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Weight mechanics (How to use)

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    Aaron Rayner

    How do I equip the weights so that I can use them? Do they just have to be in my inventory or can I actually put them on? I kept trying to put them on but I can’t. Is there a minimum number you need to enter in the box when you get them from Kami or Kai? Is that what the 100kg thing in the dialogue is?

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    Hold the second function button, go into your inventory; the window will change and new equipment slots will appear, including a weight slot. Go into the controls menu to see what the second function button is. Minimum weight is 1. When you put them on, they add a subtraction number to your stats, and when you remove them you go back to full power. Wearing a weight can increase the tp gain chance. The heavier the weight compared to your stats, the higher the tp gain chance increase. “Every 1 equals 100kg” is just for realism as it relates to the manga and anime series; it means nothing to the gameplay.

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    Aaron Rayner

    Am I blind? Was there somewhere that it was said what the second function button actually did? Thank you, I now know what the button is for.

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