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Older News (27th of January 2014):
Now you should be able to jump out of water. Starting age change didnt made it to this release, it should be in next. sorry about it.

Older News (19th of January 2014):
Crash fixed. Starting age will be choosable for the next release.

Older News (15th of November 2013):
Minecraft 1.6.4 Compatibility update. More info in Facebook group.
Bug Reports Here

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Older News (27th of July 2013):
1.0.4 is released with the first item to the mod! The Digital Watch!
You only need to have the watch in inventory somewhere.
If you have JBRA installed too then you will see the watch on your arm both in FPS and TPS views!
In TPS view you will see the hour and minute next to the hotbar.
The watch currently only shows the Hours but later on it will change to display the minutes too. ^^
There were bugs reading the time, now it should be Fixed and working correctly!
It didnt worked before well but now it should work very well.
Still there are many bugs but im working on fixing them.
I Hope everyone will like it ^^

I = iron
R = redstone
L = leather
X is nothing


Older News (16th of July 2013):
Minecraft 1.6.2 Compatibility update.
Few fixes and… maybe new bugs… (thanks to 1.6)
Report Bugs Here

Older News (1st of June 2013):
JYearsC 1.0.2 bug fixes. The camera glitch should be fixed now.

Older News (21th of May 2013):
JYearsC 1.0.1 released!
Added 2 commands. For setting your age and the date.
[goto=uses]More at the Usage Section[/goto]
The lived days counter should work now.
and some bugs fixed.

Quick News (12th of May 2013):
The JBRA had a bug (that those who didnt had my new mod Years C where teen sized) so in the JBRA 1.1.6 it is fixed and without the years C it will work fine with DBC or NarutoC. Sorry for that.

Latest News (11th of May 2013):
I present you my new Mod! The Years C!
This mod is about that the time passes and every player is getting older.
There is a built in calendar with new year layout and original names.
One year in Minecraft is now 46 days. And a year has 4 months with 13 to 9 days.
A week has 5 days and every weekday has a name too.
From this calculated you have a function to see your own Minecraft Age and a “how many years stand for a Minecraft years” equialent to see how old are you.
It seems that you get old fast but in real you must play several real days to get to the end of your life like (100 “whatif” calculated years)
If you get to a point where you are very old you might die because of that BUT you can Rebirth!
That costs an Emerald thou.

You start as a Child and you will grow up in a Minecraft Year that is 18 “whatif” calculated years.
If you use my JBRA Mod too that you will be actually smaller like a child and you will grow up in real time.
You will have the viewpoint from a child too!
But you can you the mod without JBRA and then you wont look smaller but those who have JBRA will see you smaller even then.

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