smaller while size makes it bigger.

  36. JackFrost213 says:

    @mintrer forgot to do that because I fell obligated to say who I am replying to ?

  37. nice to see the holiday spirit means so much to ya revealer.
    jin did a good job for this update for one guy with a thousand rabbid fans all asking the same things..
    if you think you can do better, why not make your own mod?

  38. Ryal says:

    Every time I peer at the comment section, I only see the community gradually becoming more toxic as time follows. I sometimes wonder what goes through people’s heads when they think they can sway someone’s choice to do something, and similarly to one who thinks it’s a violation of a person’s right when someone spouts some dumb shit in the comments section.

    Words here are perceived as lethal weapons and drama reveals itself with such ease. I wonder what Jin thinks about the keyboard warriors spewing their poorly executed rhetoric against anonymous users as if to prove a point.

  39. its that god kid everytime i see arguing his name is there but what i want to say about the mod is with the new news of trunks form being called super saiyan rage. the way i was thinking it could work for the mod is exactly how super kaioken would work. thats just my 2 cents i dont know how easy it would be to do that but it just sounds easier.

  40. Hirolka says:

    So what happened to Spiral moves being able to pierce mobs?
    Right now they just seem like a much fancier Laser.

  41. FlamesWrath says:

    The spiral drains more Ki and has a slightly bigger explosion radius.

    A.K.A it’s shit.

    And no.

    We do not need Trunks new form (Super Saiyan Rage is not an official name. Only a name for DB heroes.)

  42. I would like that in the next version of dragon block c put the kaio-shin race

  43. farid422 says:

    I hope naruto c wil get updated too

  44. How to use ki attacksss??? he didnt even tell us how to use it

  45. Jess says:

    To use ki attacks, just swish and flick! Just don’t scream Wingardium Leviosa

  46. OMGisGreen says:

    Jin, are you going to make the spirals, disks and lasers to pierce mobs?

  47. Nox says:

    Do I see a Nox impersonator? Excuse me, TheRevealerOf”Truth”, but please, take your dumb ass outside. Theres only room for one toxic asshole in here. And your fat ass just takes up too much. Also, don’t hate on Jin, you dumb fuck. Like that one squeaker said, Jin can quit modding any time he wants. He is practically doing charity work for all you dumb squeaky little ungrateful pieces of shits.

    -Nox out

  48. Hey Jin, the new core or the client is crashing my minecraft mod. Just Saying.


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