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      This question is headed to the 762 people who voted for “new forms” in Jin’s poll.



      Why would you pick more forms over something that could actually make the game more fun and enjoyable???

      I mean, your CHOICE could of enspired Jin to work on SPACEE or a capsule system, or even androidification.. AND YOU STILL PICK NEW FORMS??? WTF???

      I Just dont get it sometimes.

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      Space update 👌

    • #40826

      cause new forms are cool lmao

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        Things like new mission system (even though it’s content that common player will not use), androidification or space udapte can offer a lot of new things, especially space udapte.

        But forms ? Once the wow effect of seeing them is passed, what’s left ? Grinding TP, get the new form, and that’s it. They’re are nothing more than a multiplier, a ki drain and cool appearance in the end
        Sincerely, new forms really bring nothing much to the mod when you take a second to think about it.

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      Somehow, I’d say go ahead, make new forms, even though it’d bother me.
      Because there aren’t much important form left, the biggest being UI. And when they’ll all be implemented, there will be nothing else left than actually interesting features.

      And ki swaurd.

      There will always be this sh*t.

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        same to everything else. when you say that’s it for forms that also means when other things come out and once they’re done, AND ONCE THE DRAGON BALL FRANCHISE IS UP(plz no), what’s next? think about it. what you said about forms applies to everything else. if people voted for other things other than forms then forms would be the only thing left to add.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      Man,at my opinion,all EXCEPT NEW FORMS need to be added.We have:ss,ss grade 2,ss grade 3,ss full power,ss 2,ss 3,ss god,ss god r,ss blue,mystic,buffed,full power,god,ultimate,super and kaioken!This is sufficient forms.We have a cool fusion sistem?Yes,but can be better.Space?WE DONT HAVE SPACE.Slots?WE ONLY HAVE 1 SLOT.Androidification will be VERY cool,Dbs saga too(jin not change dbc saga at years),him too change shenron so make sense him change porunga,capsule will make all be happy per be probabbly like a shulker box,ki attack revamp:WE HAVE THIS KI SYSTEM AT 2-3 YEARS,THIS NEED TO CHANGE!Majin race:MORE OPTIONS TO CHOISE A RACE,NOT ONLY SAIYAN / ARCOSIAN!So,all be cool,except more transformations!

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      but,IF you need add new forms for you start at make this things,so add

    • #40834

      I agree. We don’t need any more forms right now.

      *Saiyans have all their DB, Z and GT forms and also have all Super forms but SSBE
      *Arcosians have 5th Form and Golden
      *Humans have MAX
      *Namekians have Great Namek

      What I would want for Jin to do in terms of forms/power-ups is this:

      Saiyans are great as they are now, maybe incorporate strain into Blue and make it so Saiyans can swap between Blue and God with the press of a button, like in the manga.

      Give Arcosians True Golden, I have no idea why Jin hasn’t added it yet when it’s legit just the same form with less drain and more power. I would also appreciate Jin making it so we can adjust the drain of PP and how powerful 100% is, not to mention bulking your body up when you use it. Other than that, all I could see or possibly want is for Jin to maybe consider adding Cooler’s Golden Form to the mod, maybe even making it a straight up upgrade from Golden that’s the equivalent to SSBE.

      Humans should have their Super form removed, Give MAX two stages, one where they are bulked up and strong and a second where they bulk up further but become slower. Basically, base it on ASS and USS. Other than that? I would suggest giving Humans something special like less mind requirement for skills or less strain with Kaio-Ken, not to mention he could make it so Mystic is based on MAX LVL 2 and is like 1.5x that in power.

      Namekians should have Super Namek removed and Namek Fusion added in, it would increase (based on config options) your base multiplier per fusion, base it on Super where you can hypothetically fuse endlessly (Limit set in the config) but the more you fuse, the more unstable it is to use the power until you get used to it. So say Namek Fusion doubles your base multiplier, Namekians would only have access to 50% of their power and powering up further causes strain, the more powerful they get and the higher level their Namek Fusion skill, the less the strain becomes. This would mean Kaio-Ken could either be really OP or really bad for Namekians to use.

      Oh and maybe Jin could give Humans something with the Ki Fist, Ki Protection and Ki Infuse skills? They were always reputed for their ki control and techniques so maybe those skills could be stronger or drain much less ki when used with a Human?

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        what do you mean “cooler’s golden form”? you talking about super or something?

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      also, why do people say forms shouldn’t be added right now? if he wants to do it then there’s no stopping him. if people want new forms other than new races right now then why stop them? I personally want the DBS saga to be added. but what i’m saying is why stop people when they want to do it? there I’m done.

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