Funday Friday – Combat Revamp!

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A post a long time in the making, combat is hard to talk about. There are a million ways we can do combat, and I know not everyone will like my system, but I did my best. I really tried to put an emphasis on Skill over Luck. If possible, I don’t want Jin to add ANY RNG elements to PVP. Some of us are just unlucky. First, let’s talk about a few things that can make PVP as is now a bit more fun before we get into the really crazy stuff.


Movement Updates/Revamps

Moving in DBC is fun. Swooping is fluid and fun, moon jumping feels great, but as far as combat goes, neither of these are really effective. Swooping saps stamina faster than straight punching does and gives you absolutely no benefits because when you lock in on someone you can’t use swoop to escape that far, and once you are out of stamina it takes far too long to regenerate, making swooping useless for combat.

Jumping is very controllable so it doesn’t really need too much of a revamp. If anything it should stay how it is, but a little suggestion I have would be to drain ki based on height of the jump,, but that’s a rather complicated code for a small action so it most likely will stay how it is.

Wall Jumping sounds a bit silly at first, but it would make fights in close quarters a bit more 3D. The idea isn’t complicated either. Once the players entire model is next to two solid blocks, their jump gets reset, and it allows them to jump again. It’s not super cool but tournament and fighting rings could become a bit more complicated and allow for more maneuverability.

How cool is that!

Ki Wave Knockback 
Ki Waves are incredibly powerful in the mod.  Getting someone trapped inside of one can do hefty damage. It drains a lot of ki, yes. What if they could have another purpose however? A dense ki wave should push the casting player back a bit. On this note, players shouldn’t be able to move away from their waves cast point and let the attack continue to hurt the opponent. Anyway, the main point is that a dense ki wave can knock back the caster. This can be used to gain height, to dodge attacks, to increased movement speed, the smarter people can use it in a fight to give themselves a break or punish enemies who jump incredibly high to avoid damage. This effect would replace explosion, where instead of exploding, the attack can push the user back.


Turbo Revamp
In the mod there is pretty much no reason not to use Turbo. It has little ki drain, and can nearly doubles your movement speed. Everyone loves it as it is, so I won’t break it, but I believe a bit more ki should be sapped from the user. This isn’t the most popular idea, but it would make people use normal speed a bit more and save turbo for fights or long distance runs. Perhaps activating turbo can activate a long distance swooping fly? More below.

Related image

Notice how Gohan and Krillin did this all over Namek without having to take a 3 minute break every 10 seconds?

Swooping Revamp
The one I have tried time and time again to get Jin to change. Swooping, when it first came out, was loved by everyone, then immediately hated once they saw the cost. Yes, you can change your flying to be a mode similar to swooping, but its slow. Swooping should feel like the show, crossing great distances. People want to be able to do this, and I want to be able to do this. I am not saying Swooping should be completely free because this would eliminate the usefulness of normal flying. I am just saying the stamina drain should be less, or perhaps a toggle. A full swoop drains more stamina,  but say a travel swoop would be like what we see in the show. It’s fast, but not as fast as full swoop, and still gives that awesome aura effect. As I said in the Turbo section, perhaps turning on turbo with regular fly gives you this kind of swooping speed bonus?



Dash Revamp
I don’t know about you guys but I have a hard time pulling off dash. That’s when I even choose to take the skill at all over the ever useful fly and potential unlock. Dash is really just a stamina sucking way to move. It’s not that great, but I think, instead of reducing stamina cost, it could be instead changed so that it actually gives you those little dash lines. Afterimage, essentially. This can be used to break an opponents lock on and allow you to reposition yourself while they can’t see you. This would make that stamina cost worth it.




Lock-On isn’t the most popular technique (and not really even a movement technique but it affects the rest of the things in the category). In PVP it removes any sort of need to practice tracking your opponent, but I don’t think it should be all out removed, I think that perhaps it should be something used momentarily in fights to give the user more guaranteed hits and allow their mind to focus on other tasks like dodging. Lock-On should drain Stamina or Ki passively. Players should be discouraged for keeping it on for long periods of times, And the targeting should move slower so that players who use swoop in close quarters actually break away from the lock-on a bit, and have an advantage. If anything, a config to turn it off entirely should also be added.


Techniques, the 9th Ki Slot

This has been an idea of mine for a while! In the game, there are 8 slots for ki. 4 custom, 4 learned from npcs. What if there was a 9th for special techniques? The premise is that these techniques aren’t just entirely offensive but can be used in a variety of ways.


Instant Transmission
Everyone wants Instant Transmission. It’s a signature move of Goku’s, and it’s just plain awesome. This move would be used much like dash, but with more controllable destinations. By Right clicking you charge the technique. At full, you teleport to the block your cursor lay on (meaning you could accidentally ring yourself out in tournaments if you spam this). There could also be a version where every time you do CTRL + 9 to select Instant transmission, you are transmitted to your target location, but your previous ki attack remains selected. This means you can instant transmission to use ki attacks at close quarters. If however, we use the charging idea, I would have it used so when you overcharge, you get a small GUI that lets you teleport to any build found in the DBC location command. However, this is a combat idea post, so CTRL + 9 to teleport and launch ki attacks seems more appropriate, don’t you think?

Healing is a team related ability. When used, you can restore the health of a friend at the cost of your ki. When hit with the ki wave their health would go up instead of down. Useful for teamfights. A possible self-heal variant could be available for Namekians where they heal a portion of health after fully charging the technique.

Image result for Solar flare dbzSolar Flare
I could have sworn this move was in the mod, but I couldn’t find it whilst I was double-checking on my single-player world. Either way, I think it would be better as a technique like this. You might ask why you would have Solar Flare instead of Instant Transmission or Healing? Well the answer is rather straightforward. Solar Flare offers a more offensive option. It blinds your opponents, breaks lock-on, prevents lock on from being used whilst blinded, and can be used on multiple people at once. If overcharged, you get Solar Flare x100, which blinds for far longer. When blinded the entire screen turns white, and will either fade the white out, or have a countdown til you can see again.

Power Ball?
Power ball could be moved to this slot in order to clear up space for more learned attacks from the NPC tutors.


Ki Tweaking

Ki is awesome. The mods ki has come a long way from the original slingshot pixel art. People complain, however, that it is not quite perfected just yet. It can be quite costly and takes a long time to charge. Especially when transformed, the ki cost can drop a spiritualist out of certain forms in only two attacks. I am not here to talk about balancing though, I am here to simply mention a few upgrades and additions to attack types.

More Types
Pretty much every type is in the mod as of right now. The only exception are the really out there ones. An example of a requested type yet to be put into the mod is the Self-Destruct kind. Of course this would open up all kinds of opportunities for trolls. This doesn’t really have to be added but it would be cool to have even more options for ki customization. Another one would be the barrage type, where players can launch several ki attacks in a row at full charge, each doing small damage but meant to overwhelm an opponent.

Image result for tri beam gifMore Effects
An idea I’ve gotten from people in the community is to add tri-beam like attacks. Things that sap health or stamina instead of ki. This can make fighting a bit more diverse, and while most people would most likely not resort to wasting health in an attack, I think it would be a good option to shake things up. Damage for health attacks could be increased as it is far higher risk.




General Tweaks
If anything, I would like to see, at very least, ki cost going down. The cast time and cooldown are already insane on powerful attacks, and it is incredibly punishing if you miss with some attacks. Doing this can make it balance out a bit more. Spiritualist should be the least punished for missing as their entire character is meant to use ki en-masse. As well, disk attacks should be updated so it isn’t just random chance that you cut off a tail, but rather you would have to hit the tail limb, which brings me to my next part…



Limbs! Losing them will be a thing in the mod, as well as replacing them through wishes or making yourself into an android. Losing limbs shouldn’t be a super common thing, with only certain attacks doing this (like a disk). If limb loss is too common it becomes a burden, but if it barely happens, it will be a waste of coding. So the idea is that the players model will be split into five (or six) parts. Head, arms, legs. The torso remains a general hitbox, and cannot be removed. The head cannot be cut off (instant kills aren’t fair). On we go!

Related imageFighting with Different Limbs
Once limbs are added combat will become a bit more precise, hopefully. This entire little idea revolves around infinite lock-on, so if you are hoping lock-on is changed to be stamina based like I suggested earlier, skip this bit. With different limbs comes different fighting. Punches and kicks. Kicks will have more range but be a bit slower, and punches will have shorter range but be faster. Headbutts have the shortest range and damage both the user and the target a hefty amount. Using an easily accessible button (Q? Tab?) The player can cycle through their currently used limb with the 1-5 number keys plus whatever button represents limb cycle. If the player and their opponent hit one another with the same limb, they parry. In a parry the defense of both players (passive not guarding) is doubled. If one player has more damage than the new number the damage still goes through to the enemy player. Reading an animation can let a weaker player, through skill, combat a stronger player because they have practiced more. A completely overwhelmingly strong player will still win however. If its a player whose damage is 10x that of the parrying players defense, the limb will be damaged heavily. Now, onto how Limb damage works.

Damaged and Lost Limbs
The teardrop that represents your body health will be changed into a model of a person. The torso will show overall health, whilst the arms and legs will have four colors. Green represents a limb in perfect health.  Yellow represents that you have parried a too much recently, or your opponent got a weak attack off on a limb and you didn’t block or parry. Orange represents you have been damaged heavily with this limb and should use it less. Red lets you know your limb is damaged beyond use. You can no longer use the limb and further damage will make the color Black, which means the limb is gone. Senzus restore all limbs to green, medical moss will heal every limb up a color level (but neither will replace missing limbs). Once a limb is gone the player gets the ‘bleeding’ status effect, losing 5% health every 10 seconds for a full minute. If a player dies all limbs are restored. Losing a limb will be uncommon unless your opponent is really trying. Disk and lasers will be the only attacks that can do damage to a limb hitbox. Legs are 4x as hard to remove than arms. If arms are removed you only have one arm to punch with, but if a leg is removed you can no longer run. Your head can only ever go to red health, and if it does your screen will be blurred as your head has been damaged, so your sight is weak.

Guarding with limbs
In this new dreamworld of mine, guarding is far more useful. Right clicking will put the selected limb on guard. Successfully guarding your opponents attack with the right limb will drain twice the stamina it cost them to throw the attack. Guarding will only block twice the damage of the passive defense (just like it does now, and how parrying will). This puts overly aggressive melee players at a disadvantage. Good blockers can completely drain their stamina and hit them while their weak. You cannot block when you are out of stamina.

Related imageDeflecting Ki Attacks
This is a seriously often requested thing. This is the most doable. No matter what limb you are using to guard, you will still take damage from ki. So instead of blocking, you can try to time it perfectly and punch the ki attack before it hits you. If the damage from your punch is higher than the damage of the ki attack, the ki attack will move back, like it would in a clash. This can be done by allowing the entity that creates the extra damage from players punches to clash with ki attacks.



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Physical Attacks

The  last thing on this list are Physical attacks! And no, I don’t mean punching and kicking, I mean more like combos from a DBZ fighting game! Special attacks that do special things. Now, this doesn’t have categories like the others, but the basic premise is that, instead of creating ki attacks, you get the option to also create physical empowerment to your basic attacks. These attacks have a small cast time that empowers your next attack, giving it any number of effects you can buff, just the same as ki. Each one can be upgraded like a normal ki attack, with the stats: Force (Equivalent to Density, and meant to make slapping ki attacks away easier.) Damage, Cooldown, Cast Time, Special Effects. The Special Effects can be things as simple as adding a potion effect to the punch, or as advanced as allowing the player to reposition themselves with an attack, for example: After damage, the player teleport behind the opponent. Knockback could also be an option, with players using this special to give themselves a small break from their opponent and allow their minds to refresh so they can better read the opponents limb attacks. This could also include ki blades! You know, like Vegito or Black made.



Phew! That was a heavy post. First one in a while. It’s a bit of a mess ,with some systems relying on other systems not existing, but I think it is a good culmination of a bunch of ideas that people can pick from the list what they like and throw out what they don’t. Like puzzle pieces, I hand you these ideas to put together in any way you see fit. Anyway, thanks for tuning into the devblog! Good to be back, as always this was your friendly neighborhood Crimson-man. Peace!

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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28 Responses to Funday Friday – Combat Revamp!

  1. Khalil says:

    Yey ki deflects have been noticed 😀

  2. Son Brick says:

    My god…This will make development longer… but GOD DAMN! I like this Idea.

  3. I was juust raising the moral for Naruto C. Going on about how Jin paying alot more attention to it now. Then what happens? We get info on all this amazing DBC content. I feel like I just got slapped. >.<

  4. Tony Sarris says:

    We need this in the mod!! 😀

  5. AMROWAZZAN says:

    soo…. special techniques is not gone charge normally but it will charge each click i do… isnt it?

    like Instant Transmission needs 20 clicks each click will make you go 2 blocks away… so in max you can go to 40 block away

    and Solar Flash is… maybe 50 or 100 each click will be 2x or 1x so so it could go x100 with 50 click or 100 click

    and healing is 8 clicks each click woul use 1/10 of the healer ki pool and heals 0.5/10 of the healed player

    and Power Ball amm… well it could be 1 or 5 maybe i dont have a really good idea about but More clicks means more time for the PowerBall to stay alife like each 1Click means 20Sec for the powerball to stay up there and when the time runout it will disappear

    if thats what i think about

  6. kev_spyro says:

    okay so first off….DAMN is that a huge post! but i like it ^^

    second: i really love all the mod Ideas but i can’t imagine myself the limbsystem because in my oppinion it looks like it would take too long to change the limb but maybe i just understood it the wrong way but i really think those are huge and also awesome ideas and i really am excited which ideas will acctually make it into the mod xD
    but the idea i would like the most are those extra techniques with the 9th move slot 😛

  7. Mint says:

    Ey great post.

    But uh, i have some problems with the fighting system that wouldn’t be fixed even by introducing these features:

    Fights are too small and fights are too tedious.
    Sully jumping, turbo running around, all of these should be fixed. Sully jumping should be counterable. Maybe if you charge/jump at the opponents direction and hit him it should deal a lot more damage and knock him back regardless of his defense?
    (Considering defense and attack damage determined knockback will be a feature in the mod sometime, anyways.)

    And about fights being too small:
    If you go next to the opponent, even if passive defense is like 50%, usually fights last 10-12 punches or something. That is insanely small, and you can’t really demonstrate your fighting techniques as you fight. If you want fighting/sparring with other players to worth it so you become more experienced, i suggest bringing down attack damage and increasing health, removing turbo mode and making healing items give you a “Regen Buff”.

    Maybe being able to regen in 100% (But the regen should be like 1/4 of what you’d normally have) would be great too, so healing items aren’t that useless. (‘xept senzu, it should stay like it is atm)

    • I totally agree. The reason I haven’t been playing much is that fights never last long. We need way less dmg and way more health. I suggest Jin implements the ability to challenge another player to a fight. When that is done, you both enter PvP mode and your defense goes up way higher to indicate you have your GUARD UP. If you don’t declare a fight it is as if your guard is down (like Goku in ever episode of Dragon ball Super lol).

  8. kev_spyro says:

    hey i also have a suggestion for the instant transmission because i mean wouldn’t it be cool to warp to players too?
    I thought that it’s not like that you can instant teleport to a player you choose. because the way i thought it would work is that the one you want to teleport to would recieve a chat message and says “Hey the Player […] is trying to teleport to you! do you want to accept?”
    and you can accept oder decline it through the action menu and that would be really cool x.x
    It would be nice if you may think about adding my idea xD

  9. FranticEcho says:

    Woah… I just did a quick scroll and there is a lot 😳 But it actually kind of excites me to see everything you have in mind!

  10. Extremely ambitious! but worth it!
    I feel like there could be more than just 9 slots for special techs. how hard would it be to configure slot limits? for that matter, shouldnt regular ki blasts have their own button, be spammable, but weak unless charged? moreover, i think it is high time we allow cooldowns to be configurable. like, i feel like the ki attack cooldown is just too slow for my playstyle.

  11. great as always man. This sums up what I want for dbc. Can you do a post like this for naruto c too? would be great

  12. and about the ki hand weapons like Rose sword vegito trunks energy sword i think is a good idea

  13. ssjkaitoz says:

    This would be amazing but you forgot to add something charging animations cuz it takes me half a minute to realize that i am by then I’m dead -_-

  14. Abry says:

    Whoaaaaaaa…..that is a fricking long post…CooooL!
    So, on to my suggestions and thoughts:-
    First, limb fighting sounds really cool. I mean, rn it’s just punchpunchpunchpunch…
    For changing limbs, maybe we could use ctrl+1-5.
    In parrying, if your defence is quite a bit stronger than the attack, you could catch the opponents attack, and then when you punch, you could flip them over your shoulder if you’re using the same limb you used to catch them, or you could change limbs and –
    Punching someone hard in their stomach should cause a little breathlessness, and finally…
    Like, you see DBZ.
    You see two people fighting.
    You see the fight goes on long.
    You see DBC.
    You see two people of around equal strength fighting.
    Both are just sitting there and punching. One guy blocks and can’t punch. Match over.
    The time duration is SOOOOOOO SHORT!
    I’m thinking maybe we should incorporate more Con into the game, as well as making Spirit and Meditation more effective, so that matches don’t end as quickly due to drain or running out of hp.
    Maybe we could incorporate a K.O./separate battle system, so that you could differentiate between spars and fights to the death. For example, how’d you like it if someone breaks your arm while you’re training?
    After reaching maybe 1% of HP of any player, both players would be moved away from each other. Then you could choose to kill the weakened guy(btw both players’ hp is healed by 50%) or just heal up.
    I’d say all this stuff would make it feel more realistic, with breaking limbs/cutting them off being allowed only if you’re not doing a proper match, instead when fighting to the death.

  15. Ooo boy, a devblog.

    Now, movement right now has some problems you haven’t fully addressed.

    Currently, the longer you hold your jump button, the higher you go.
    How am I controlling my jump while off the ground? That isn’t how jumps work, y’know.

    It’d be neat if you do something like, ctrl + space and you charge up a jump. You would have to be either standing on the ground, or against the wall. You would freeze in place (so if you’re against the wall you sorta slide against it for a moment before jumping) and it would cost some stamina.

    Turbo is a problem, not as much because “I can move backwards and to the side at full speed instead of tapping W every few minutes” but more of “I’m in the middle of an air for a jump and I’m not allowed to fly in this tournament, a spiritualist is about to fire his strongest attack at me. I’m hopeless, I’ve lost, I’m defeated.
    Wait nevermind, I can press R and move at full speed in the middle of the air (without even needing to break the “no flying” rule) and now my opponent is on low ki, lost his form, and has to spend the next 2 minutes powering back up.

    Now, I think that Limbs could be taken quite a bit farther than just “Cut off their arms or maybe legs unless they’re namekian”

    Attack someones limb, and they do less damage with that limb.
    Attack someones stomach, and you just drained some of their stamina.
    If you attack someones head you not only make their vision blurred somewhat (confusing with afterimage, no doubt) but also do increased damage.
    Each of these areas would have a perk to attacking, which would increase the variety in combat.

  16. InfernousX19 says:

    YES!!! i’ve been waiting forever to hear more about these limbs. Now, I can’t wait to hear more about these android parts…. >_<

  17. I totally agree. The reason I haven’t been playing much is that fights never last long. We need way less dmg and way more health. I suggest Jin implements the ability to challenge another player to a fight. When that is done, you both enter PvP mode and your defense goes up way higher to indicate you have your GUARD UP. If you don’t declare a fight it is as if your guard is down (like Goku in ever episode of Dragon ball Super lol).

  18. In regards to technique slots, I like the 4 custom, 4 learned, 1 special, but I say we should be able to learn as many attacks as we want. The player would only be allowed to equip a total of 9 techniques at a time, but once we learned a technique we’d never forget it. We’d just access a “previously learned techniques” menu and swap what techniques we want active.

  19. I like the effects you spoke of while targeting direct limbs. Good idea

  20. Some Heckler says:

    One thing that would definitely benefit the mod would be the introduction of the Emperor pilaf saga.

    Pilaf saga wen

  21. About the Limb Removal thing, how about the Namekians getting the ability to regrow missing limbs (and maybe slowly regenerate damaged ones) at the cost of their limbs being a bit easier to damage than the other races’?

    There could also be a cooldown for each limb so they can’t just keep regrowing arms rapidly while in the middle of a fight and thus gain an unfair advantage.

    Also, is there any chance we’ll see the Namekians’ ability to stretch their arms in DBC?

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