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    Hello guys I just realised that ssjg isn’t so good for dragon block
    I got some pretty ideas
    First for the ritual you should need 6 saiyans (1 is you and customizable number) all to have ssj minimum lvl 1 and you to have it minimum lvl 5, so if you turn ssjg you should have the effect the god power (it should be customizable for transformation not /jrmcse) so if you turn base and you still have the effect you should turn ssjg instead of another forms and when you lose the effect you should get God Form lvl 1
    IDK if you like my idea guys but it should be more fair cuz’ in anime goku don’t learn ssjg from kaio or anyone else he gets it by transforming in ssjg then when you lose the effect you should get God form lvl 1 and then you train to have God form lvl 2 I think that this is more fair !
    EDIT: Also after you lose ssjg effect you should get a grow in stats (it should be customizable)

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    After you turn base and you still have ssjg effect you should still be able to turn ssjg like this
    After you turn base and you still have ssjg effect you should still be able to turn ssjg like this and not other forms, after you lose the effect you should get God form lvl 1 skill

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    Sam Noé

    So, if I get it well, you find one friend to turn SSG – because you only need one on almost all servers, and in singleplayer there is no other choice -, turn SSG, wait for the effect to wear off, and boom, God Skill.
    You’re basically suggesting a way for Saiyan to get God Form for 0 TP in a very easy manner, and even a free stat boost. I think you’re more than largely able to understand this would be a perfectly unbalancing feature. This is not fair at all for other races who already feel left behind.
    You’re saying that Goku absorbed God potential, but he did because of plot convenience OK ?
    Furthermore this is not the only possible way to obtain God Form for Saiyans. Probably training with Whis for example.
    We could put things like level requirement or extremly low chances to get it, but you could still farm it.
    So no, for now King Kai will keep the task of teaching God Form.

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      Sam Noé

      Othewise, being able to retransform into SSG with the effect isn’t bad, but you shoud have the choice in the X menu to transform in SSG or another form, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to turn into regular SSJ or another “mortal” form whith the SSG effect.

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      You are right

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    I think Jin should add a way for players to give power to each other (we’ve seen it in movies), people that give away their power should get a strain effect or something, and use that mechanic for the ritual, maybe even for the spirit bomb ? This would make the ritual boost your stats and make it somewhat balanced for all races. Idk how this would work out without being op, maybe add a long delay so you can’t spam it ?

    And i think the ritual should give god form lvl 0. it would kinda work like regular super forms, basically you would still need to train to actually use it, but you wouldn’t need king kai to learn about it, because you’ve already experienced that power through the ritual.

    And yes, Sam, goku did absord god power into his base for plot convenience.

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      Best IDEA !, also the Godform lvl 0 should boost your normal forms like ssj and things how Beerus said in anime that goku absorbed the God power and the ssj became stronger

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      You idea are good,but,goku not get Super saiyan blue from the god,so,will can be this:Will be two technices : God Power and God Form.God power will be needed to get super saiyan god,and god form for blue.Will have a new “stats”,the hidden status.They are effect then you not can see,and the first than jin can add can be the “God Absorption”.Whit then,you can get the god power lvl 0,and ,like legendary,will be very configs for them.EX:When persons can use (1 to 100),probablity for get per day neededs (10 to 100) and days needed for an alleatory apper (1 to 1000)

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      Sam Noé

      I agree but then the ritual to become a God should have huge chances to fail, high level requirement, and God form “lvl 0” should be lost if not upgraded within 30 minutes just as Potential Unleashed lvl 1 (Mystic).
      This sound harsh but hey we’re talking about becoming a God litterally just by using the power of friendship, that has to be wisely thought and balanced.

      About simply giving ki to another player, the targeted player cannot go any higher than x2 multiplier which already is quite a huge boost imao.
      The boost you would give to the base multiplier of your target should be 0.05 as a Warrior, 0.1 as a Martial Artist and 0.15 as a Spiritualist, and an additional 0.05 as a Namek.
      So, for example, if you receive the boost of a Namek Spiritualist and a Saiyan Martial Artist, your basic multiplier of one will be increased by 0.15 (Spiritualist) + 0.05 (Namek Boost) + 0.1 (Martial Artist) = 0.3, giving you a base multiplier of 1.3.
      The time it lasts would be equal to 30 seconds*number of booster players, a boost that doesnt drain your ki. Booster player would lose half their remaining ki and receive a strain effect lasting 5 minutes/number of booster players.

      Genkidama has already been discussed thousands of times, I don’t think there’s any need to come backt to that topic. Just look for the posts upon that topic, I doubt you’ll find anything different to suggest because, just like UI, everything has already been said.

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      Good idea bro !

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      i think it should just have a chance to fail giving you the godform skill instead of failing the whole ritual.

      and yeah i like the time limit idea, maybe make it a status effect ? “Ritual God” for example, it would boost your stats for some time kinda like majin effect where you can stack transformations (because goku went ssj right after losing ssg and still put up a fight) and give you the god form lvl 0 for that time. this would make it less op because the boost would temporary.

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      Good idea ! 🙂

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