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    Writing Suggestions and Ideas.

    Making your pieces more effective in regards to delivering an idea or suggestion.

    – The title should act as a brief description on what the content of the post is about, using tags helps categorize posts and content in forums, especially when a user wants to navigate through related information or topics.

    Highlight key words or points using < strong > followed by the closing tag < / strong > (without any spaces)

    – Make sure that your spelling is accurate so that no misunderstandings occur and so that your ideas and suggestions are easily comprehend-able.

    – It is a good idea to check whether or not someone else has posted your suggestion or idea using the search bar above the forums list. This way you can add to their post instead of making 50 instances of the same topic.

    Looking at my own previous posts, one of them does Not contain all of these and is no where near as effective or easily read by other users.

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