Funday Friday – Mod Tutorials

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Hey everyone! Not a really long Funday Friday today but I have a quick question for you. I am setting myself up to make a full-blown tutorial for new players on DBC so they know what it is exactly they are doing. However, I would like to know how in depth I should go, and whether or not I should make tutorials for the other mods too (SAOC, Naruto C, Family C, etc.)

So for instance:

Option A: Not very in depth. I would just explain basic controls.
Option B: A little in depth. I would explain controls as well as the overall themes (Otherworld, NPCs, transformations, Ki attacks etc.)
Option C: Super in depth. I would explain controls, the themes, stat differences between races, base multipliers for each transformation, controls, crafting recipes, etc.


So let me know what you think is the best for new players to the mods.

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Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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20 Responses to Funday Friday – Mod Tutorials

  1. Super Gogeta says:

    I personally would go with option C. This is why. When I first started dbc on a server, I had no idea what the heck I was doing, or how to use some of the various controls, and it was painful when I found out “oh don’t do this” or when someone told me the pros of Arcosians vs. Half Saiyans. I didn’t wind up changing my character because I had put so much time into the character, and I did not want to risk losing my progress (then again partially my fault cuz I never tested out any other races). Also, in regards to doing tutorials on other mods, I would say to go based off of other people’s requests, but only if you have time and it does not hinder your ability do do other things in a major way. Just do what you have the time to do, and only if it is majorly requested.

  2. option c. welcome our new players with open arms and show them the ropes :v
    though, i am not picky. i mostly play by myself on creative mode and i experiment what can and can’t be done currently.

  3. DF28 says:

    Option C would be best in my opinion.

  4. YiayiasBoy says:

    I would honestly go with option C. It would take a lot of time to produce, but the ending effect of how much it would help, would be so great it would outweigh the time that it takes to create it.

  5. FranticEcho says:

    I think option B is the best option for new players. You don’t want to overwhelm them. this mod definitely has a lot of features and exposing them all to new players would just overwhelm them. Just give them an introduction to the mod and some other features (like transformations and other world and the other things you said) and then let them explore everything else for themselves. This way they can get to know everything at their own get more comfortable with all the feautures at their own pace and they won’t feel overwhelmed.

  6. mintrer says:

    First of all, great, new devblog!
    Second, option B would be the best, in my opinion anyway. Tutorials aren’t supposed to take like 20 minutes to finish. It is very annoying when games do that. And if you choose to make an in-depth tutorial, well… DBC has just too many features. If they want an in-depth tutorial they should visit the DBC wiki (Wait… there isn’t one, but whatever), or jingames, or something similar to that.

  7. skyling says:

    I would preffer option C.
    Also I want to talk about language..
    I am proud to say that I am an old dbc player. (I played since the ki bar experience and hairs as tools was added).
    Obviously back some years, I didn’t know how to speak english correctly. (And let’s be honest even in my actual estate I have some flaws).
    So it was hard for me to understand the mod.
    Not only that but the mod was kinda confusing in general for me.

    So yeah…. A tutorial would help a bunch. And even though that I am an old player, sometimes I don’t renember what race has better ki control, damage, etc..
    Also a tutorial would help me alot too.. So I don’t need to explain new players or friend how dbc works XD.

  8. kev_spyro says:

    I think everyone goes for C and that is exactly what i do too 😀
    because someone who likes minecraft and finds out about the mod because he also likes dbc (or Nc or something else) then he has no knowledge about how it works and gets a perfect explanation of how the mod works and maybe give the new player like a starter quest like the story just with Goku maybe to teach how to fight but thats only a idea (i mean like a tutorial fight)

  9. AkaSora says:

    Option C
    But why not a gui where players can decide what they want to learn about in the beginning and what to learn later? The players could ignore it and play without it and only going to it when they are unsure of something or read the entire thing at once.

  10. Hirolka says:

    Option B is for the best, I remember when I first started out playing DBC, what I needed to know were the controls, what things did, and how to actually play.

    People who actually are brand new to the mod won’t have time to be bothered by what race can they min-max hardest with and how to craft anything that a crafting mod can tell them, they’ll be more worried about why they can’t do anything until they do enough trial and error with the controls.

    If this guide really is for new players then give them a good and clean tutorial on how to play without slogging them down with more technical aspects, stuff like race differences and the config are pretty well explained by Jin himself, so if they’re that devoted to getting in-depth then they’ll be set.

    But for the kid who just downloaded DBC so they can play as a Saiyan and beat up things with their bare hands, all they’ll need to know about is how to actually start playing the mod.

  11. KingXaldin says:

    Option 3 probably would be the Best

  12. teingoto says:

    option c would be the best as people would be able to have a quick way to get to detailed information as they play the mod you could just have a section in it explaining the basics and go in depth as the post goes on of course also inform them that if they play multiplayer the boosts and racial difference may be different for each server

  13. InfernousX19 says:

    Personally I would go for Option C so that no one would miss any important parts of the mod.

  14. Sup3RToM says:

    Option C is better !

  15. Option c so people realize that Namekians are master race

  16. Say My Name says:

    Option C, actually it’s way better to explain everything, DBC is pretty technical

  17. João Felipe says:

    I choose the option c because I have a lot of doubts in these mods dbc, nc and others and I am very fam of these mods and wanted to learn more !!

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