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      I have a suggestion based on the latests DBS Mangas where it is stated that after Meerus’s training Goku was able to use Ultra Instinct “incomplete” version at will but still not the Mastered White Form.
      So my idea was to give the actual U.I skill upgrade levels, like to lvl 5 or higher. At LVL 1, U.I works as it does right now, but by upgrading more and more levels, its gonna let you use it by a bit more time, and to have more HP limit with, (For example= LVL1 = 20% HP and 10 mins, LVL2 = 40% HP and 11-12 Mins, LVL3= 60% HP and 13-14 Mins, and at Max level you can freely use ui at will).
      If this could be real i think that current Ultra instinct can be more useful at PvP or training, because of its restrictions with HP and energy.
      Also i think that UI requires you to be good doesn’t make sense, it wasnt ever stated to be like that and it should be both free technique for Good, Neutral and Bad ūüėÄ

      (Sorry for my bad english, my actual language is Spanish:c)

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      i like most of the idea,i don’t like the alignment requirement, since i usally get Majin after i get all of the skills (1.1x boost in *all forms;basically Legendary)

      *not in all, there are a couple exceptions, Golden Ozaru And Kaioken

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        you got it wrong, eldragon said that UI requiring you to be good doesnt make sense.
        that means hes basically saying there SHOULDNT be a alignment requirement, so… you just said the exact same thing that eldragon said.

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