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      Look, I know people want more content before anything. But some of the great mods out there are updating to newer versions of Minecraft. I believe it would work out in the long run if Jin could focus less on content, and more on updating to a newer version such as 1.12.2. It might even allow for compatibility between DBC and Optifine.

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      #1.7.10 the best,

      for my opinion

      1.8 and higher are the worst versions ever

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      Why the hell does everyone give a shit about the latest version of minecraft? It literally has no advantage for this mod and would just delay it for a year and probably kill it off in the process.

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      I want to see who will play a 1.7.10 mod when there are versions like 1.19 or 1.23

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      1.12.2 and the upcoming 1.13 have indeed avantages compared to 1.7.10 … for vanilla gameplay.
      But for DBC gameplay, what do they bring ?

      More blocks ? Nobody ever takes the time to build anything.
      More mobs ? Not like you’ll be able to one shot right from the start, huh ?
      Attack delay ? Most of the players are gonna hate that.
      Commands revamp ? Who in this community actually cares about that anyway ?
      Other mods ? DBC is more than enough on it’s own and has anyway never been thought to be played along with other mods. I mean DBC is like it’s own game inside MC. Plus there’s a bunch of big mods in 1.7.10, and even though they’ve been udapted, they’re still as good.
      Ender Udapte ? I fart at the face of the Dragon.
      Elytras ? Much lmao.
      Mending ? Nobody ever wears armor because they’re too affraid of breaking them.
      Just for the sake of being always under the last version of MC ? That’s stupid and useless !

      Modding has so much changed between 1.7.10 and 1.8 that Jin would probably have to redo everyting from the start, that’s why most 1.7.10 mods never got udapted any further and died, and a second barrier is probably gonna appear between 1.12.2 and 1.13.

      Which means that udapting it, as Aegous stated, would probably take a year at the very least and that’s if everything goes fine. A pack of modders udapted their work past this barrier, some succeeded, the rest dissapeared because of how much time they had to stay without bringing anything new to their mod

      Before asking for such a long and risky task, think about what it would bring and costs.

      And here it’s simple : the cost is freezing the developpement of the mod during an entire year if not more while the community spreads away for not receiving new content, and there are no benefits coming from both vanilla and modded versions of 1.12.2+ MC.

      So if DBC is ever to be udapted, that will probably be in several years, when the mod almost complete with only minor features left to add, and if it ever happen, when MC reaches his final version in order not to have to keep udapting it to newer ones – tho I doubt Microsoft intend to let that happen anytime soon.

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