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      Idea 1:

    Saiyan on most servers are known for their very high damage. This is a suggestion for Zenkai Boost for Saiyans in a petition for them to be nerfed in STR as Zenkai should be a STR only boost. So this is how it is going to work like, Saiyan’s STR attribute increase is reduced from how strong it is from early game. As the player gets stronger about every 1000-5000 level, their STR attribute per upgrade goes up as well as the attribute itself as if it was the original STR and the next time they upgrade their STR, it’ll be more than what it was the previous time. This caps around 15-20k in STR at what the STR attribute increase is now for Saiyans which is 34.0-36.0.

    Lvl 1: 20.0 per STR attribute
    Lvl 1000: 21.0
    Level 10,000: 30.0
    Level 15,000: 35.0

    To achieve a Zenkai Boost, the player must be near death from another player/mobs/npcs and not from their form like Kaioken/SSJKaioken or by their own blast. This idea is to just make Saiyans much more challenging as it is easily the strongest race in terms of STR.

      Idea 2:

    Zenkai Boost works like PP(Make PP configurable in configs btw) and everytime a Saiyan goes near-death and lives to regen (Senzus and etc), they get stronger from a temporary Zenkai Boost and it can work multiple times up to 1-5 times(configurable) and it has a cooldown which is configurable as well when they go below 10-15% their HP and live.

    So let’s say Steve was attacked by Bob but manages to get away and heal up, Steve will be a slight but noticeably stronger but Bob is significantly stronger so he manages to bring Steve’s HP down to 10%-15% again but Steve doesnt get a Zenkai Boost again as there is a cooldown for it. And if Bob manages to kill him, Steve loses his Zenkai Boost and returns to his original strength.

    *Half-Saiyans have more potential than full-blooded Saiyans hence they should get a stronger Zenkai or a more times to Zenkai than Saiyans.

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