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      Sérgio de Carvalho

      in a topic that I posted to the server jingames dragon block maybe did not have intemdido what I wanted to say was to transform the server for players with original minecraft and pirate to play the minecraft pirate are not illegal versions and only a free minecraft so without some rights like entering the servers are for originals the original minecraft is paid already the pirate not so a guy said that minecraft pirate are illegal versions but they are not so understand what I said.

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      Jin won’t make a server for pirated versions of minecraft. Just buy minecraft. I bought minecraft, so did the rest of us. Just because you happen to have an illegal copy, doesn’t mean that everything suddenly revolves around you. Jin has better things to do with his time than cater to criminals, like adding androidification.

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      The guy is here again, and he will explain you slowly :
      Pirate version = not paid version
      Not paid version = Owners of MC (mainly Mojang and Microsoft) did not have any money out this commercialized marchandise which is furthermore not intended to be free
      Getting for free a commercialized product without paying, knowing that it’s normally not free = steal
      Steal=against the law
      Against the law=illegal
      Pirate version = illegal
      If MC was be free it would be indeed nice, but it isn’t. It certainly won’t change under Microsoft (which is more ought to make it more expensive), get used to it, pay the game (which if I recall well around 25 american dollars), and if it’s too expensive to you, how are you even here ?

      You do know pirate is illegal, and so should know that being restricted is the price to pay when you don’t respect law, accept it. No use to insist, because the more you’ll do, the more you’ll simply be ignored.

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      Fuck! Who gave the permission to make the minecraft “pirate” was the fucking Notch then stop stuffing. If Jin wants to release he releases. Pirate Minecraft is not illegal if it were illegal, half the world would be in prison.

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      Kitsune 火

      You should read the constitution of your country, DOENST MATTER WHAT, Pirate things are illegal.
      EVERY GAME HAS SOME PIRATE VERSION, not only Minecraft, you should search for things before talking more things on internet.
      And no, EVERY company fights for the end of piracy, games that got released in 2000-2014 got pirated, Minecraft was one, With steam, origin, XB live, PSN, pirate things got extinct, so… you need to search more things.

      E minecraft nem é tão caro assim.

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        “not only Minecraft, you should search for things before talking more things on internet.”
        “games that got released in 2000-2014 got pirated”

        Yes, you should search for things before talking on the Internet, as the Information you just provided is also wrong. By saying “games that got released in 2000 – 2014 got pirated”, you’re assuming that only Games up until 2014 have been Pirated which just is completely wrong.

        The best Example would be Subnautica, a Game that has been released a few days ago and already has pirated Versions of it. (Source: https://crackwatch.com/game/subnautica )

        Fun Fact: “With steam, origin, XB live, PSN, pirate things got extinct”
        Also complete non-sense, as said, Subnautica used “Steam Protection” for Piracy and see how that turned out.

        Re-read what you actually say before you post it, Mr. Hypocrite.
        Also, what’s up with the Bold Text. Smfh.

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      Paying 200 Reais (Brazilian Money) Is not it expensive? Congratulations friend … you have a very good life condition, but here in Brazil it sucks

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      Kitsune 火

      Here in Brazil, I bought mine on Kinguin, If you want to see the price, i paid 50 reais.
      If you want to get one copy, go there, do not get pirate things, its illegal.

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      just don’t play minecraft ez

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        Your wiseness will save our world.

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        I, sometimes, am amazed of how such a simple Solution can improve someones Life by over 800%.
        Trust me, I tried.

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