Fun Friday – Space Ideas + Where I have been + New Community Events

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Hey everyone! I thought of a few ideas for space and I would like your impute on the matter. Firstly, as you know, space will have 5 different colors for trees underground water, etc, each with a different effect. So I was thinking that, the plantlife and wildlife should vary a bit more. Different flowers for silver grass that can be used to make the dyes for armor. Keep in mind that the water and surface color are two different things

Plant life

Silver – Silver planets are a sort of blend. They don’t lean too much towards overworld or underground generation, it is a balance. The overworld Silver will offer fruits to feed yourself from the trees, not as efficient as apples, but more plentiful in drops. The flowers will be exotic, but there will also be the golden flower. When crafted down, it will give gold nuggets instead of dye. Silver planets are the best to make money in the universe, their overworld reflects this.

Purple – Purple planets are mainly devoid of small life on the surface. Save a few trees, purple surface really doesn’t have much in the way of plant life. Except for one exotic flower. This flower spawns rarely amongst the grass, and can be broken down into an edible medicine that can heal you. It will be like a non-renewable source of something akin to senzu beans. This will be an option mainly for evil players, and while they aren’t as effective as senzu, their time limit will be shorter. The trees also drop a strange fruit that poisons you but still feeds you. It may be a component in crafting a better medicine with that flower.

Lime Green – Whilst the underground of Lime Green planets is underwhelming, save for the ancient bones of warriors long dead, a lime-green overworld on a planet means it is lush with life. Lime Green surface has a variety of flowers similar to overworld, but there will also be ‘Puffy Flowers’, that drop a certain colored wool instead of dye. Their trees will also drop a fruit that will feed you the most out of any tree fruit. The Lime Green world will definitely be a stop to make for those looking to make armor and tools.

Crimson – Crimson underground contains the tools you need to mine katchin ore and spirit shard ore (Another source of healing). This is an important building block into making top notch swords and training equipment (later on). Therefore I think the surface should also help with this kind of progress. A planet with a Crimson surface will not have too much in the way of plantlife. Perhaps a fruit from the tree leaves, but other than that it will only have the occasional dye flower. The wildlife, on the other hand…

Gold – Gold surfaces will probably be the rarest, and harbor equally valuable plants. A golden apple may fall from the trees, and the plants give more dye than the rest. Gold worlds are a treat, as they contain a lot of valuable commodities, but don’t have the basics. Don’t expect to find iron on these planets, and as such, don’t expect to find anything but exotic plants.


Gold – With that out of the way, let’s pick up where we left off. Gold planets will have wildlife that blends well in its environment. The creatures will be non-hostile, and will run away at high speeds the first time they see you. Lower level players won’t even be able to catch these buggers, but they can yield some tasty meat. Some even eat the gems from the caves! Imagine that.

Silver – Silver has a good balance of resources naturally on the planet, but the wildlife is all but helpful. Most creatures drop nothing, but are still hostile in an annoying way. You may get the occasional chicken nugget sized meal from them, but other than that, you will have to look elsewhere if you want a filling meal or a fitting challenge.

Purple – Purple planets are oil rich. Having purple water is rare because of how much oil is in it, so the wildlife should reflect the toxicity of their environment. They will use strong toxins that will have an effect much stronger than regular poison. Most defensive in nature, and some may be dinosaurs. They will also yield toxic meats that poison you unless cooked. On the bright side, Purple surface can sometimes just have pools of oil lying around. So that means you can get out faster. Hurray!

Lime Green – Lime Green wildlife will look friendly and colorful, just like the environment in which they reside. They will be the strangest looking creatures, with the most filling food drops, and some even fight back and provide proper challenge for early game players who are looking for a way to train. There will be one rare dinosaur creature that will probably be the toughest wild animal in the game? Hope you like that thought, and I hope Jin does too.

Crimson – The underground and overworld of Crimson provide progress. All creatures on the Crimson surface are hostile, save for one rabbit like creature that will follow you around and protect you if you feed it. The creatures will drop dinosaur meat, aside from the rabbit of course, who will drop nothing but sadness because you killed an adorable creature.

So there you have it. A Crimson planet is about progress, a Lime Green planet is about fun, a Gold planet is about Luxury and Speed, a Silver planet is about balance, and a Purple planet is about Endurance. Anyway, sorry I couldn’t provide many examples of plants and wildlife, I will explain why now.

Where have I been?

Simply put, my computer went kapoot. I tried to factory reset it to get Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to work, and it didn’t work. Currently it is in the shop getting fixed as I type this all up on my phone (which is why I think this won’t even make a midnight release). So moving forward, I expect to have my computer back up and running by mid december, and hopefully I can finally enjoy Xeno 2.

New Community Events

So now that the mod has a bit more of a planned out feature as far as PvP comes, I can get serious about the tourney. The reason I didn’t do it was due to some rather harsh complaints about the ‘lack of skill’ involved in Dbc fights. With recent balances though, a few more updates and the Inter-Dimensional Worlds Martial Arts Tournament will open up signing to its first bracket of over 128 participants! Its hard to get to an exact number, last time I had a few extra applicants because I was at 123 and waited for the last 5. Next thing I knew there were 131 and it would feel wrong to tell someone they were too late.

After the IDWMA comes Art contests. I was also thinking though, that aside from fanart, there could also be fan videos, fan animations, I don’t know, why don’t you guys suggest some community events?


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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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24 Responses to Fun Friday – Space Ideas + Where I have been + New Community Events

  1. kev_spyro says:

    hey Crimson i have an idea:
    like when you have under 10% health and you finished a fight you would be unable to charge and can’t fly because you are injured too badly and can’t really fight either and have like half of your strength

    it’s just an idea so it’s not really needed for me in the mod but i think it would have been cool 😀

  2. FlamesWrath says:

    Sounds good.
    I dont think PVP is still balanced yet though.

    I’d save a tournament until Ki is balanced.

  3. Space sounds quite nice of an addition, would add flavor to exploration.

    However, maybe planets need a little more detail added to them.
    No Man’s Sky had millions of planets, each not quite the same from any other due to random generation.
    This game has a 5/10 on steam, one of the lowest, if not the lowest, in the game. This is due to lack of true variety between planets.

    So perhaps it would be much more interesting if each planet had a bit more to it.

    Each planet type can have a local-sentient inhabitant.

    Silver planets would have large cities, filled with neutral trader npcs and resident npcs, with a large amount of varying races.
    Each race would have preferences and dislikes, so you may not get the best deals if you want to trade something.

    On the other scale, Crimson planets might be filled with Large fortresses, from inhabitants that had to evolve from the harsh environments of the local wildlife. Due to the lack of vegetation, they may find that you look like a nice meal to take advantage of.
    These fortresses would be filled with many items that the inhabitants stole from any poor soul that landed on the planet in need of fuel.
    However, if you are of an evil alignment, they’ll be neutral to you, and allow you to trade with them.

    Now things like that for each planet would be quite interesting to see and learn about.

    Also, perhaps some planets would actually be under Frieza’s (Or perhaps another villain, even) control, meaning that Frieza’s hostile soldiers will attack you unless you’re of an evil alignment.
    If you are of a good alignment, you can attempt to liberate the planet with a sidequest, which would be killing a huge number of soldiers. (At which point Frieza soldiers no longer spawn on the planet, as they flee from the cities.)

  4. Mitohan says:

    So if space is implemented, will we have to fly to namek or tp there like always?

  5. Mitohan says:

    So if space is implemented, will we have to fly to namek or tp there like always? or maybe we could have cords similar to how we find kami and cell. It could be a way of implementing yardrat, beerus’ planet and kioshin’s world which would also be a cool way of traveling, but you could also add in the super dragon balls like that as well too which gives a larger variety of wishes like immortality (30 mins max) (or configurable to even be allowed)

  6. Skeptical says:

    The absolute best thing would be PvP and PvE mode ON/OFF. So rkers would piss off.

  7. mintrer says:

    Nice going with the features there crimson. I was most excited with the part that you said “Low level players wont be able to catch these buggers”, since that means dexterity will be fixed.

    Also, I agree with flames, fightin’ aint nearly as balanced as it should be before you make an official tournouament. And know why?

    First of all, ki don’t mean shit in this version unfortunatelly.
    Strength is too overpowered for dexterity, and fights can literally end in 2 punches. Like seriously. Fix this mess up, the only attributes you’ll need to win are strength and dex. And i think its pretty obvious that some attribute balances need to happen. I’m still waiting for a devblog featuring attributes. As a matter of fact, i’m gonna make a suggestions and ideas post about attributes right now.

  8. AkaSora says:

    This and the finished Training Update would be fun to mess around with also making singleplayer worlds live Longer than just beating Super Buu and starting over in a new world. also I agree with Pirates idea with having NPCs spawning on these worlds.

  9. Mitohan says:

    ^ so true, on servers it ruins it when you try to become a balanced character but lil kids are running about with tonnes of strength, jin could combat this by making strength decrease your overall speed and your stamina regen lower including losing it quicker which would be better

  10. Mitohan says:

    maybe willpower can increase the chance of being revived with 5% health and 2 seconds of invincibility depending on the build, it could prove useful

  11. Mitohan says:

    jin could also tweak dexterity to have an auto dodge function, if the player dex is a ton lower (talking around 250+ depending on level though) they won’t be able to hit you as often as they could, your character when locked on would sidestep without the skill

  12. Wow, this is amazing! any thing like this dev would be a dream come true

  13. FlamesWrath says:

    The willpower idea sounds a bit overpowered.

    Now the dexterity thing sounds pretty good since it’d make Dexterity useful

    Now one thing that really bugs me is that SSJG is ritual only. I hate that. We even have the Toyotaro manga (Whilst not canon.) can still be good.

  14. Mitohan says:

    ^ what I meant was, if you have an extremely balanced build you get like a 5-10% chance max and a min of 0.01% for op characters

  15. FlamesWrath says:

    I still think having a chance to revive is a bad idea. It simply just makes it for a bad fighting experience.

    If I’m fighting a guy and I get him so low along with me. Then I kill him and he revives himself

  16. Mitohan says:

    but only 5 percent and 2 seconds of invincibility which could be used to escape if clever but its an opinion anyway, nothing is out of the question, i’m just trying to give some potential uses for other upgrades 🙂

  17. AkaSora says:

    Actually the manga and Anime can Both be considered Canon it only depends on the person’s Preference.

  18. Mitohan says:

    ^ as long as you’re talking raw rather than dub then yes

  19. Mitohan says:

    Another idea, if the planets are randomly generated then could we have a way to blow up planets with attacks with a “can destroy planets” option when creating an attack, which would (if hitting the core) spawn lava geysers and will change the colour of the atmosphere to nameks when blowing up, it should last for 5 minutes. this could be a use for supernova’s expensive attack

  20. Skeptical says:

    I am pretty sure that planet generation is absolutely impossible, unless you talk about small planets that maximmum have the area of 100 blocks.

  21. mintrer says:

    Tbh moku, the basic idea is good, but its like, common sense? Now the lava geysers and the change in the color of the atmosphere is something, but destroying planets is exactly like suggesting for ki attacks in a dbz mod without ki attacks. But i disagree with the “5 minutes” thing as an attack’s obliteration radius could be much, much bigger than just the planet’s core >_>

  22. Mitohan says:

    ^^ I just need a reason to be evil so I can do something

  23. Merroch says:

    Alot a talk about space but nothing about it from jin directly

    illuminati confirmed?

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