What are the best multipliers in terms of realism combined with balance?

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    Hi everyone, I want to KNOW the best multipliers (no default) based on complex mathematics combining realism with balance. My max multiplier is x250 because I have my stat limit at 10k and 10k x 250 = 2.5mill. Stats more than 2.5mill starts to bug the game.

    Here is my actually multipliers for Saiyans:

    OOZARU x1.5 (No KI consumption)
    GOLDEN OOZARU x5.5 (Low KI consumption)
    SSJ1 x5 (Low KI consumption)
    SSJA x6 (Moderate KI consumption)
    SSJU x6.5 (High KI consumption)
    SSJFP x5 (No KI consumption)
    SSJ2 x10 (Low KI consumption)
    SSJ3 x30 (High KI consumption)
    SSJ4 x50 (Low KI consumption)
    SSGOD x100 (No KI consumption)
    SSBLUE x200 (Moderate-High KI consumption)
    SSBE x250 (High KI comsumption)
    Ultra Instinct x250 + High Dodge Rate

    -The other races are balanced with Saiyans, don’t worry.

    FAQ: Golden Oozaru is stronger than SSJ3 in the anime. You need to change it and maybe put it at 75%?

    Yeah but you can get it with only SSJ1. In that point of the story is op!

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    Sam Noé

    First thing off, you can set to multipliers to whatever you feel, the sense of balance is different for everyone. There’s no such thing as complex mathematics that would give you the perfect answer just keep testing and trying.
    And second, those are way too high. Why ? Well, you know that the stamina(the yellow bar next to your health, now called “action time”, that inreases with your CON) you use with each punch scales with your strength right ? Well, if your strength is too high, you won’t even have enough action time to do a single punch, because you’d need more than your maximum. In which case you’d do one damage per punch. Which is quite ridiculous for a SSB. In other words, it would be kinda like your body can’t sustain your form. You’d need to have a crazy STR/CON ratio, like 1STR/10CON, which would be very tedious to respect.
    And I’m pretty sure the same thing would happen with your ki and ki attacks.

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      The action time and ki attacks conpsumtion are the same as in base form because the constitution has de same multiplier as strength and de ki attacks cost doents change, only the damage.

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      Sam Noé

      I didn’t know for the ki blasts, for, y’know, they’re basically useless in ther current state, so none bother using them.
      But for the action time, I speak from experience, and it was with a much lower multiplier.
      If you’re reffering to the multiplier next to the CON, let’s say it’s 2, that only means that it is LIKE you had 2 times more constitution, but your health and action time ARE NOT actually mutliplied, which means the consumption IS going to increase.
      And then again, I’ve experienced it myself.
      And I just thought about it, but the form itself consumes ki, which also scales with stregnth. You’d empty your ki bar in no time, then again requiring a crazy STR/SPI ratio.

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    My config

    Super Saiyan x1.5
    Super Saiyan Second Grade x1.7
    Super Saiyan Third Grade x2
    Super Saiyan 2 x2
    Super Saiyan 3 x3
    Oozaru x1.1
    Golden Oozaru x4
    Super Saiyan God x6
    Super Saiyan Blue x9
    Super Saiyan 4 x4
    Super Saiyan Blue Evolution x12

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    Kaiokenx2 = x1.10
    Kaiokenx3 = x1.15
    Kaiokenx4 = x1.20
    Ozaru = x1.30
    Kaiokenx20 = x1.40
    Ssj1 = x3
    SsjOzaru = x3.30
    SsjA = x3.75
    SsjU = x4.70
    SsjFP = x4
    Ssj2 = x8
    Ssj3 = x24
    SsGod = x50
    Ssj4 = x60
    SsBlue = x75
    SsBE = x94
    Ultra Instinct = x100

    What do you think so? Ssj4 is above God because in my server you can choose between the divine path or the primitive path, to balance.

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    Sam Noé

    Well it’s up to your taste, and wouldn’t like to give my opinion and influence you. Just test it and you’ll see.

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    Kaiokenx2 = x2
    Kaiokenx3 = x3
    Kaiokenx4 = x4
    Ozaru = x5
    Kaiokenx20 = x10
    Ssj1 = x20
    SsjA = x30
    SsjU = x42
    SsjFP = x25
    Ssj2 = x50
    Ssj3 = x200
    SsjOzaru = x200
    SsGod = x220
    Ssj4 = x250
    SsBlue = x350
    SsBE = x500
    Ultra Instinct = x1000

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    If you want any semblance of balance you are going to have to cap off the multipliers around x100, and you can’t really get anywhere near realistic multipliers, as SSJG is *at least* in the high end of the thousands when it comes to multipliers. Don’t even get me started on SSJB or SSJBE.

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    Okay, thx

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