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    JinRyu may i request a stun for ki blast? Specifically waves, i ask suggest this because the way you made waves causes a player’s ki to deplete rapidly if the player stays still. That was a very intelligent and creative idea since the more ki you spend the more damage the wave will cause, but there is an issue with that. When you launch a ki wave and want to deal the extra damage by staying still the player is able to easily move out of the wave even if they get hit by it. So what I’m suggesting is that you add a stun for waves when they hit, of course if a player is immensely stronger than another player it would be fair for them to be able to get out of the wave, but if a player is stronger than another player or the same strength i think there should be some sort of stun. A way to be able to get out of that stun if you are a weaker player or a player of the same strength is by having the “Dash” skill and dodge while you are stunned . Of course still have the capability of dodging the wave before it hits you or countering by launching a ki blast back while its still going towards you.

    Thank you for reading this 👍Love your mod and i hope i can help it improve.

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    Very nice

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      Thank you ^u^

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    Great idea. I feel like this should be something we can points in for when making a technique

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