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      Marcel Agughioaiei

      Ki lend can give other players Ki,and some power from you, and it cannot be permanently the power, but the ki Yes, the player that gives the ki, will have a temporary low power,but you can choose the amount you can give, example %100 (all your ki) will give all your power to another player that you selected,But all your power and ki will be lost, Temporary, when the time with the power goes out, the player that gaved the power, will regain it.

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      God Ritual is a form of ki lending :v

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      yh good idea god form is but i think hes talking more about what happened in gt when they gave goku ssj4 power to beat omega shenron i think it was dont quote me thou i havent watched it in ages

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      Well if we speak about lending ki and nothing else, if the receiver player isn’t at max ki it should just, well…fill back up his ki bar, there’s no reason that would give a power up.
      But if the receiver player is at max then yes it should give a little boost increasing depending on how much additional ki you’ve got (capped at a multiplier pf 2).

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