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      So I’ve noticed this has been quite a bit of a thing that bugs me the most. So to make things seem “cooler” like how they work in the show, I would like to show my aura and “walk” at the same time.

      By walk, I mean move slower than even the vanilla running. Now I’m not going to plug in a controller and reset all my keybinds just to get a “configurable” movement speed because of the controller sticks. And I’m not going to change my charge from standing still to moving, because imo that would seem to also break the roleplay. So I tried installing the “Smart Move” mod, and it works fairly alright to reduce my walk speed down to an actual walk in Minecraft. BUT, it doesn’t support changing the Turbo Mode’s speed. The Turbo Mode (at max speed) is completely unbearable, and I want to know if theres a config by any chance to change the movement speed of it?

      I’m putting this post in both the “Suggestions” and the “Q&A” because if it isn’t already a config to change turbo mode movement speed, then I’m suggesting for it to be. It just seems right now you can’t get a true RP feel when you have to sneak in order to move slower. I can understand sneaking when charging, but not to move slow. Thank you for reading!

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      You can just power down by holding the 2nd Fn button and the charging button. The smaller your %, the slower your turbo mode.

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        This is nowhere close to what I’m even talking about. 5% release with turbo can still be FASTER than vanilla sprint speed. Like dude, how can that work for walking when it’s faster than vanilla minecraft’s scprint speed?

        I specifically said SLOWER than minecraft running speed in my initial post. This is still faster than the sprint speed of it.

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      uh man /effect command will save you

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        This is a horrible solution to the problem…

        “And this is my full power. It’s known as a super Saiyan 2!!!”
        *Fake yells and charges up and transforms*
        “How do you like it?”

        *Types into console (which note, REQUIRES ADMIN privileges) to give slowness*
        *Walks towards the enemy slowly for dramatic effect*
        *Uses ADMIN privileges which the person might not have, to remove slowness affect*

        *Battle starts*

        And you also have to realize, just to walk without admin means you have to turbo because they may not have the config enabled to charge and run at same time. So turbo is going to give more speed, and I guranteed unless you do a super high slowness level to do that (this also depends on the persons speed, which requires a bunch of testing just for that person AT that level) then the character will still be faster than the affect.
        And that’s all IF slowness has an affect on DBC which I don’t think it really does either soooooo

        I’m not asking for some thing that doesn’t even really work at all for. I’m asking for a suggestion to add some kind of walking feature. The question was to know if turbo was configurable in some hidden place, which I’ve found out is not. So this is strictly a suggestion now. Something that slows the player down to a set speed when walking is enabled, and it can automatically adjust no matter what character it is. Not some vanilla admin privilege required command that requires you to test specifically with each individual character at THAT current level. This isn’t including later when they’re faster. And it’s a whole hella lot more time consuming this way, because yeah sure let’s ruin the entire RP aspect by spending a solid 30 seconds typing it out (if it works, and if you got it first try) just to slow down.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      Yeah,a good idea.For be better for players whit high speed and roleplay players,are a good idea you can change you max speed.Like a gui whit this:
      Set you max speed!1 to you max(max is you actual dex!)

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      Do not use turbo ! Just use smart move, walk slowly and release your ki with “c”(default keybind). I think by default you can’t move while releasing but there is a config for that ! just change “Power Release – Still Stand” to false in “jinryuujrmcore.cfg” at line 554. Furthermore the effect is cooler. I do not tried it yet but I think it should works.

      Edit: okay it seems to works great for me but I don’t know how to install smart moving without messing up with DBC rendering. I don’t have hairs, tails, skins for races etc.. Don’t know what to do with that.

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        Smart Move isn’t compatible with DBC. It removes the player textures and aura and such and I haven’t seen a solution to it like Optifine. So no, it also doesn’t work.

        I also already said that about Smart Move in my initial post so to bring it back up and suggest it isn’t the best thing to do.

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        You never said that smart move doesn’t work with dbc render. I bring it back up because I thought it was working. Anyway for a temporally fix, in a server that is not yours, you can use the weighted clothing that Kami gives you. Just adjust the weight to your power and voilà.
        And please I’m not asking you to be polite to strangers that are trying to help you in good conscious, but at least don’t be rude.

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        I didn’t specify the rendering, but I did specify one of the main things that Smart Move affects, which if the turbo mode.
        Smart Move doesn’t change the speed of turbo. And as well as all the other temporary fixes, it removes the roleplay aspect that I’m wanting to achieve. Having to put on and remove clothing to slow me down isn’t that great for roleplay either. It also looks tacky in my opinion.

        This is no longer really a Q&A post, and primarily a suggestion post because the solution hasn’t been found so I’m asking it be added.

        I’m not trying to be rude, but dang. Having temp solutions like having access to admin privileges or using outside objects to fix the issue isn’t exactly a temp fix. It just seems like the cheap way to go so that it works. Why make it look tacky as heck when it could be suggested as an integrated part of the mod for that specific function.

        That’s all I’m getting at.

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      but why don’t you just RP in Single player and make it multiplayer
      that’s an easy solution and for the commands you just put a macro key to do the command without going to the console and you put your “energy release – still stand = false” and tadaa
      it’s pretty easy

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        Okay yeah, let me just magically get admin privileges to the config files and stuff to a server that might not even be mine. That’s the point I’m getting.
        Everything that’s suggested requires an admin privilege in some degree. So no, you can’t just do that.

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      It’s not a perfect solution but you can always NOT use turbo and release your ki instead (Hold C by default). If you’re trying to hold back your full power it’s a pain and all but it still gives the aura effect and doesn’t alter your speed at all unless it’s one of those servers that disables movement while charging. If that’s the case my only advice is to suck it up and use a controller or tap w rather than hold it. It’ll look janky but there aren’t many other options besides asking the server’s owner to allow movement while charging. Like I said though, your options are pretty limited. I’ve yet to run into a mod that works well with DBC so I can’t recommend any.

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      • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by justin9232.
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        Because it requires admin somewhere in any process (to change config too, just to allow walking while charging) this is also a suggestion post. That’s why I said it was going both places.
        “Can it be done without some sort of admin?”
        Has already been answered no indirectly by all of the suggestions

        So if it’s not capable without admin, it’s suggested to make it a part of the mod per player and not server settings.

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