Fusion update – 17w09

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Edited on March 08:
If you can’t comment let me know through the contact page!

An experimental fusion feature has been added yaay!

Me and Crimson made a fast short vlog but I couldn’t use my video editing software so its actually a raw video. But I hope its still useful.

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With sweat and blood fusion has finally come too.
This fusion will be the Dance fusion.
Potara fusion will come later if this is finished!
Since this is the first release of the Fusion feature it is very broken.
I can’t find all the glitches so I guess many will be fixed in long run like the rest…
Also many aspects/functions for fusion are not added yet, including the look.
Meaning both players will keep their looks.
I want to make sure all know that this version is only the barebone of the fusion feature and doesn’t have any fancy visuals!
I will await feedback on this!
Below the change log part, you can check the explanations for the Fusion.

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JRMCore release version 1.2.34
ReADDED – Client sided Config – Hide Hair When Helmet On – if false you’ll see everyones hair regarless of helmet
+ ADDED – Compatibility with new experimental Fusion feature

DBC release version 1.4.29
+ ADDED – New skill – Fusion (1st version)
+ ADDED – Master NPC Goku – Teaches Fusion skill
+ ADDED – New Status Effect – NoFuse(Time) – means No Fusion till time is over
+ ADDED – New Sound – Fusion sounds
+ READDED – Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s drop out feature after a 24 mins and can’t go back for a time.

JBRA release version 1.6.17
+ ADDED – Compatibility with new experimental Fusion feature

click here to go to the Download site


How to fuse:
– server needs it to be enabled in jrmc config file
– learn fusion skill (it has levels but doesnt do anything atm)
– in action menu both players enable Fusion
– first who wants to be the “Spectator” player start releasing/charging
– then who will be the “Control” player start ascending

What Fusion can do for Control player:
– fusion will give the worst attributes from both players and double them (this is dance fusion after all)
– I think for control player thats it atm
– ascending while fused can reduce the fusion time

What Fusion can do for Spectator player:
– should be invincible
– can’t damage anyone
– can’t break blocks
– can’t move but can look around
– can’t use items
– will tp to control player if too far away
– anything attacking him will be redirected to Control player
– using JBRA, atm the “spectator” player can see their fused name

Known problems with Fusion:
– using fusion without JBRA will make both players visible and probably not good for a fight (well that is if DBC runs without JBRA)
– only “spectator” player can see their fused name
– in some cases the fusion wont be over for one player when the other is out of it. (I need to know in when it wont work!)

What Fusion doesn’t have at the moment but probably will have later:
– tp share
– ki attack fusion
– skill fusion
– aura fusion
– hair fusion
– fusion outfit
– DNS fusion
– fusion done effects
– stuff to do for “spectator” player
– going to a different dimension


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70 Responses to Fusion update – 17w09

  1. mreman says:

    Will you add npc fusion for single players?

  2. mreman says:

    And thank you for re adding hair on helmet config

  3. I love it! Will the spectator mode be made a little smoother in the future though?

  4. Thanks for adding this. Keep up the good work!

  5. Tacoboy says:

    YES! FINALLY! IT doesnt matter if its the barebone version., I LOVE IT! i can finally have a cool showdown with a villain or with another person. but i wanted to ask. Will the fusion part of Controller player and spectator player change in the future? , for example the dragon ball z mod for rob lox haves a really interesting control over the fusion. both players control the character, 1 player controls the movement and the other player controls the attacks (ki blasts and normal attacks) and i think that part of the fusion in rob lox is AMAZING! so i would like to know if the fusion system in dbc will change in the future to something like the fusion in dragon ball z rob lox?

  6. TheScrubNub says:

    @Tacoboy Idk if the half-and-half type of fusion would be very effective due to the fact that both of u would have to coordinate together. Some people might not even know the person they are fusing with due to just friendly server interaction so it might be difficult due to no communication, I’m not saying the idea is bad but Idk if it would work.

  7. Alan997 says:

    Finally , think I want to cry T_T

  8. I was hoping for more of this update :/

  9. Skeptical says:

    ~Removed by Mod
    Reason: Implied hate speech.

  10. FranticEcho says:

    I’m so excited that this is finally happening! Of course, this is only the first version of fusion and there are many things to add and fix for fusion but this is just the beginning of this and it will become absolutely amazing!! Keep this up Jin 😀

  11. Brad Muñoz says:

    And now potara will be the same but strongher and 2 times longer, so you will need to add a new dimension, supreme kai’s planet, and add the supreme kai :v

  12. matuteharcos says:

    God if you can do it faster and better all alone then go on we are waiting…

  13. Hirolka says:

    So does fusion multiply all stats by two, or just the worst ones?
    Because the video says all of them, but the little “How To Fuse” section says that it’s the worst.

  14. Assasingus14 says:

    How will this work with cross-species fusion? would you gain access to special fused abilities? or would the dominant player have their abilities in use. Hopefully we can get an interesting outcome of this.

  15. rodrigo2202 says:

    jin, even with this sad delay, im inpressed and you dont disapointed me i think youll never be a disapointing, you say that youre a begginer in programming but you manipulate the game how ever you want!, youre the best jin!

  16. rodrigo2202 says:

    even if this is just a beggining is already amazing!

  17. Red08 says:

    Can i do the fusion with Npc?

  18. MrCinekPl says:

    Human and Saiyan or Human and Half-Saiyan can be fused?

  19. Dylsnake says:

    1: With fusion dance will both people in future need to be at same bp?
    2: There are the people that want both people to be in control and there are the people that want it to be one person, I think it should be in the config or as an option for the fused people.

  20. kev_spyro says:

    could you make a config in the fix release where more config is added and the Fusion is also usable with goku maybe in singleplayer 😀

  21. Skeptical says:

    Mod. What is wrong with you? Ok, what the actual hell is wrong with you? I did not write any hate speech at all. Jin, you should change your mod.

  22. Skeptical says:

    I SPECIFICALLY praised Jin for his good work. What is wrong with this Moderator?

    ~Edited By Mod
    Removed Trashtalk.

  23. Dragonmatic says:

    Can you add the Gogeta/Metamor clothes when you can?
    I even have a texture made that you can use if you want

  24. yes finally its so fun and also lol god

  25. Skeptical says:

    ~Edited By God

    Even the mod is a**hole enough to troll a troll.

    ~Mod: Nice try

  26. Skeptical says:

    I am pretty sure “trashtalk” is allowed here.

    ~Mod: I can confidently say that it isn’t, especially that much. But let’s just calm down okay?

  27. Skeptical says:

    Well if he wants me to become an a**hole again, sure.

  28. MrCinekPl says:

    Jin pls make Saiyan + Human, Half saiyan + Human, Half Saiyan + Saiyan

  29. BluJ says:

    can’t wait to see what potara fusion is like. Keep up the good work!

  30. zarkey says:

    Why are you attacking God, Mod? His first comment was pure praise for Jin’s Work. There was nothing hateful about it so why are you being so rude to God? Like, i don’t understand what is wrong with you. Are you one of those people who see everything with such negativity that you think positivity instantly means sarcasm, just because a person had a little bad past on this website? That’s assuming a lot. Also whats up with those down votes? People don’t even know what he wrote. Random people who are siding with a Mod just because they want to get on their good side is completely beyond me. I have never seen such ignorant haters.

    • Skeptical says:

      Thank you for your kind words, good stranger. You showed those simpletons what I had on mind!

    • Moderator says:

      You do know that this seems fishy right? XD
      God and zarkey seem to be one and the same person, firstly with sending the comments with 1 minute difference does seems a little of.
      And even if I’m mistaken, there is a limit how you put what you say.
      I might have been to hasty to moderate your comment, I’m sorry if I misunderstood something, but it contained a language which I think was inappropriate.
      This site is viewed by many people with different age and I will continue moderating comments which seem inappropriate.

      Did you hear ever about “conduct, not content”
      It’s not what you say – it’s the way that you say it.
      You do have the right to say what you want. What matters is how you tell stuff. If you say things that can cause misunderstanding, flame war or “disruption”, we will need to think beforehand and intervene, cause we don’t want any of that again if possible.

      And again, “trashtalk” is not allowed. It should be obvious and common sense, on any site which is viewed by any age (and mainly by underage visitors).

      • jplion123 says:

        Hasty? You didn’t even read his comment, he praised Jin for his work, then he described why you’re a bad mod for deleting a praise comment, also, maybe you can check with the person who made the comment before doing “ermergerd, he said something good about Jin, we have to remove it to get him mad!”

        • matuteharcos says:

          Well it was more like a sarcastic provocation if you ask me.
          Saying something like this: “Without decomplying the mod I can see you only put 10 lines of codes in. Truly a great work Jin.” This looked more like a sarcastic provocation to me

          • Skeptical says:

            Oh ffs.. I used the same tone that other people use when i.e

            *A dude punched something really hard*

            person commenting: Woah! I can see you did more than one pushup huh!

            Ffs, what’s your problem. Even if it was sarcasm (which it wasn’t nor intended) then deleting the whole post is just an asshole move of provocation.

          • matuteharcos says:

            That’s sarcasm, and I have no problem, I just told you what I thought why Mod thought you were spreading hate with that

      • Skeptical says:

        Are you serious now? Every single kid curses the hell out of everything, so this “no trash talk” rule is just bs.

      • Skeptical says:

        Besides, I went to the site when he replied to me, so I replied to him.

      • jplion123 says:

        I like how all the Kiddies dislike the comments proving the mod wrong, they just wanna get on his goodside, lol.

      • Ryal says:

        @Moderator I’m certain it’s not a common sense rule to refrain from cursing in a comment section, especially considering the irony that the person you’re dealing with is in fact, underaged.

        I’m far more aware of the common sense rule where you should expect things like cursing on the internet due to anonymity and the general lack of restriction to word your comments.

        And while I’m not fond of the hate speech rule, I don’t have any gripes with it personally. Perhaps some forewarning given to the people viewing this would’ve been a little more diplomatic as opposed to suddenly silencing whatever a 12-year-old typed down because someone might be offended by it.

        Nice dodge around the whole “you have the right to say what you want” thing by the way. There isn’t really a right when everything that remains here is deemed appropriate by you and your standards. I thought that little remark was a little silly. You probably should’ve simply admitted to the fact that there is a restriction to what you can and cannot say here on JinGames.

  31. Everyone that wants Naruto C to catch up with Dragon Block C say I

  32. Mitohan says:

    Nei (using up the 15 character spaces)

  33. Mitohan says:

    Finally had the time to get rid of that shitty name

  34. Skeptical says:

    He isn’t my second account, his location/email are even different.

  35. chiles07 says:

    But, you can change your location bronygamer.

  36. too much drama.
    also. mod. if you see this. hai :3

    ~Mod: Hi

  37. Skeptical says:

    Wtf what group if ignorant scrubs dislike everything that goes for me?! I didn’t do shit wtf! God I hate this shitty community

  38. chiles07 says:

    Sorry Bronygamer i did not mean to antagonize you.

  39. I think that there should be a special menu to create a special skin/character for the fusion like vegito or gogeta, the fusion is made by the same users but they have different aspects.

  40. FranticEcho says:

    So I was in the JRMCore configs and I saw one config that says “Attribute Cost Increase=Global”. I think it’s fair to assume that this is the config that makes so when you increase one attribute, the cost for all the other attributes go up as well. I just want to know how to change this because I want to make it so when I upgrade one attribute, the cost for the other ones don’t change. I would appreciate anyone who has some insight on this and could help me out. Thanks 🙂

  41. RayWhip says:

    I Noticed That Before The Ki Blast Update You Said There Would Be Laser, Spiral, Barrage and large blast. This Got Me So Excited But Then I Noticed That It Was Not Added In The Next Update. I Do Not Know If You Just forgot, Or You Were Unable To Add It.

  42. I noticed a bug with the fusion. when you are fused with someone in the overworld you cannot go to other dimensions without unfusing (for example, being in the overworld you cant go in the hyperbolic time chamber and still be fused)

  43. Leo says:

    Jin can you please release SSJ4 and 1.8 version on the next update

  44. Merroch says:

    Ssj4 will be added hopfully soon but it will cause a war with GT n super fans

  45. you guys really need to stop asking for the same thing over and over… i mean… jeez. jin will add what he feels like. he said ssj4 was said it will be SOON. but low priority. can we please get some original suggestions?

  46. mintrer says:

    Wait, there’s a new moderator and a new commenting system?
    Now that’s improvement.

    Fusion is great tbh, but maybe you rushed it a lil’ bit? We still need a lot of fixes in the gameplay mechanics here and there.
    First of all, we start able to jump like 10 blocks tall, and able to run fast as all shit. Uh, it’d be good if we tweaked that…
    A lot. Maybe dexterity could be the main factor of how fast your run and how high you jump instead of skills.

    • mintrer says:

      Oh no, the typos are strong with this one. Wish i was able to edit comments :’P

      How fast you run*
      Tweaked that….. A lot.*
      And how high you jump instead of skills?*
      Need a lot of fixes in core stat mechanics here and there.*

    • Great idea. If we start really small barely able to jump 2 blocks, and then progress from there, it would feel like actual progression. Also, to add to that, the jump skill should be tweaked. It’s useless and only hinders you while you fight. Either make it harder to fly to give the skill some use or add some cool use to the jump skill like front flips and back flips.

  47. mintrer says:

    Also, the whole god and zarkey thing seems too suspicious.
    Zarkey’s replies all are revolved around god’s ideas, sucking him off. Except like 1 or 2, which are comments in one of the posts he made.

    Now check this topic and how brony reacts when that dude insults zerkey.

    Am i a sad human being for analyzing this? Maybe, but it only took like a minute.

  48. RayWhip says:

    I Noticed That Before The Ki Blast Update You Said There Would Be Laser, Spiral, Barrage and large blast. This Got Me So Excited But Then I Noticed That It Was Not Added In The Next Update. I Do Not Know If You Just forgot, Or You Were Unable To Add It

  49. RayWhip says:

    Yeah Barrage Was Supposed To Come Out With Those Three

  50. Please add Potara type Potara where the scouter is and the two you get with the kaioshin boot to go to the ship and also increase the stats to 100000 the only thing I ask

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