Funday Friday – God Ki

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So I wanted to do one big mega post, but I decided against it because it would be too confusing, with too many topics to keep track of in the comments, so instead, we will just do one of the three things I had planned (God Ki, reworked ki, and race balancing) each friday. (Or Saturday considering I went out to play Pokemon Go at 10:00 and didn’t finish this in time.

I am a God!

So probably the part that most people will read and the main topic of discussion before I am killed the pitchfork mob arrives at my house after I speak about race balancing: God Ki. So to start, let’s get right down into it: What will God Ki do in Dragon Block C? (Side note: A lot of this stuff is finalized plans between me and Jin, I will point out when something is just an idea) 


To begin, once a player enters “God Ki” levels, their maximum stats will be doubled (as is the cost to upgrade a stat). You need to have all of your stats at the maximum set by the config. There are a few different ways to achieve God Ki, and some races apply it a bit differently than others. When you get God ki, increasing your stats becomes far harder, but increasing an attribute adds a larger number (Not just one to a stat, but say, if the maximum was 10,000, it would add 25 until you got 20,000 in the stat which is nearly impossible to do legitimately.) However your newfound god power can not be used without powering up of course. No, don’t worry, only Saiyans and Half-Saiyans (Probably Arcosians) need to transform to access it, but you remember how the “Unlocked Potential” used to put you at 200% instead of 100%? Yeah. That’s what God ki will be like.

God ki is a learnable skill, and it takes up several skill slots (again, it may be determined by the maximum possible stat). (A few ideas of mine are implemented to the system past this point) So the first question you probably ask is: What if I don’t have Potential unleashed and I can’t get to 100% normally? God ki, at the maximum trained skill, only allows you another 100% of your max. So this means without Potential Unleashed, you can only access your full power, and 50% of your god ki for a grand total of 150%. Another question may be: “What does it cost to have this active?” For those who don’t have to transform, there is no cost to keeping your percentage at God ki. Oh, and before I forget! If you have the God ki skill, your ki cannot be sensed using the ki sense skill, nor scouters.

Jin and I both desire God ki to be a rare thing. God’s are not going to be everywhere, nor should they be. Those who achieve God Ki should be far and few in between. As such, the cost to even just unlock God ki will be insane, and it will take a lot of time and effort to get it. (Ideas end here)

Transforming for God Ki:

So Saiyans won’t get the buff that everyone else does, and Arcosians probably won’t. Instead, Saiyans will have to transform to achieve the   power. God Ki will be an activateable skill, meaning that you can switch it on and off, just like kaioken. This will switch Saiyan and Half-Saiyan transformations from Super Saiyan into Super Saiyan God (1 and 2), and for Arcosians, it would activate their custom “Ultimate form” (Golden form, but Arcosians will likely be able to customize its colors to look how they want). The bonus is basically the same as the other races, being that you can access your newly found power, but the upside is that you will attain it far faster than other races since you are transforming, and they must power up. There would need to be a slow ki drain, probably roughly a bit more than super Saiyan.

Final tidbits

Everyone can buy the God Ki skill from Whis (if he is added) or the Kais for good and neutral players (Not sure what NPC for Evil if there is no Whis). Saiyans will have to get Super Saiyan god, although exactly how they will get it I am unsure of how Saiyans will get them. Jin suggests through NPC’s, or perhaps the Dragon Balls, but it is still largely in question. Without the God Ki skill, you cannot access your power, so if you remove it, you can not access the power. You can still train your maximum stats normally, but it will be a very slow increase without God ki, simply because you only increase one stat at a time, as compared to God’s raising 25 at a time. This essentially means that if you train your base stats, then take God ki, it can reduce the need to spend time upgrading the god ki max stat, because you will already be closer to your god ki. You may think “Oh, why take God ki if I can just train myself. It will only take a bit longer, right?” Wrong. We are talking the cost being in the billions of tp near the endgame. something most people won’t take the time to work for. God ki, while having it’s downsides, will probably be the road people pick.

God ki cost is entirely determined on the server max. It wouldn’t be fair for it to cost the same to double 500 vs 10000.


Next week I will talk about ki rebalancing in detail using community suggestions as a backing, and after that there will be Race balance talk.

For the 2% of you that actually read my Dragon Ball Fan Book, I am looking to release Chapter 5 within the next two weeks.

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The Interdimensional World Martial Arts Tournament has been cancelled. I asked Jin many times to help me fix the server, but he simply hasn’t replied. The server is broken and I can’t seem to get him to even talk about it in response. He has got a lot of things to work on now, so I won’t pester him about it. The tournament is officially off until further noticed.

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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102 Responses to Funday Friday – God Ki

  1. Sindiekate says:

    I over all like the idea of god ki, but I know you guys want it to be rare so he’s an idea. Instead of making it “You have to be maxed to use god ki” you should have to reach a certain level, like maybe level 5k for access god ki?

  2. Sindiekate says:

    *access to god ki

  3. Paban says:

    Achieving god ki seems like an impossible thing.
    I hope the new training system will make it easier, or atleast more fun to do.

  4. Well, seems to be that I’m the first poster here, coolio.

    Now, this seems neat, but not many people will want to do repetitive training to unlock what: get more out of repetitive training.
    The entire god ki thing is cool, but you shouldn’t have to bore yourself to death to just have somewhat faster training.

    The training system as of now:

    But really, weights shouldn’t have a cap on %, that ruins the point of higher weights. (110% weights should give 100% chance for tp, and 10% chance for more tp.)

    I understand current versions of the mod are basically beta, not really fully finished, but at least don’t have all the ways of training get repetitive after you finish the saga once.

  5. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Weights should kill you if the weights are too heavy, to stop people from cheating the system

  6. lickutung34 says:

    @Harpor maybe it could be toggled in the config to do so. any way love the idea for god ki in a whole. this will also make human, and nemekians, pretty sure i butchered the name… again, able to fight against other more powerful races such as saiyans and arcosians as well as majins and bio androids in the future.

  7. lickutung34 says:

    and yes I think that it will just be those two in the future. No kai race no demon race, and no ogre race. Sorry just dont see that happening hell we may not even see those, which I will be sad about no cell race or majin race. But I do have ideas for those guys. I may post it in the forums at some point.

  8. Skeptical says:

    Humans and Namekians shouldn’t be anywhere at least ssj2. They have limitations, logically they just can’t go above, even though human race is purely a waste. What would you wanna be if you picked human race, krillin? Please. Human race have no transformation (proper one at least), They have low limitations, and they are not badass. That’s my opinion on it.

  9. Skeptical says:

    Human race has no transformation*

  10. SSGokufour says:

    I can’t wait for this to be implemented. Sadlt, it will most likely be a while.

  11. Hirolka says:

    Man, it’s a sad day when Jin won’t even help his own events out.
    I mean at this point the issues are being homegrown as we speak.

  12. Khalil says:

    Add mystic and mystical god form FOR HOOMANS!!!!!!!!! that will fix it 😀 (ONLY FOR HOOMANS)

    Make it to be stronger than other god forms so we hoomans can rule over those monkeys >3>

  13. Harpor(Hp) says:

    None of the playable races have limitations. Brony, humans train slower but they have access to extremely powerful moves. For example, destructo disc and kamehameha, even Wolf fang Fist is pretty good too,if a human trained just as hard as a saiyan, they would probably unlock new tactics similar to KaioKen and have transformations of their own.

  14. Skeptical says:

    I am a really high extreme saiyan fan, and I don’t like to see humans be as strong as them, since they are humans. By the way, mystic form is just for Gohan that has high potential, only him.

  15. Skeptical says:

    I think that krillin trained as hard as goku did, and yet he was far inferior to him.

  16. Mmm 10K?
    Its too much D:
    And hardcore to get 10000 all
    We need to train to the death to get The God Ki

  17. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Brony, krillin did not train nearly as hard as goku did, they even state it multiple times. And if you want it to be super canon then expect arcosian’s to completely destroy Saiyans, and the as I transformations nearly impossible to achieve.

  18. Skeptical says:

    Freeza is the only arcosian that inherated golden form and his potential. And still, human race is not exactly a warrior race, and they start off as a weak and fragile race, they can’t even fly, dude.

  19. Hirolka says:

    A good example of what Humans can do is Tien, who trained his entire life and was able to accomplish feats like being able to stunlock Semi-Perfect Cell and dodge Super Buu’s attack that nearly rendered Humanity extinct.

    However despite him training during and in between every saga, he’s either ineffective or powerless to make a difference.

    Now there are two ways to look at it.

    First, is that Humans just can’t compare to the other races, machines, or aliens they encounter.
    It’s easy to reach this assumption based on how nearly every major fighter is either a Saiyan or defeated by a Saiyan, and even the fandom constantly makes jokes at Yamcha and Krillin’s expense, despite being some of the strongest Humans on Earth.

    However the second way to think of it, is that they just don’t have the opportunities that the Saiyans did.

    First is that Planet Vegeta naturally had x10 gravity, something that naturally made them stronger.

    Second is that during the Z-Fighter’s training with Kami, they had to make due with the kind of training that got Goku to the point that he could fight Piccolo Jr, which barely got the two of them past Raditz.
    During this time Goku was not only training in a much harsher environment, but he was being taught with the undivided attention of an incredible martial artist.
    Compare that to the training that the Z-Fighters received, which although was stated to be tougher than what Goku received, was still just them receiving a hand-me-down power up from last season.

    During the rest of the series, Tien has just been training by himself for a long time while Goku and Vegeta had access to things like Gravity Chambers, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and in Goku’s case, a personal trainer who has nothing to but help him get stronger.

    This isn’t saying that Goku hasn’t put his all into his training, but he has had more opportunities to get more out of it.

  20. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Brony, all arcosian’s can make forms to fit their individual fighting style, which works better than as i, this is called super form, however if an arcosian trains extremely hard, as hard as goku did they would be able to unlock ultimate evolution that surpasses ssb and ssg. Just because an arcosian isint a mutant and train super fast they are still the strongest race for many reasons.

    1. They literally have armor on their body as compared to Saiyans who only have skin protecting them.

    2. They can make transformations that fit their individual fighting style as compared so Super Saiyan which just boosts all of your power by a certain amount.

    3. They have been shown to have a extremely big Ki pool, that surpasses that of namekian.

    Do I really need to explain more?

    P.S I said this in the last post but advanced humans will probably be able to make their own power boosts, like KaioKen. Since its just a change in aura.

  21. mahutin paul says:

    Will the God Transformations for Saiyans be Super Saiyan God (Red) or will it be Super Saiyan Blue? This sounds like a good system for Super Saiyan Blue transformation, but for Red I believe the God Ki Ritual should be implemented. The ritual will give one player:

    1) The Power of a God for about 5 minutes, (about 70% of SSJB)
    2) After 5 minutes they will get about half the power of a SSJG for an extra minute or so.
    3) The Side effect will kick in after this and they will lose all access to ki for about 10 minutes after that.
    4) The ritual will not be able to be used for another 3 hours irl. (Could be longer or changed in the config).
    5) The ritual can only be used if you have maxed your Transformations and gotten about half of the max stats for each attribute.

    These condition are meant so you can taste the power of a God without having to go through the extensive training. Also so that it is only temporary, it gives you a bad side affect after it’s use, and you won’t be able to abuse it especially with the conditions I laid out.

    Hope you all like this idea, please give me feed back on this.

  22. All I hear on this thread is “Balance this” or “make training easier”

    At one point Jin said it wouldn’t make canonical sense to add more races. To that I retort, “It doesn’t make canonical sense to HAVE a custom character” and “It doesn’t canonical sense for humans to stand a chance against any of the other races”

    To sum up the above if your complaining about more races being non-canon, why do you want the races to be balanced.

    Also to those complaining about training, Goku didn’t get stronger by complaining to a creator. He didn’t whine about anything being “too hard”. He had to suffer through far more grinding than we ever did.

  23. Replace “Thread” with almost every other comment section on the devblog

  24. mahutin paul says:

    It’s not that Training is “Too Hard”, it is that it has become Dull, Mundane, and Repetitive. We should be allowed to ask for a more intuitive, a more interactive, a more enjoyable way of Training. If Goku had to sit down and click a button to get stronger, I’m sure he would even bother.

    That aside, I think we should just throw the Canon completely out of the window. It adds too many roadblocks to progress. Jin should just make what’s best for the Mod.

  25. Hirolka says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, the Dinosaur Punching arc was great.

  26. Crimson says:

    Woo, I knew this was going to cause quite a bit of controversy. It’s good to see so many differing opinions on this, but try not to get hostile here guys. I don’t want the devblog comments to devolve into insults like some of the other comment sections.

  27. Hirolka says:

    Are you saying that we’re insulting each other?
    That’s pretty insulting, you know.

    We’re trying to have a fun time here and when you come in and start insulting us, it just brings down the whole mood.

  28. Sindiekate says:

    Ofc people shit on humans, people just jelly of how OP humans are. The saiyans, nameks, and acrosians can’t compare to the awesomeness that is humans. Fr tho. Humans are an awesome race. Namekians have some neeto abilities, I don’t personally care for them. Acrosians forms ain’t my thing. And saiyans….pls no.

  29. FlamesWrath says:

    SSJG is amazing. I cant wait for that transformation.

  30. Skeptical says:

    Lol, before I am planning on going to this site I am highly worried, the feeling stunns my body and my mind, in pure fear I am shacking while entering the site. The fear of that someone has some reason of disagreeing and insulting me because of my own opinion.

  31. Skeptical says:

    Harpor, how about huge ton of hard trained muscles around their body that arcosians don’t have? By the way, ki protects them, so armor doesn’t matter. You are a fan of arcosians as I see, so that obviously proves that you are gonna go against saiyans and other races. I personally find nothing cool or badass about arcosians.

  32. Aohi says:

    Few things. Some people are trying to make the mod cannon by making every other race besides Saiyan weak. Lol what. Its a game. Not every single game has to follow canon. And another thing. God ki shouldnt come out for a long time because of these reasons.
    1. Training needs to be fixed.
    2. Balance races first. If this doesnt happen God ki will make shit more broken.
    3. I might have read this wrong. But apparently You can only access god ki if in a transformation if you’re a Half Saiyan, Saiyan, or Acro. I dont like that idea to be honest. God ki was a thing that made you stronger in general. Goku showed that in Super and the Battle of God movie.
    Other then that. Pretty good idea

  33. Z_Swordsman says:

    A question for Crimson. I understand the need in offsetting the usefullness of God Ki with a difficulty of attaining it, so reaching max stats and insanely high price are reasonable enough. But considering it’s practically impossible to reach stat cap in less than a month of pure gametime (it seems), I don’t understand why you would nerf God Ki users with taking several skill slots away from them. So, why do this if God Ki is going to be so hard to reach that hardly anyone will accomplish it? Or is it not hard enough then?

  34. Skeptical says:

    Does anyone know if Training Update coming anytime soon? It was promised to be like two weeks ago, or years ago (to the older one)

  35. Xach says:

    Aohi is right. You see, god ki itself is a transformation. When goku first experienced god ki, he was considered as a different form called super saiyan god (it should be called saiyan god because he wasn’t in ssj at the time of getting god ki). Remember that this transformation happened when goku was in his base/regular form. By that logic, any race that accesses god ki in their natural born form should actually transform.

    As for the race balancing.

    1.This is not db, dbz, or dbs. This is a fan mod. If Jin wanted to add unicorns(please dont) he could because this is based off of the series, it Isn’t a part of the series. Nothing actually HAS TO BE accurate. If things were as accurate as they should be, only one saiyan should have ssj every 1000 years. Then Arcosians should only be strong if they are mutants. Humans would realistically be the strongest unless some miraculous ssj or mutant was born. So eat it nerds taking about races needing to be unbalanced.

    2.Games are supposed to be balanced. Otherwise it would lose all fun and people would stop playing it…period. It is one of the amendments of game making imo.

  36. Xach says:

    Actually I forgot that namekians would be the strongest. Isnt their gravity greater than earths?


  37. Skeptical says:

    I don’t play the mod at all anymore lol, because I already know that the saga will end when my stats are like 60

  38. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Brony everything you just said, arcosians can do it aswell lol. They also have trained muscles, and they can use ki. I really dont see your point. Also, btw I’m not trying to insult you m8.

  39. Skeptical says:

    Oh, lol. I took your entire article as a huge insult because I thought that you wanted to insult me with hate since I don’t like other races besides Saiyans

  40. Skeptical says:

    What about the Update? It’s a full week after the training update was supposed to be happening, or even two weeks.

  41. Plagearon says:

    The update is being delayed because of some things in Jin’s life that he has to deal with. It was mentioned that he will probably need to sort those things out before he even gets an accurate plan for when things are going to be added. Jin is just dealing with some things right now, and he needs time to sort it out. This mod can’t be Jin’s entire life, he has other things to do and needs to sort them out too. The update will come, so don’t worry about it man.


  42. Khalil says:

    Any one remembers the IDWMA? >_>

  43. Skeptical says:

    ^^ Did I ever fucking mention that it was his entire life?! I didn’t. I just fucking asked if anyone fucking knows if there is gonna be a fucking update any fucking time fucking soon

  44. FranticEcho says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to become a god!

  45. Skeptical says:

    ^^ I just hate when someone accuses me of something that I didn’t do.

  46. Skeptical says:

    that I didn’t do or didn’t say*

  47. CryoTheMayo says:

    If the game was canon, Arcosians would be naturally over 100 million BP wise and would be capable of becoming Gods in like 4 minecraft months (40 IRL hours) Humans would be limited to the hundreds thousands, millions at most and Saiyans would pull a new transformation out of their asshole every arc or so,

    Namekians would be Humans but a hundred or a thousand times stronger after using fusion and would be limited to around that power.

  48. honestly the anime goes out of its way (at least in z.) to convince us that humans are the SINGLE weakest race in existance, with even the strongest humans can only do average against the villain of the saga at BEST.
    personally, i want some balance for humans, but they should still be on the low-end in terms of playable races. i mean, the point of this mod is to play as anything BUT humans. i feel like in dragon ball being human is a handicap and not a strength. human players can YES get god ki, and they should, but they should be for expert players only… the players who wanna challenge themselves. likewise, the saiyans are the easy mode of the mod. because they are NATURAL fighters. however, humans DO need some form of advantage over saiyans,

  49. Skeptical says:

    Nicely done, Jin, you uploaded a version of a mod , added goku black as an NPC and then instantly deleted that download, not to mention that you have added golden frieza and a bit more. Nicely Done.

  50. mahutin paul says:

    Weird thing is I hear complaints about canon for this mod, but never for Xenoverse. Xenoverse has more races and features than this mod, and they managed to balance out all of the races. Balacing is ki (get it Ki?) and it is far more important to have a fun, balanced mod, than to follow Dragon Ball’s messed up canon.

  51. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Brony, really?

    Do you have proof

  52. Skeptical says:

    ^ Yes, how do I upload screenshots?

  53. Skeptical says:

    Actually the better question would be, how do I screenshot at all?

  54. Skeptical says:

    Actually, all he added is golden frieza and black goku.

  55. Harpor(Hp) says:

    You will have to make it in a real post not the comment section. And this post will teach you how to post images.

  56. Harpor(Hp) says:

    This was made by user CoolerThanYou

    Since it seems as though a lot of people here are having problems with attaching an image to their comment, I’ll explain it’s done so that everyone can get the most out of their replies.

    Firstly, you’ll want to upload your picture to Imgur.
    This can be done by visiting the website and clicking “Upload Images” at the top, and either selecting it from your computer (If you have it saved) or imputing the image URL (By right clicking the picture and selecting “Copy” in Internet Explorer or “Copy Image Location” in Firefox).

    Once you have the picture uploaded to Imgur, you’ll once again want to have the image URL copied to your clipboard so that you can attach it to your comment.

    Next, you’ll want to click the img button that you can see at the top of your reply.

    What a horrible night for an explanation.

    Then you’ll be prompted to paste the image URL of your Imgur picture, and then type a description of the picture (You don’t have to, I’ll admit that as nice of a person that I am that I don’t even create an honest description)

    Then the textile code will be added to your comment, but to make sure it fits in properly and doesn’t conflict with your text be sure to use line breaks.

    Now that you know how to use pictures (Or .gifs if that’s what you prefer) feel free to practice on this very topic!

    P.s make an official post, not in the comment section. It won’t work here.

  57. question
    how does the transformation for acros and saiyans work?
    do the transformations just unlock the god ki power or do you unlock that power by turning on god ki and transforming further boosts this power?

  58. Xach says:

    Brony is triggered for no reason XD

  59. BluJ says:

    tbh i think that humans train really quickly. for example when goku trained at kami’s lookout, he had enough power to beat piccolo jr. but when the humans trained at the lookout, one of them had enough power to beat raditz (except for one of them…) then, when goku trained at king kai’s place, he had enough power to beat nappa. but when the humans trained at king kai’s place, they had enough power to beat the ginyu force, AND they trained at king kai’s place for a much shorter time than goku did. its only really when super saiyan came around that things got crazy

  60. mintrer says:

    @BluJ actually, yamcha beat dat saibamen legit, it was just the explosion that got him, and tien and krillin could easily beat raditz so 2 h00mans.
    Now, I don’t really CARE about god ki. All I care is, attributes (balance and stuff.), The balance between a fights length excitement and tensity, how good the story line is (not the story but the mobs AI stats etc.) and … I guess making skills better? (not stronger xD) including transformations.
    TBH, the mods state atm is unplayable in singleplayer (unless u a nurd), OK but unbalanced in servers, but has that charm. That charm… So yeh, some tweaks need to be considered here and there. But I think the mod’s going on the right road (not rly, I don’t want this to become a server/multiplayer only mod xD)

  61. mahutin paul says:

    I totally agree Mintrer. As long as everyhting is balanced, fair, effective, and long lasting fun, that’s all i care about.

  62. Skeptical says:

    All I currently want is flying without slowly flying down, and I want enemies to GOD DAMN FIGHT PROPERLY.

  63. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Why are you ayour asking for shit brony when it happened you were laughing dead in your tracks.

    Not to mention that you said you hired those people, or was that a joke?

  64. Skeptical says:

    Lol, how can I laugh dead? Even if it’s a metaphore, it’s still illogical. Now I was laughing on how much he did, all he did is changed the font and added a post.

  65. brony its a saying and not a metaphor

  66. Plagearon says:

    BronyGamer4447 I did not accuse you of anything, if you take a look at my comment, I did not once accuse you of anything, I was just answering your question. Please calm down and read before you post, or else you are gonna make things bad for yourself. I don’t know why you seem to be TRIGGERED all of a sudden, but please keep your rage to yourself. Raging at people online because of a personal issue is just gonna make people dislike you, you need to talk about your problems and try to find a way to resolve them peacefully, not take it out on undeserving people.

    Now, just to make sure that you don’t get more TRIGGERED from this post, this is just me saying that you aren’t resolving your problems the right way, and NOT me saying that you are bad or in any way ‘cancer’ as people may call it, I am simply voicing the correct solution for your anger.

    BronyGamer4447, I am sure that you are a great person at heart, but I just think you are dealing with certain things the wrong way. Honestly I don’t think anyone ‘hates’ you, but please just try a little harder to do the right thing.

  67. BronyGamer447, you are aware that if you wanted this entire mod to be 100% canon all Arcosians would fucking destroy Saiyans, right? Frieza, King Cold, and even Cooler (I am aware he is not canon but just hear me out here) were BORN with that power. And with Frieza training even just 3 months he managed to go from a powerlevel of 120 million to LITERALLY THE STRENGTH OF GODS.

  68. honestly before jin adds god ki i kinda want non god-ki (and non-gt) related transformations, namely great apes and great nameks. i think crim should explain how these work, their size, and if for great apes there will be a way to access this form at will (for instance, selecting the great ape skill and transforming will create a power ball for some ki drain)
    i say this because, quite frankly, they are a huge part of saiyan and namek biology.

  69. CryoTheMayo says:

    The funny thing is that if the mod was canon based then Saiyans would be the 2nd weakest race, Frieza > Namekians (Even at their weakest they have warriors stronger their Nappa and Nail would crush King Vegeta and go toe to toe with most of the Ginyu Force) > Saiyans (Their general has a power level of 4000 and it’s heavily implied that King Vegeta is weaker then Kid Vegeta, in a warrior based society that tells me that King Vegeta is among the top 5 strongest Saiyans) > Humans (The typical human is weaker then start of DB Goku) and even then the Humans in Dragon Ball who have trained their whole lives surpass most of the Saiyan race in power,

    Even if we go by pure potential it’s Frieza > Saiyans > Namekians > Humans with Friezas being so far ahead that its not even funny anymore.

    If you want it to be made more obvious, Frieza 1st Form > 4th Form 100% is a 228 x multiplier,. over double the power of a Super Saiyan 2, if Frieza trained his 1st form to be equal with Base Namek Goku his 4th Form power would of been over 600 million then you have to consider 5th form is at least a 4 x multiplier and he could arguably beat or match Super Perfect Cell then factor in Golden Form and it just gets insane.

    Even without Frieza being a mutant a typical Arcosian who has the drive to train like a Saiyan would arguably be far stronger then any Saiyan and one could even argue that the only reason Goku is so strong is that he has the Dragon Balls to cover his ass and Vegeta is a straight up Saiyan mutant, the Half-Saiyans don’t count and Broly is non-canon but even if we count him he is still a unstable as hell mutant that would of eventually killed himself with ki overload.

    Oh yeah and to rub the salt in further, Frieza achieved a power surpassing that of Super Saiyan God BY HIMSELF in FOUR months where as Goku and Vegeta trained their entire lives and have been mentored by the strongest being in the entire universe.

  70. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Oh yeah and to rub the salt in further, Frieza achieved a power surpassing that of Super Saiyan God BY HIMSELF in FOUR months where as Goku and Vegeta trained their entire lives and have been mentored by the strongest being in the entire universe.

    I really needed that TopKek

  71. BluJ says:

    what is this, 4chan?

  72. harpor while INITIALLY that may seem like that saiyans are weakest, remember: frieza was still afraid of their growing power and that at least ONE of them would become a super saiyan.
    in terms of base fighting power namekians are indeed stronger, but their potential growth if pushed far enough through serious training can and did wield results.
    my theory is that the saiyans were proud of their natural strength thus rarely needed to train as their great ape forms were more than capable of dealing with major threats. but if goku and vegeta can both train enough to become stronger than even frieza was at the time goku and frieza both fought….
    just think. an army of gokus and vegetas. all super saiyans. even one would pose a threat to you. in terms of base power, yeah, saiyans are the second weakest race in the series, but in terms of potential growth they rival frieza.

  73. Xach says:

    So what if someone who was vegetas strength in the saiyan saga went super saiyan. They would still be weaker than third form freiza.
    What is garbage times 50? Still garbage.

  74. Harpor(Hp) says:

    but their potential growth if pushed far enough through serious training can and did wield results.

    my theory is that the Arcosians were proud of their natural strength thus rarely needed to train as their reverse forms were more than capable of dealing with major threats.

    just think. an army of friezas and coolers. 5th form. even one would pose a threat to you.

    All of the statements you stated also apply to arcosians

  75. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Its been a long time, without your posts, my friend, and I’ll tell you all about them when I see them again
    We’ve come a long way, from when your posts began. Oh, I’ll tell you all about them when I see them again.

    How can we not talk about Devblogs, When Devblogs are all that we got.

  76. i think humans had gotten ay stronger than goku did through king kais training is bc goku had already experienced 10x when he was a baby and his parents wrre used to it so he inherited it

    (just a theory iam not saiyan dat saiyans train at the same r8 as humans guess u right bout humans trainin fastah bluj)

  77. FlamesWrath says:

    A better question is how hard can it be to give birth with 10x gravity? Especially for a baby.

  78. FranticEcho says:

    When’s the next devblog? xD

  79. mintrer says:

    @bronygamer4447 with that you meant WHEN will you die or the next devblog will get published WHEN you’ll die, cuz im confused xD

    @Harpor That song HAS to happen mate

    Crim bb give us dem devblogs

  80. Crimson says:

    I still don’t have perms for the devblog XD. Jin keeps giving me the wrong perms on accident. Besides, I am more focused on working on the next update.

  81. Nox says:

    I know you are working hard, but u suck!

  82. mintrer says:

    Some people will be so TRIGGERED with nox’s comment its not even funny.

  83. Harpor(Hp) says:



    ~NoX OuT

  84. FlamesWrath says:

    Eh could be worse. Could be Nox.

  85. mintrer says:

    The comment could had been even worse, it could had “Nox out” in the end. xD

  86. Plagearon says:

    Its ok Crimson, nobody is holding anything against you! You did an awesome job on the otherworld BTW! 😉

  87. mintrer says:

    Wot? Naw. Crim needs to crucify hemself > : ( y we no get ssg );

  88. TravelerSoul says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, mintrer’s comment wasn’t to be taken seriously. On another note, I can finally comment on the dev blog and home page! Hallelujah!

  89. FranticEcho says:

    TravelerSoul why couldn’t you comment? xD

  90. FranticEcho says:

    Also Crimson. Amazing job on Otherworld! I kind of feel like I’m actually in a some sort of demon world now instead of just a barren wasteland

  91. mintrer says:

    Mate mate, fran mate…
    Wastelands are demon worlds. (stream refferences ftw)

  92. TravelerSoul says:

    I didn’t have Internet, so I had to use data. If I used data, then it’s spam filter wouldn’t allow me to comment. It’s been like that for quite some time.

  93. Khalil says:


  94. TravelerSoul says:

    Give it a week. If there’s still no post, reread this comment.

  95. mintrer says:

    Trav, i read your comment like 4 times in a row xD
    Khal, i feel the pain, kek

  96. TravelerSoul says:

    But… I posted that yesterday…. Trunks?

  97. Xach says:

    100th comment. GG

    When is the next devblog post? ;-;

  98. jingames ¿porque no pones primero el modo dios luego el super sayan dios? y por cierto ¿cuando es el próximo post DeBlog?

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