Fun Day Friday – Majins, Mystics and Kais, Oh my

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A rather requested topic I never covered in full is: How will Mystic and Majin (the power up, not the race) be covered?



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Mystic form, Ultimate form, or Old Kais Potential Unlock, is a state in which a person takes after having their Potential fully awoken by Elder Kai. Jin has stated to me in the past he wants Ultimate to not be a transformation, but rather a state of ‘being’ like a permanent power up. However, thanks to recent revelations in Dragon Ball Super, this might actually change. Now, if you want to watch Dragon Ball Super on your own and haven’t quite caught up to the part where Mystic is talked about again, then go ahead and just skip this post for a bit. That being said, let’s get into it:

Teachers & Requirements:
While I would love to have a world of the Kais, I am not sure Jin is really feeling that idea, and he may simply choose to ignore it all together and make King Kai the one who gives it. Now, onto my personal thoughts. Unlike other skills, I believe Mystic in particular should require a few things before it becomes available. First should be a certain level, configurable. Remember, levels are attained from overall stats. I think that having a certain level be required to get Mystic can help avoid the confusion of percentages.  As well, the player must of course, be 100% good.

Idea 1:
So my first idea based off the last system for Mystic, is for it to be a state, based off Jins original wishes. How this would work, is that it would allow one to achieve 200%, like how it was before the update made potential unleash go up to 100%. Mystic allows someone to essentially break this cap and go upwards of 200%. This allows it to be stacked with things like Super Saiyan, god form, etc, which some people won’t like, but it is just the first idea of how this goes of course. Oh, and a quick mention, the max without Potential Unleashed would only be 150%.

Idea 2:
The second idea for Mystic would be to have it be a stackable transformation, with a set percentage and appearance, but with the little to absolutely no ki drain to maintain. Maybe having other transformations on top of mystic will increase their ki drain cost, but other than that this is the simple secondary idea for it. This is based on how Gohan, in Super, attained Mystic again like a form, by going beyond Super Saiyan. Perhaps anyone can attain or lose it just as Gohan had?


Majin, or Babidi’s Potential Unleashed, is a technique in which Babidi the wizard draws out the latent power of an individual and binds them to do his bidding. Unlike Mystic, Majin is rather unmentioned in the community, spoken of only in a few posts, and most of them are accompanied with Mystic still. Majin doesn’t even seem to function that differently from Mystic, being just another power up, but I for one want to change that, and make it be something really cool and unique for the mod, if Jin is down for the extra work that would needed to be put in.

Teachers & Requirements:
Like Mystic, Majin would probably have a certain level set for it before you could learn it. However, I feel this should be lower than Mystic by default, seeing as Babidi was willing to hand it out to anyone foolish enough to seek power from him. It is never specifically stated how much of a boost Majin is, but it let Vegeta fight on par with Goku for the first time in a while, even showing superiority in several moments in the fight. Majin won’t be a free power up like Mystic however, as of course, Babidi wants to make you his personal slave! So here are my ideas on both  the power ups and how to overcome these restrictions.

Idea 1:
Unlike most transformations and power ups, Majin comes with a delightful bonus of an angry gremlin like wizard who wants to completely seize control of your mind and body. Now, this first idea would be hard for Jin, as mainly it would rely on the willpower stat. If your willpower stat isn’t up to snuff, you can’t use the Majin power, because your character would know that using it would break your mind, and therefore won’t use it.

Idea 2:
Unlike the first idea, this will have Majin simply rely on leveling it up. Randomly you will freeze as Babidi tries to seize your mind. The higher you level the skill, the shorter these spasms will be until they stop all together. This means players who want Majin would have to save up some TP in order to reduce or eliminate the effects.


So, not a super long post, but hopefully one that can whet your appetite til I can think of more to say. I don’t want to go too much more into detail in case Jin has a new idea he wants to talk about.


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25 Responses to Fun Day Friday – Majins, Mystics and Kais, Oh my

  1. ssjkaitoz says:

    I hope this idea gets implemented sometime soon because this would be an amazing addition and it would add more diversity to the game

  2. I actually like this idea better than mine.

  3. kev_spyro says:

    Okay those are awesome ideas! and actually i like from Mystic form the first and from the Majin power up also the first idea best but it’s just my opinion

  4. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I think the second idea for both sounds best. But that’s just my opinion. =)

  5. BlueNexus says:

    I get the balacing issues but I still like the idea of Mystic being semi permanent. The only reason Gohan lost the Mystic state is because he stopped training altogether for YEARS, I mean I think if he kept training he would have been able to retain it indefinitely. Maybe you make it be a permanent transformation with a configurable multiplier? As for Majin I sum up what i think Majin should be in my magic post. (Oblivious plug)

  6. i don’t mind either way~ i am prolly gonna be a majin ssj4 >:3

  7. also. since majin is a form of brainwashing/ turning evil.
    i think being a majin would also permanently set your alignment to evil if it wasn’t already.

    • Xach says:

      Why would it do that? The idea of having a majin symbol is that it brings out all the evil you have, not makes you evil forever. If that were the case, Vegeta would still be an antagonist instead of a protagonist.

      • thing is, it would make you evil as long as you have the mark. the mark can be cleansed from you, but as long as you have the majin symbol, it would permanently set your alignment to evil.
        you’d have to get it cleansed from say, kami.
        in fact, there can be a way to reset your alignment to neutral quickly.

  8. Freeza_Cold says:

    I’ll wait for Brony to come to start drama here.

  9. SuperSayian says:

    I really like 1 idea of Mystic. For me, it’s sounds good

  10. Dragonmatic says:

    Can stackable mystic please be a config option once you implement it?

  11. FranticEcho says:

    These sound SUPER interesting and I can’t wait until these ideas go into affect

  12. Mystic SSJ Hasn’t been seen, but i think that’s due to mystic drawing more potential out than ssj 1/2 can do.
    Mystic + Kaioken would definitely work, Blue + Kaioken works, so it would only make sense if another form that draws out potential would work with kaioken. (Though much more straining than kaioken normally, with more power to multiply)

    Majin should be able to used by Neutral characters, but with a decreased power increase.
    Good players should also be able to use Majin, so long as they have a slight amount of evilness to them (Not 100% Good, though with a very small increase of power)

    Perhaps Potential Unlock should be able to be upgraded even further than currently possible. Taking more and more TP, but also needing a higher level
    (Maybe even needing more Willpower/Mind, Mind would work quite nicely as that already influences skills (max skills), and would be cool if you could level up P-U further with more and more mind)

    This would give Neutral players a good way to increase their power without access to Blue/Mystic or Rose/Majin.

    Neutral players would have much less power than Good/Evil characters.
    If they decided to focus their mind on bringing out their inner potential, they would probably end up with something about as powerful as mystic. (With quite a lot of training to do so, doing it from scratch and all.)

    However, the downside of increasing your potential brought out, is that wouldn’t increase your maximum power.
    SSJ brings out your potential -For You-
    SSJ will do less to help you, as you’ve already brought your potential out yourself.
    Kaioken would strain you even more, as more potential energy is out and ready to get multiplied, making self-vaporization very easy without proper physical strength to backup your strengthened Ki Aura.

    In the end, Good, Neutral, and Evil players will end up about the same strength, with slight ups and downs from each change in playstyle.

  13. Say My Name says:

    I’d like to mention that Mystic could have a slightly better or the same multiplier as ssj3 no? since it apparently is Gohan’s would-be ssj3 as the way he transforms in super for the first time(IN SUPER)




  14. Well, in the Buu Saga it seems mystic might have been weaker than ssj3 (But also much less draining of energy)
    However, that might be due to Gohan’s lack of severe training. (He got trained by the kais, but that wasn’t for too long, his focus and determination wasn’t brought back like when he first went SSJ2)

    Now though, Gohan’s focus has been brought back by Piccolo’s training.
    It seems that Gohan’s inner potential is being brought out by himself more as he can focus his energy, meaning Mystic is only stronger than ssj3 if you are able to focus your powers.

    I personally really like that Gohan isn’t useless TRASH anymore and can actually BE COOL AGAIN

  15. whenever i hear “great saiyaman” i’m thinking a green plant monster is fighting crime

    • gtfo. the great saiyaman is great comic relief. and to be honest, i love the cheesy look of the outfit. it looks like something straight from the original dragon ball. besides, it is still gohan under there. just a more silly outfit. he only really wore it as a means to hide his identity but still fighting crime.
      dragon ball needs its lighthearted moments just as much as it needs its drama. i am secretly hoping the great saiyaman outfit will return in db super, maybe with gohan fighting as the great saiyaman outfit on.

      hey, could be worse, at least he was still a fighter when he put the costume on.

      • secretly i am hoping a posing system is added for dbc, where one can strike poses like the ginyu force, mr satan, or the great saiyaman. they don’t do much, other than provide something silly to the mod.

  16. To each their own, but hell yeah i would like a posing system.
    Personally I just found Gohan to be a bit awkward in how he does that, the Ginyu Force executed it a bit better, even though those guys are nerds too
    but oh yeah, posing would be cool.
    The ones from Xenoverse come to mind.

  17. Say My Name says:

    Freeza’s Pose, just so badass

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