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Naruto C: The Last Mods

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    This involves NCTLSkins aka the addon to Naruto C. Not a whole lot has been done with it as of yet. What has been done includes Jiraiya, Itachi, Kisame, and a few of Akatsuki members. Some have just one of their forms or have all of their forms. Due to a lack of over all support from it it hasn’t been worked on that much. In order to be continued at the same rate as DBASkins I would need more people to request it, give feedback, and more people who can work on it. Like modelers, skin designers, and a person to do the storyline while I work on putting it all together. I have been attempting to do a model for Kurama and the other tailed beasts as well as one for Hiruko and Sasori’s other puppets but DBASkins has taken a lot of time from them so the result pretty much made it the same as the actual Naruto C Mod.
    Plans for it though aren’t yet decided. As unlike DBC we were never given a list of models or specifics… So I’ll need to first get a team of helpers for this mod and we can discuss it then it will be announced.

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