Happy New Year! – 18w02

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Happy New Year Everyone!

So I must reconfirm the fact that many of my mods are still “work in progress” mods like DBC and NC.
Furthermore the JinGames DBC server mainly is not just the only official DBC server but also the only public testing server for DBC that I use now and then.
That means if there are bugs that were not fixed already but it is fixed on that server, let it be an old issue or a recent, that is because it is also a testing server where I give test versions usually before the actual update release.

The year didn’t start that great for me, beginning with falling ill again… with some additional private issues.
I tied to put together something what still will come this year, but I still need more time on that.
This is a delicate matter O_O

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So what have I worked on the past days?
Making a straight plan of upcoming stuff but it seems like there wont be a straight one XD
But roughly this year’s plans include a lot of site developments,
licensing for my mods, server related matters, modpacks and some others,
also proceeding with new mod, mod feature and mainly new game plans!

Since Naruto C didn’t received much attention because of the Dragon Ball series throwing a lot of new jun… khm i mean content to the fandom, and because of the current popularity of my DBC mod I had to work on it more yet again.
I can’t promise now if I will be able to work on Naruto C more this year, but I can say that I have a lot of new coding techniques in my sleeves I want to experiment with and try them out 😀
Sadly still a lot of already made stuff need revamping, not to mention features that have been started but not even close to be finished.
So those started features need to be continued too.
Anyway it is really hard to do everything, but I can tell you one thing,
That I have been really enjoying coding and working on these things ^_^
Except server related things XD
Some matters are really, really time consuming with no productive results. 🙁

Now to mention some license points that are still active obviously.
1. Modpacks are still not allowed without a permission. Last year our agreement system was updated and modpack permissions are fully functional since.
Basically if you have a server and generate income I request a specific share, in return for the modpack permission.
Permission can be asked for through the contact page.
2. Regarding my content, no one may take anything I have created. It wont be allowed either.
You can read more about it at the license page or contact me on any question.

So Please don’t steal from me, stealing is against the law.
I really don’t want to cause anyone unnecessary trouble. 🙁

And If you see anyone violating the license regardless please warn the person, and maybe give me a mail about it.
Thank you for Everyone Staying with me ^^


click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.47

  • Changed – Dragon Radar – hold it in your hand, direction rotation for an easier search and a higher search range. (experimental)

JRMCore release version 1.3.7

  • FIXED – recent transformation issues – caused by the new way the legendary forms work. (at least I tried)
click here to go to the Download site


Now I know this update doesn’t look good but I have experimented with some interesting stuff,
so it might not seem much but that Dragon Radar became quite interesting, mainly for my future developments.

About the new Dragon Radar change
It gets closer on what I imagined it to be since the beginning but its still not quite there.
With this the DB scan became a lot slower, it can take more then 10 seconds for it to detect a DB that appeared or has been placed but there is now no height limit for it to detect them, and also DB type per planet limit is also lifted which were originally limited to Earth (Overworld) for normal DB detection and Namekian DB detection for Namek only.
The next plan for the DB radar will be the DB detection range changable with the right click when the radar is in hand.
And to remove the slightest lag the radar still creates for the clients when its in hand additionally making it a lot faster to detect DB.
With this a new DB spawn mechanism will also come.

I’m interested in feedback on the transformation issues if there are still present.

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52 Responses to Happy New Year! – 18w02

  1. KoolaidMan says:

    Good Job Jin and keep up the good work! But make sure to get plenty of rest if you’re ill ;(

    Again we don’t deserve to be wasting your time if you’re sick, get well
    soon and hope you have a great year :D!

    And thanks for everything you’ve done with the mod 😀

  2. Hirolka says:

    Sounds this update was a real wish come true, eh?

    I’m hoping even more wishes get added to go along with all this new Dragon Ball stuff, at this point they’re mostly just used for Senzu Beans anyway, it’d be nice to have some powerful wishes, with powerful cooldowns boot.

  3. Bsharprules says:

    Nice work Jin! I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the next year! Keep working at your own pace!

  4. Ahmed Dh says:

    what about naruto C there are some fans here!

  5. Ahmed Dh says:

    what about naruto C there are some fans here!
    try working on it

  6. dude says:

    i used to have some problems with the mods and now i have fixed it but i cant get years or family with me a bummer anyways thx for everything you ever done for us jin you still rock so much XD

  7. PyroXK10 says:

    Thanks for the update Jin!. I think there are no more transformation issues but thats just me.

    Can I suggest an option to make the legendary status effect transformations bigger and lose the pupils? similar to Broly and how it looked in the previous version.

    P.D. I really don’t want to be annoying, but can you consider adding Super Saiyan Rage, please?

  8. Thx for the update dude !
    Can you mind on adding Ultra Instinct in the mod ? It would have an incredible speed boost and a kind of auto-dodge teleporting or lifting the player on the left or the right

    • Once the Ultra Instinct form is better understood, That’s when Jin will include it in future updates.

      Plus, It would be annoying if you have speed boost when you’re in-form. Running is already boosted with the Dash skill.

      But the automatic dodging/evasion sounds great. Considering that there are some NPC’s that can use Instant Transmission/teleporting and could attack you from behind.

      It would also be nice if there was an indicator that warns the player if an energy type attack will be fired.

  9. moonnut says:

    Nice one Jin. When should we expect Trading Card C?

  10. Lord Frieza says:

    Everyone listen!!! Dislike my comment!!!! We need a new dislike record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P. S. Don’t overdo, Jin the fam

  11. Mitohan says:

    I can get more dislikes:

    True shit:
    Broly is as strong as cell at best
    Ssj4 gogeta is nothing to super
    Can’t wait to see the card mod
    Can’t wait to see naruto c
    Can’t wait to see sword art online c

    Controversial shit that will cause arguments:
    Autism is a joke
    Depression doesn’t exist
    Christian isn’t 10 and is an intellectual
    Most people here are cunts
    You don’t deserve to live if you’re suicidal

    Beat that.

  12. mreman says:

    Is it possible for u to add damage multipliers to the configs for potential unleashed and arcosian full release boost?

  13. dude says:

    is there anyone else that cant download the years or family ?

  14. dude says:

    p.s my pc says its a bluff site for both of them

  15. Adrik says:

    Keep it up jin! good luck on getting your life sorted out, love your mods, cheers!

  16. Ken says:

    Jin I’ve been using this Naruto C resource pack and it has the BEST sharingan animation you could ever imagine so can you pleeeease make a way to obtain mangekyou sharingan in the future

  17. Uskazd says:

    I don’t mind the update being so small.
    You know what they say: good things come in small packages

  18. Aleem says:

    Nice update, as always. Jin, if you’re doing monthly releases, as it appears you are, it would be nice to have official confirmation that you’re doing so. Additionally, a weekly post would be nice. It doesn’t have to be related to your mods, but it could add a touch of personality to the site if you detailed how your week went on a regular basis outside of “I couldn’t… because..,” It would also help to fill the void of the 3 weeks of no communication that monthly updates bring. Either way, keep up the good work!

  19. Meliodas says:

    Work on metamoran fusion and potara fusion next for DBC pls ^^

  20. Just saying some ideas not asking or demanding ok? . Ultra instinct to not be that op should have a chance based dodge or when you autododge you consume a little bit of stamina. also talking about dodge , the dodge should be added like if you block and you get hit 1 second after you dodge consuming stamina based on your Dex and the damage of who attacked you that would make Dex that says that give speed make more sense. Thanks for reading . Keep the good work Jin

  21. Divinz says:

    question can i make custom mission on singleplayer and than in lan world from singleplayer in multiplayer with customnpc when i make one npc for example like Baby an than i rewrite Nappa name with Baby and i must defeat Baby and Vegeta.And can i add reward to get after killing them to get Ssj godform or just rewrite myself when i i choose evil or good i can choose good or kaioken or evil rewards after i finish quest.Can it be done?

  22. please also want new updates naruto c and be more recent and do not focus only on drogon block c from now thank you

  23. please also want new updates naruto c and be more recent and do not focus only on drogon block c from now thank you 🙂

  24. mreman says:

    Ok where is everybody at!?

  25. Mitohan says:

    You know instead of waiting 5 days for an answer you could go and try but I’ll sum it up:


  26. Aboodxnauthy says:

    I have a Cool idea but probably will take a long time and also hard to make.

    A character switching machine to cast characters like Goku Vegeta

    The switching machine is a block when you right click on it it has
    GUI roster, you select the character and you will have his power level and his skill set.

    [This might be after the custom transformations update if Jin wants to make this idea.]

  27. God Form Lvl 3- God Form lvl 1 (Ssj god) God Form lvl 2( Form Rage) God Form lvl 3 (Blue)

  28. I have ideas upon ideas so my first idea is growable senzu beans
    Next katara earings
    next ultra instinct
    next rage form
    next ssjblue2
    next sepream kais
    next planet of the gods
    next planet paudifu
    next a way to fuise with npcs
    and finally zamasu

  29. i forgot to mention planet of the kais

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