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    The dimension sword:

    What I was thinking Jin could do with the dimension sword is add the “rashaka claw”(or however you spell it…) So when you right click you can consume ki and fire a blade of ki at where your looking. And if course it spammable(to a degree) where the max blades you can fire are 3 with a 10 second cooldown. Could be configurable dunno, Jin can decide. But the damage is your ki damage output on your stat screen.

    The Z-sword:
    We all know gohan trained with this heavy ass sword.(hopefully) what I thought of was it can have a built in weight function of… 50-70 sounds about right. This could add to the current weight your wearing. When held anyway.

    Evil spear:
    We all know it should be capable of being thrown, but what about auto-retrieve? Yes you read that right, as it’s name suggests, this should be more of a evil exclusive weapon. And to make it balanced he can add a “holy” spear or something (😂). But so, when you throw it, and it hits something, it will disappear and re-appear back in your hand. Sounds…. Simple enough, right?

    In case you don’t know what a scabbard is, it’s a swords sheath, it’s blade hider. What I thought the game could use is a new hotbar slot, just for your special weapon(spear, sword) with two different scabbard/sheath available to you. The spear holder and sword scabbard. Both having two tiers of variation: the plain and the decorated. So, in order for the scabbard to be made, you need 2 iron. One in the top middle and one in the middle right. Along with leather in the middle left, bottom middle, and bottom left. As well as string in the top left and bottom right. This will grant you the plain scabbard. But these can be dyed, Any color of the rainbow your heart desires.
    Now the decorated scabbard, you have to put the scabbard you created in the center of the crafting grid. Then surround it with gold, katchin, iron, lapis or diamond. Then you get a plain uncolored scabbard but with the color of what material you used as lines on it. (I dunno how to put a picture, but google master sword scabbard, you’ll know what I mean) then redye the leather on it. And there you go, beautiful scabbard.
    The scabbard can be placed in a new slot in your CTRL+E area.
    The spear is essentially the same.
    The brave sword and katana aren’t necessarily special so no abilities for them…

    But those are my ideas, sorry if it’s a little long.
    OH WAIT, if you hold CTRL right click with a weapon in hand you should be able to fire ki blasts too.

    OK, NOWWW I’m done! I want your feedback still. #GiveTheBoysAndGirlsCustomForms

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    well in super, trunks had the brave sword turn into a “spirit sword” so maybe that should cost ki

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      Possibly, it’s just too easy to get. That’s why I never gave it a ability.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    And the spirit bomb sword for the brave swords?This be simple:If you be whit the brave swords you can use a spirit bomb and launch him,like the dimension sword.And another idea:You will can up the durability of the brave sword whit ki.At the anime,Trunks use him ki to make a blade for him sword.

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      That could work: the durability up. It could work as when a weapon breaks, it leaves the handle/guard and some of the blade. You can use ki to generate a new blade, increasing the damage output, but you sacrifice 35% of your max ki.(balance reason) the color of the blade can be the color of your ki.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    #GiveTheBoysAndGrislCustomForms !!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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