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    This is just a place where you can go if you want something to distract you from the fact that super won’t return some time soon

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    The first recommendation is that of the 2018 spring anime season show known as Megalo Box
    Megalo Box is a scifi sports anime about a near future world in which the fictional sport of megalo boxing rose to massive popularity. It adds to the already dangerous sport of boxing with the addition of “Gears” which are powerful mechanical exoskeletons which are mounted onto the arms of competitors to raise the stakes of the the matches.

    Mid-season Review
    Megalo Box has been a really exciting show to have been watching for the past 6 weeks as it has a really strong opening episode that lets you understand the main protagonist quickly and gives you an overall understanding of the shows style through its style of animation and especially through its sound track(which will be released officially soon at the time of writing this). The art and animation of the show really give me the feeling that I am watching a late 90’s/ early 2000’s show as every time I load up the newest episode I always expect for the show to be in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The sound track would nearly be perfect blend genres expect for the fact that the opening’s song is a bland metal track playing with an overly obvious metaphor for the main character. And speaking of characters the cast that we have been introduced to so far has been very strong and memorable as although they all fall in to standard character rolls you’d expected to see in a boxing anime or a Rocky film you still can remember them either based on their great character designs or introduction episodes.

    This had been a really fun show to watch that has taken the current slot of weekly watch and it especially covers my craving for a shonen -esque structure of inroducing new atagonist now that Dragon Ball Super has ended for now and the fact that My Hero has not reach up to where I took a break from the manga.

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