When are you going to make more sagas?

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    Julian Livrone

    When are you going to make more sagas?I am really tired of fighting over and over the same three great villains of the series. It would very nice to fight more npc that appears in the DBZ series and to fight enemies of the movies and OVAS. And of course it would be great to fight DBSUPER enemies; what I am trying to say is that you should stop working on improving auras and adding items that people don’t usually use and transformations, and add some new sagas so fans like us can continue enjoying this great game please.

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    Hello Julian, Jin does want to expand his saga but the issue is that not many people use it or want an expansion based on the votes. Most people just end up using custom npcs. While it is true there are servers where they want to use just Jin’s saga and use either mine or OMGisGreen’s mod or DragonForces mod to addon to DBC’s saga. The other piece of it involves the models and skins. As modeling especially when it comes to DBC is very complex. Hence why the contributions forum exists. Along with skin designing. Which Jin doesn’t have much time for when he is also coding the wanted features of the mod.

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