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Hollows are comin – 17w13 (april joke partially)

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Edited on April 2, 2017!

The updates will come probably every 2 weeks now. So no update this weekend.
Can’t help it, if something is not done I can’t release it.
Next update info will include whats coming up, so stay tuned.



Original post on April 1, 2017!

Its in long time in work now but finally its released!
Bleach C is out with a lot of features!
It is using my rpg systems!

Main features:

  • races
    • Human you must be to use Bleach C
  • world
    • soul society dimension
    • Hueco Mundo dimension
    • Soul balancing
  • class – choose your way or let your fate choose instead.
    • Plus aka ghost while dead in overworld but not passed to soul society. required to become hollow. but shinigami can perform Konso aka Soul Funeral on you. Also Hollows can hunt you down.
    • Fullbringer power user, you must be alive. Choose an item and use it as your main source of power.
    • Quincy power user, you must be alive. Find a teacher npc and ask to become a Quincy.
    • Shinigami power user, die and go to Soul Society if you were good. kill hollows and follow missions to increase power
    • Hollow power user, die as a bad guy and go to Hueco Mundo where you will become a low level hollow. kill and feed to increase power
    • Visored power user (subclass), as a Shinigami who obtained hollow powers you will be banished from soul society, but you’ll get stronger.
    • Arrancar power user (subclass), as a Hollow which has removed its mask you will gain Shinigami-like powers. Final possible evolution of a Hollow power user.
  •  outfits
    • Shinigami aka Soul Reaper (Im not sure who uses which)
    • Arrancar
    • Quincy
    • school uniforms
    • and some more
  • items
    • a bleach item to make yourself a bleached Shinigami outfit
    • zanpakuto with various looks
  • mobs
    • Shinigamis and their subclases
    • Hollows and their subclasses
    • Pluses running around
  • unique stuff
    • after making a zanpakuto, it will be bound to you, and you will be able to create your own
    • Gigai
    • Shinigami and Hollow rankings, so you can become Captain class and actual Captain for a squad on a server, having lieutenant and so on.
    • and a lot more to come soon
  • skills
    • all Shunpo (called different for each class)
    • Shikai (Shinigami)
    • Bankai (Shinigami)
    • Resurrección (Arrancar)
    • Reiatsu sensing
    • Cero (Hollow)
    • Kido (Shinigami)
    • Reishi (Quincy)
    • Spirit Weapon (Quincy)
    • and a lot more to come soon
  • stats
    • Reiryoku -> powered by spirit
    • Reiatsu -> powered by willpower
    • Spiritual Awareness -> powered by mind

Shinigami with zanpaktou

Everything can change anytime, so don’t take them as granted, but most of them should work quite well.

Or if there were any…

I hope you like it 😛
Don’t hate me for this XD



JRMCore is needed for Bleach C!
JBRA is needed for JRMCore’s rendering like custom hairs!

click here to download JRMCore version 1.2.35a
click here to download JRMCore version 1.2.35a Installer

click here to download JBRA version 1.6.18
click here to download JBRA version 1.6.18 Installer

click here to download Bleach version 0.0.1
click here to download Bleach version 0.0.1 Installer

By downloading these mods you will will support my works and the future of Bleach C.
Basically I will use it as a poll, the more downloads the more people want Bleach C to be developed.

I know I know, another mod. But I never said that would work on it alone.


JRMCore release version 1.2.35a
+ Changed – armor handlers

Bleach release version 0.0.1
+ New OvA2qvvsjLuxcpYB95N71I2OYxZAwd+N1+3aclgOsHrbSK4yXyN2BIWpUgeeAnLj9UIykHcobyXZgQvvsjLuxcpYB95N71I2OYx71I2OYclgOsH71I2OYN2BIWpUg71I2OYnLj9UIykHcob



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83 Responses to Hollows are comin – 17w13 (april joke partially)

  1. no no says:

    Is this an April Fools prank?

  2. Hirolka says:

    Wow, already more content than Naruto C!

  3. Zero says:

    This better not be a prank….This sounds awesome. Calling it now, if this is a prank shit is going to fly lol

  4. God's Flame says:

    add this to the dbc server so humans can catch up with sayians.

  5. Mitohan says:

    100% prank, there’s no way jin would specify this much and he mostly posts on sunday

  6. tcat72 says:

    Jin I Can’t Believe U! We don’t want these new features and crap for these garbage mods m8! Bleach C is trash how could you I cant BELIEVE that you did such a garbage tier thing I though better of you ffs!

    jk, lel April Fools P:

  7. God's Flame says:

    really you got time to make a bleach mod and you cant refine on naruto c at all.atleast make sharingan work.

  8. gabriel says:

    I hope this is serious.

  9. Hirolka says:

    Well I downloaded the “update” and it’s just the stuff Jin posted in the photo.
    You know, I wouldn’t mind a Bleach C mod, it’s just that it’s another thing that gets thrown on the pile and only survives off the DBC updates that can apply to it.

    But if you do get more help then what the hell, let’s welcome Bleach to the JRMC-universe!

  10. Dick Buttle says:

    It is a prank…I cried and now I will be gone…;-;

  11. Skeptical says:

    I am a fan of bleach, so I hope it’s true. I mean, Jin isn’t like us, so I am not sure if he’d troll us like that.

  12. Skeptical says:

    Wow Jin, just wow. Honestly. Joking like that? I don’t get nor like this joke.

  13. AlohaSnkbr says:

    Please no April Fools 🙁

  14. Tyler Smith says:

    this is either the most diabolical april fools prank or the best april fools present ever xD i hope its real though i love bleach 🙂

  15. OMGisGreen says:

    I really hope THIS IS A PRANK. Because DBC would have even less updates.

  16. it’s not ready yet… only have the cloths and the katana

  17. DeathKey says:

    I know it’s a joke and all, but honestly it’s not a bad idea . -.

    But wait until your other mods are at least in a state that you can sacrifice time for them, DBC is close to “Full” well enough to work on NC most of your time, then after NC is “Full” you work on SOAC.. Then hopefully you’ll finish your Family C Mod, Most people just used it for the genders, and pre-revamp they used it to make mini armies… Do not deny it you made Child Armies don’t lie to yourselves

  18. Thanks for getting my hopes up for this mod for the sake of a couple of laughs. :/

  19. matuteharcos says:

    Calendar checked.
    Mod checked
    Knowing that this isbtoo kuch to be done checked.
    Still trying out and laughing when its really a prank checked.
    People offended by a prank checked.

  20. BlueNexus says:

    I hope this I a prank. He barely gets a chance to work on other mods as it is

  21. BluJ says:

    how do you people not know this is a prank? i mean come on, it’s april 1st. don’t trust anything on april 1st.

  22. Hirolka says:

    Because of the part where he says
    “Basically I will use it as a poll, the more downloads the more people want Bleach C to be developed.”
    And knowing Jin, he probably would toss another anime on the pile.

  23. TheLeinhart says:

    I don’t normally like to include my input on things like this because usually I just don’t care…however, DBC needs all the love it can get. Past 2 weeks haven’t been the best of updates for the mod. Being a fan of DBZ it pains me to see the updates stretching further and further away. Doesn’t bode well to create so many incomplete mods and dance around them unless you have a team of people to work on them. That’s just so much stress, so much to juggle….Jin, for the love of god, just focus on one mod at a time. Quality over quantity.

  24. rodrigo2202 says:

    Jin if thats the reason why you was so slow you can have a pause for now OK?

    • rodrigo2202 says:

      and continue with the dbc at full force, i want to see whats comes out of the fusion potara update and i hoe you find a way to make the player auto equip the metamoro clothes and then auto dequip and vanish them when fusion is finished and i wanna see how will be the hair fusion and the skins fusion too (i hope the hair be like a plus of both hairs formulas) like a piece of the hair n 1 is 100 and the hair n 2 is -50 then the both will have a mix and make a 50 posicion hair
      that woud be awesome and the color woud be the mix of both too

  25. rodrigo2202 says:

    And a thing i Pray to you send in the next update FTLOG make the 2 races fusion allowed Plz!!!!

  26. Oscurum says:

    Why do they take such a joke seriously? Many companies do this kind of thing and I do not see the complaints, an example was Capcom when they announced a continuation of Mega Man ZX, which I consider to be more cruel and important because Mega Man is A franchise that has long been paused and the ZX saga was never finished, and I do not see anyone making a tantrum for it, Jin simply made a simple joke that did not take more time to realize and left the idea of a Bleach mod in the air , Although I agree with the opinions that Jin should not create mods to leave paused and only focus on a pair.

  27. Link1larc says:

    Found a bug with the last update. Natural user take only 1 damage from ki users for some reason.

  28. shea_senpai says:

    Jin how could you play us like this i was so hyped for this mod XD

  29. Hirolka says:

    You know what, I’m generally curious, what’s the deal with the “new” version of the JRMC Core?

    Is it just a one off for Bleach C, or does it actually have improvements?
    For that matter, will later versions of the Core still support Bleach C?

  30. Jin You Tease lol.

    Still love ya though.

  31. Nox says:

    I think all this community of super grateful and loving children is the best community around. Honestly, I just want to thank each and everyone one of you for existing to spread your soothing deep voices around to all the eager people in the world. I am really glad you all are so nice and respectful to Jin, who works hard to please all of us by making quick progress and daily updates with his mods. I think we should all come together, as a community, no as a family, to recognize all the amazing people we have in this community. Including:

    JinRyuu: He’s Jin, nothing more to day. Just completely not the reason any of us are here right now reading this.

    “God”/ Broly/ Simpleton: The most respectful and nicest guy in the community that always changes his profile picture but never his name so we can all recognize him when he never comments. Always patiently waits for updates without needless toxicity.

    Tcat: For never proving any useful comments

    Mintrer: For having a super creative picture and childish comments.

    Lord Frieza: For always asking for updates with all races in mind and never criticizing this free mod.

    Plagearon: For never providing useful comments.

    Son Gohan: For not being three yours old.

    SupremeRuler12: For always trash talking Jin.

    TravelerSoul: For never commenting.

    Rodrigo2202: For never telling Jin what to do. And not posting very often.

    Jplion123: For never being just… There. And commenting very smart stuff.

    Night Fox: For not correcting people.

    GabrielGabriel Santos Botelho Meles: For not being 2.

    FranticEcho: For always posting stupid stuff and never giving nice feedback.

    Crimson: For not posting stupid dev blogs no one gives a shit about, not writing useless fan fiction that no one gives a shit about, and not thinking he is a cool “dev” because he can make blocks.

    Nox: For being the most uplifting and anti toxic community member all around.

    I’d like to give a big round applause to all these amazing community members who make this modsite great again!

    -Nox In.

  32. Skeptical says:

    Jin, on all seriousness, that’s some troll you’ve put, but STILL, you got my respects for making this great mod, that has transformation upgrade, now let me just take a second, and recognize with people what kind of big phenomenal mod he has made, without any hate for some update delays, I did a mistake some people did too, and that’s to mix the hate with the mod and the update rate. This update rate, on all honesty is one of the fastest, the bruh is quite fast. Jin has made most of my childhood with this mod, making its story, its skills, and most of all, it’s roleplay abilities and training, the feel of training hard, is surely in this mod. Now this isn’t some stupid hate, sarcasm or hidden hate or hate speech (specifically said for you, Mr.Mod) so you guys can unguard your eye and just appreciate what jin has brought to US, random people on the internet. I am okay with the troll, even though I was a really high fan of bleach, higher than dbz, a LOT. That being said, I hope this community realize the true beauty of this mod and what amount of codes it must have.

  33. TravelerSoul says:

    Nice April fools. Now, if this isn’t April fools, please Jin, don’t start working on another mod, you have too much to work on already. Of course though, if you want to, I definitely wouldn’t object to a Bleach mod. *hint hint*

  34. Vladi813 says:

    so, i get this is a joke but are you eventually legit gonna make this happen? that description you made sounds really really cool

  35. dadeathsquad says:

    Please no bleach, there’s already a bleach mod guys, let Jin focus on dbc, and or naruto c, So we can finally get the hype train going faster than ever before.

  36. Oscurum says:

    Could you please post an info status? It’s great to at least be informed on what you’re working on.
    You’re cool, Jin.

  37. Jarrod says:

    id like to point out the real april fools joke was that he is actually making the mod, the title now has the words “april joke partially” and hes not going to work on the mod alone, and it looks like were actually getting a mod update next week from what i see

  38. mintrer says:

    Lmao this had potential to be a great prank but it unfortunately was too obvious. Better luck next time tho

  39. Vladi813 says:

    i just read the “Basically I will use it as a poll, the more downloads the more people want Bleach C to be developed.”, didnt see it before. imma create like 2000 accounts to download this a lot so that jin makes this

  40. mors_mortis says:

    I would only want Jin to make a Bleach C if he was a big fan of Bleach. He’s putting a lot of mods under his belt and it would suck if he didn’t at least enjoy making them.

  41. Jin ,take your time we can wait,i can wait so other should too,we love u,becuse you are made these amazing mods keep good work, 😉

  42. Jin can u update naruto c

  43. 6 Star Ball says:

    This is obviously fake. But please… Don’t add another mod.. The community is already unstable as it is xD

  44. rodrigo2202 says:

    Jin just stop with everything youre doing for a month and stop sending any updates on the mods just focus in one mod and stay updating your progress week by week and then send this bomb of info to us, i advice you to focus first in the DBC since he´s the most pure mod that you have for now and this is a challenge so i hope you try it any time like in the next month or start with this one? I just wanna see how far you can get with all this time to think and code and fix buggs for you but stay sending msgs to us on the website, we wanna stay tunned on this Tnx and i hope you try it any month.

  45. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I’m curious as to what is going to be done with Naruto C.

  46. this and isnt an april fools joke it seems. based on how many of us want it, jin will keep working on it XD

  47. Zanios says:

    How does he get his characters body to look like that?

  48. Jarrod says:

    can everyone stop asking jin to work on naruto, or dbc, or not to one one or the other, to do or not to do bleach, if he wants your opinion he’ll make a poll. if he wants to work on more mods he will. he is doing mods to learn about coding remember? adding transformations all the time wont help him learn, making more mods will. let him do what he feels like he should work on

  49. Mitohan says:

    no matter what brony posts he’ll always receive a dislike from somebody lol


  51. Skeptical says:

    Man, this community is nowhere near as active as before, I wonder why :/

  52. JinRyuu says:

    Next post on Monday probably. Im not sure on the update thou
    ┐( °ー ° )┌

  53. Hirolka says:

    Well hey, as long as we don’t get back to the old four month gap between updates, I’ll be cool with a tiny delay in posting.

  54. rodrigo2202 says:

    what was jin doing with the mod with 4 months of time to work on it?, redoing it from zero everytime?(im just curious ._.)

    • Skeptical says:

      3 Weeks of adding fusion (you know, press C and all that to make your partner disappear and you get a double stat boost, unfortunately he didn’t have enough time to add a textured fusion cloths or anything detailed.) And… idk…2 weeks of nothing and other weeks adding small stuff.

  55. Skeptical says:

    I can’t believe how stupid those people were that liked Nox’s comment. He was sarcastic about everything. He even gave us “Nox IN” hint.

  56. Skeptical says:

    On monday he said.. oh well, nothing more than a double delay.

  57. no no says:

    I hope the metamoran fusion vest makes my abs look bigger.

  58. mreman says:

    So remember when Jin said he was gonna post something on Monday but he didn’t? Yeah.


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