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      Where to begin… Xenoverse 2 is a very fun game but fighting random people online is kind of boring I would like to challenge people from the DBC community to a few matches on DBXV2. It’s not for a prize or anything but more of a way to connect with other members of the community. It’s already bad enough that we all don’t play on the same server when it comes to DBC so I would to bring together more people from all over the community. If you read the title you might have noticed the ps4 in it. At the moment I only have online services for the Ps4 so that is why I stated it in the title. Time for me to get back to my main point, not only do I want to connect more with other community members but I would also like to improve my technique in DBXV2 as well as give out a few tips. In short I would like to Challenge all who thinks they are skilled in DBXV2 from the DBC community not only to gain knowledge but to also give. If you would like to find me on Ps4 my PSN is “TheAceOneXL” I have a Japanese letter character with a red half circle behind it.

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      console peasent.

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      i would love to , but i need ps plus

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